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专题练习之四 阅读理解 A
根据所给的阅读材料完成表格,每空一词。 Jane is from Toronto, Canada. She’s thirty-two. Now she is a high school teacher in Beijing. Kumiko comes from Tokyo. She is twenty-two years old. She is a doctor in Beijing. Huang Hua is from Tianjin. He is twenty-five. He works in Beijing. They come from different countries, but they all work hard for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. Name Jane Kumiko Huang Hua Age 32 23 25 Birthplace Toronto Tokyo 4 Nationality 1 Japanese Chinese Country Canada 3 China Job 2 doctor 5
I am Wang Lin, I am twelve years old. My pen pal Tom is form the United States. He is the same age as I. He is a middle school student in Beijing. There are three people in his family. His father is a teacher, he teaches English in a high school in Beijing. His mother is an English teacher, too. But they work in different schools. Tom goes to school in his mother’s car every day. They all like Chinese food. Tom’s father likes Guangdong food, he thinks it is delicious. Tom’s mother’s favorite food is Sichuan food. But Tom doesn’t like Sichuan food, he thinks it is too hot. So they often eat out on weekends. ( )
  6. How old is Tom? A. Eleven B. Twelve C. we don’t know ( )
  7. Tom’s father is A. a teacher B. an English teacher C. teaches English ( )
  8. Maybe (可能) Tom in the same school with A. his mother B. Wang Lin C. his father ( )
  9. Tom doesn’t like Sichuan food because (因为) A. his father like it B. his mother like it C. it is too hot ( )
  10. They often eat out on weekends because A. they like Chinese food B. they like American food C. they are lazy (懒的)
John is six years old. He can read and write well. But he can`t tell the time. His mother, Mrs Brown teaches him many times, but he still can`t tell. He would say “brerakfast time”, “lunchtime” and “teatime” instead of (代替) saying eight o`clock, twelve o`clock and four o`clock in the afternoon. His mother doesn`t know how to help him. One day John`s aunt, Mary comes to see his mother. His mother tell her about that. His aunt says. “Let me help you. I think I can help him.” When John comes home after school, Mary begins (开始) to teach him..
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“Can you count,John ?” she asks him. “Yes. One ,two three,four …”John says. “That`s fine. Now I put the long hand (钟表的长指针) on twelve and the short hand on one -that is one o`clock. If I put the short hand on two, what is the time?’’ “Two o`clock.” “Good. And on three?” “Three o`clock.” Then it is four o`clock in the afternoon, and John`s aunt asks him, “What time is it now ,John?” “Teatime, Aunt, and I am very hungry (饥饿).” John looks at the clock and answers. ( )
  11. John `s mother can`t teach him to . A. read B. write C. tell the time ( )
  12. When it`s twelve o`clock John says it`s . C. teatime A. breakfasttime B. lunchtime ( )
  13. The word “count” may mean (意思是) . A. 计算 B. 数数 C. 认为 ( )
  14. The long hand is on twelve, and the short hand is on five. What`s the time? B. It`s five C. It`s four A. It`s twelve ( )
  15. From the text (文章), we know . A. John says teatime instead of four o`clock in the afternoon. B. John has a nice watch (手表). C. There is something wrong with John`s watch.
阅读下面的短文,根据短文内容,用英语简要回答问题。 Mr. Wang is our English teacher. He is more than (多于) fifty years old. He is tall and thin with black hair. He has a big nose and small eyes. He always wears a pair of glasses. He often wears a dark blue jacket and black pants. He is strict (严格的) at his work, but he is kind to us. He teaches English well. He often makes us laugh in his class. We all think English is very interesting. We all like him very much, too. ( )
  16. How old is Mr. Wang? A. 50 B. 45 C. more than 50 ( )
  17. What does Mr. Wang look like? A. tall B. short C. nice ( )
  18. What does he often wear? A. a watch B. a pair of glasses C. a hat ( )
  19. What color is his jacket? A. black B. green C. blue ( )
  20. How do the students think of Mr. Wang? A. He is interesting B. He is kind C. He teaches English E Uncle Lee is coming to have dinner with us. Mum and I go shopping. We don`t have any meat (肉). We need to buy some. It`s ten yuan a kilo before (以前). But now two kilos are sixty yuan. I say, “Mum, let`s buy some fish.” Mum answers, “OK.” Fish is
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Uncle Lee`s favorite food. We buy one kilo and a half. We also buy some vegetables and some chicken, but we don`t buy any hamburgers. Uncle Lee doesn`t like them at all. Mum also wants to buy me some apples. You know, I like apples very much. But we can`t find any. We go home at a quarter to five in the afternoon. ( )
  21. How much is meat now? A. Ten yuan a kilo. B. Fifteen yuan a kilo C. Thirty yuan a kilo ( )
  22. What doesn`t mum buy? C. hamburgers A. meat B. chicken ( )
  23. Uncle Lee`s favorite food is . A. fish B. chicken C. noodles ( )
  24. The writer`s (作者的) favorite fruit (水果) is . A. apples B. bananas C. oranges ( )
  25. What time do they go home? B. at 4:45 C. at 5:45 A. at 5:15 F Alan is an English boy. Now he studies in Shanghai Yucai Middle School. He is in Grade Seven. He has a dog. It`s black and white. The dog`s very clever. Alan likes it very much. Its faveorite food is bone (骨头). Every day when Alan gets home, the dog meets him in front of (在……前面) the house. Alan`s friend, Jenny is an American girl. She is in Shanghai, too. They are in the same grade. But in different classes. She has a pet panda. It`s also a black and white, but it`s not a real (真正的) panda. It`s a toy. The panda is very clean (干净的). Jenny often washes it in water. Where is the panda now? Oh, it`s sleeping (睡觉) with Jenny. Every night it sleeps with Jenny. ( )
  26. Where is Alan from? A. England B. America C. Canada ( )
  27. What`s Alan`s pet dog`s favorite food? A. fish B. meat C. bone ( )
  28. What grade is Jenny in? A. seven B. eight C. nine ( )
  29. What does the dog do when Alan gets home from school? A. It sleeps with him B. It meets him in front of the house C. It runns with him. ( )
  30. What animal is black and white according to the passage (根据文章)? A. cat B. dog C. panda and dog G Mary is from Canada. She teaches English in China now. she know a little Chinese. She isn`t free from Monday to Friday. So she often goes shopping on Saturday (星期六). Today is Saturday. Mary goes to the shop. She comes out of her car and goes into the shop. “What can I do for you?” the girl in the shop asks her in Chinese. Mary thinks she can tell the boy what she wants in Chinese. So she says in Chinese, “A quilt (被子), please.” Then the girl goes to the back of the shop. “My Chinese is not bad. The girl understands (理解) me.” She thinks. Mary is happy. Soon (不久) the girl comes back. She shows Mary a cup (杯子). ( )
  31. What`s Mary?
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A. a student B. a doctor C. a teacher ( )
  32. What does Mary often do on Saturday? B. go shopping C. go to school A. do some washing ( )
  33. How does Mary go to the shop? A. by bus B. by train C. by car ( )
  34. What does Mary think of her Chinese? A. very good B. very bad C. very poor ( )
  35. What does the girl think Mary need? A. a cup B. a quilt C. books H Hello, boys and girls. My name is Kangkang. I`m from Tianjin. I`m No.1 middle school. My mother works in No.1 middle school. She teaches Chinese. My father is a doctor in a hospital. They both work hard. On Sunday my mother and I often do some shopping. My mother likes shopping a lot. We will go shopping this Sunday afternoon. My mother says she will buy me a red coat. But I don`t like red. I want a yellow one. My mother says yes to me. I am happy. My father doesn`t like shopping at all. He likes animals best. He often takes me to the zoo. My favorite animal is the panda. I think panda are very cute. This Sunday morning my father will go to the zoo with me. I love my parents very much. They love me, too. I have a happy family. ( )
  36. Kangkang`s mother is a . A. doctor B. nurse C. teacher ( )
  37. What color does Kangkang like? A. red B. yellow C. black ( )
  38. likes animals best. A. Kangkang`s mother B. Kangkang C. Kangkang`s father ( )
  39. is Kangkang`s favorite animal? A. the monkey B. the panda C. the elephant ( )
  40. There are (有) people in Kangkang`s family. A. two B. three C. four I I am a student in China now. My name is Kelly Smith. I live with my parents, two sisters and a brother in Beijing. My parents teach English in No. 6 Middle School. I study in the same school. I am happy here, because I like my new school and the classmates. They are very kind to me. They like to play with me because I look different from them. I have blue eyes and long blond hair. They often say I look like a doll (洋娃娃). Also I speak English well, so lots of students like to talk with me to improve (提高) their English. ( )
  41. How many people are there in Kelly`s family? A. three B. five C. six ( )
  42. Kelly`s parents are . A. doctors B. teachers C. farmers ( )
  43. Why does Kelly like her new school? A. Because it is very big. B. Because it is very beautiful
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C. Because the calssmates are kind to her. ( )
  44. What color are Kelly`s eyes? A. blonde B. black ( )
  45. Why do students like to talk with Kelly? A. Because Kelly is a beautiful girl. B. Because Kelly`s English is very good. C. Because Kelly is very interesting.
C. blue

  1. Canadian
  2. teacher
  3. Japan
  4. Tianjin
  5. worker 6?10 BAACA 11?15 CBBBA 16?20 CABCB 21--25 CCAAB 26?30 ACABC 31?35 CBCAA 36?40 CBCBB 41?45 CBCCB 阅读理解,根据短文内容选择正确答案。 阅读理解,根据短文内容选择正确答案。 I am a schoolboy. I have lessons from Monday to Friday. On Sunday morning, I usually get up very late. I wash my face and then go out to do morning exercises. It is about nine o'clock. After I eat my breakfast. I often go to the park with my parents. The park is not far (远) from our home, so we go there by bike. It takes us about ten minutes to get there by bike. There are many people in the park. They are men and women, old and young. Parents must look after their children. There is a big lake in the middle of the park. Some children are swimming, some are boating with their parents. I like boating very much. I want to boat, too. My parents buy three tickets. We have a good time there. How happy we are! Choose the right answers:
  1、I have lessons days a week. A.four C.six
  2、I often on Sundays. A.go to school C.get up late B.get up early D.go to bed late B.five D.seven

  3、On Sundays, there are people in the park. A.much C.a little
  4、I like very much. B.very much D.lots of
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3eud 教育网 http://www.3edu.net
A.playing basketball C.swimming
B.boats D.boating

  5、I'm boating in the park with my . A.good friends C.classmates 答案及提示: 答案及提示:
  1、B 从文中第二句中可以得出答案。
  2、C 文中明确提到“星期天上午我通常起床很晚”。
  3、D 文中说“There are many people in the park.” many=lots of 还可以说 a lot of.
  4、D like boating 喜欢划船
  5、B 文中说“我父母亲买了三张票”,肯定是和爸爸、妈妈一起去划船。 B.father and mother D.teachers
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