笔试部分(共八大题, 笔试部分(共八大题,70 分) 根据句意及首字母提示填空。 Ⅰ. 根据句意及首字母提示填空。5
  1.?Do you like math? ?No,it’s b .
  2.There are some tennis r on the floor.
  3.English is not d to learn.
  4.We have many sports c :basketball, soccer and more.
  5.What f it is to play chess after supper. 根据句意用括号内所给词的适当形式填空。 Ⅱ. 根据句意用括号内所给词的适当形式填空。5
  1. (do) Ed smith have a TV?
  2. Peter (watch)TV every evening.
  3.After supper he likes (watch)TV.
  4.It (sound)a good idea.
  5.Sue (have)a small sports collections. 单项选择。 Ⅲ. 单项选择。10 ( )
  1. ?Let’s play football. ?OK, that good. A.listen B.sounds C.listens D.sound ( )
  2. ?Do you have a basketball? ? . A.Yes, I do B.I do C.Yes, I have D.Yes, I’ve ( )
  3. ?Does he have a computer? ? . A.No, he doesn’t B.He hasn’t C.No, he does D.No, he hasn’t ( )
  4.Are these balls ? A.you B.them C.our D.Jim’s ( )
  5.The backpack is to the desk. A.behind B.next C.under D.on ( )
  6.Can you play volleyball ? A.well B.good C.fine D.nice ( )
  7.Write about sports thing and things you have. A.the other B.another C.other D.others ( )
  8.There is football under the table. If you want to play football, you can take it. A.the; the B.a;a C.a;/ D.a; the ( )
  9.They have a tennis racket. A.aren’t B.doesn’t C..not D.don’t ( )
  10.Do you like to our club? A.have B.join C.take D.play 按要求完成下列句子。 Ⅳ. 按要求完成下列句子。10
  1. He has an English dictionary.(变为复数句)
English .
  2. The tennis rackets are over there on the wall.(对划线部分提问) the tennis rackets?
  3. Sue has some nice CDs.(变为一般疑问句) Sue nice CDs?
  4. Do they often watch TV?(作否定回答) , .
  5. Let’s play soccer.(作肯定回答) . 完形填空。 Ⅴ. 完形填空。10 Sue swanson 1 a small 2 collection. She has five 3 , eight basketballs, four 4 , and three CDs. But she 5 any baseball rats. Her 6 sport is basketball. She 7 every day. And sometimes she 8 some sports matches 9 TV. That 10 interesting! ( )
  1.A.there is B.have C.there are D.has ( )
  2.A.sport’s B.sports C.sports’ D.sports’s ( )
  3.A.soccer B.soccer ball C.ball D.soccer ball ( )
  4.A.tennis racket B.tennis rackets C.tennis’ racket D.tennis’ rackets ( )
  5.A.doesn’t have B.doesn’t has C.have D.has ( )
  6.A.like B.likes C.favourite D.a favourite ( )
  7.A.play a sport B.play the sports C.plays the sport D.plays sports ( )
  8.A.watch B.watches C.watchs D.looks ( )
  9.A.in B.to C.on D.at ( )
  10.A.sounds B.look C.like D.sound Ⅵ. 阅读理解。根据短文内容回答下列问题。20 阅读理解。根据短文内容回答下列问题。 Leo is sixty-six. But he looks young. He has two children?one is a son a nd the other is a daughter. He has 10 tennis rackets, 8 baseballs, 6 basketballs, 12 soccers and 18 volleyballs. But he never(从不)plays sports. He only likes collecting Sports things. His son, Neal, likes soccer. He is a member of the city soccer club. He plays soccer every day with his friends. And his daughter, Nancy, likes volleyball. But she doesn’t play it. She watches it on TV!
  1.How many daughters does Leo have?
  2.Does Nancy have any brothers?

  3.Do Neal and Nancy like sports?
  4.Who plays soccer every day in Leo’s family?
  5.Does Nancy play volleyball?



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