初一上期英语测试题 初一上期英语测试题
学校: 班级: 学校: 班级: 得分 评分人 一.看一看,做一做:单项选择(30 分) 看一看 做一做:单项选择( 。 看一 ( A )1 ?What’s her telephone number? --. A. It’s 786-1356 +( +( c B. It’s Jim@1
  63.com C. I’m 88567301 Cooper is my name. 姓名: 姓名: 分数: 分数:
a )2 My name’s Alex Cooper. Alex is my name.
A. first, last B. last, first C. second, family )3
  1. ?Is that a watch? --. A. Yes, it is watch B. No, this is a watch C. Yes, it’s a watch
( A
  4.They brothers. A.are their B.is their C.are they ( C )
  5.Those are my . A.pencil B.boxbs C.pens (A )
  6.-? - They are my books. A.What are those B.What is that C.What is those ( A )
  7.is he? He is my new English teacher. A.Who B.How C.How old ( B )8 .is LiPing? He is in that tree. A.What B.Where C.He ( C )
  9.Your brother’s CDsin the drawer. A.is B.isn’t C.are ( C )10the baseball on the desk? Yes, it is. A. Does B.Do C.Is )
  11. ?Does he play sports? ?No, . He only watches them TV. A. he does, on B. he does, in C. he doesn't, on ( A )
  12. does your father have lunch? Chicken and tomatoes A. What; for B. What ; / C. How; for ( )
  13..Oranges are a kind of . A. vegetables B. vegetable C. fruit ( )14 I have a cat .It likes fish. It eats fish every day. A. a lot B. many C.much ( )
  15. We have socks all colors $5 each. +(c (A ( A. at ; in B. in ; at C. at ; at )
  16. shirt is white. A.My brother B.My brothers C.My brother’s )
  17. is your mother? She’s forty. A.How old B.How C.How age )
  18.Our school has a sports meeting October 15th. C
( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( 得分
A.at B.on C.in )
  19.There are months in a year. The month is December. A.twelve, twelve B.twelfth, twelfth C.twelve, twelfth )20 ShaoLing Temple
is an movie. A. comedy; B. action; C. cartoon; )21 I the thrillers are scary. A. want B. like C. think )22 Li Lei likes thrillers and he likes Beijing Opera. A. too B. also C. but )
  23. He likes movies very much and he wants to be an . A. actor B. teacher C. runner
)24 Lucy can't ride a bike.She thinks it is .? A.hard too B.too hard ? C.to hard and my friend Jack can play baseball. )
  25. My sister can play guitar,
A.a;the B.the;/ C./;the )26 Can you jiaozi English? A. say, with B. speak, in C. say, in )27 Her mother is . She a car now. A. a driver, drive B. driver, drives C. a driver, is driving )28 Do you want with me? A. go shopping B. to go shop C. to go shopping )
  29. Do you need shoes sports? We have lots of shoes very good prices. A. for, at B. for, with C. at, with )
  30. Let’s volleyball. That good. A. playing, is B. play, sounds C. play, is sound 评分人
二. ( ( ( (E (I ( (G (C ( (
读一读,对一对:对号入座( 。 读一读,对一对:对号入座(15 分) )
  1. Where is her pen pal from? )
  2. May I have a look at your card? )
  3. When is your birthday? )
  4. What’s his phone number? )
  5. What color is your box? )
  6. Who’s your favorite film star? )
  7. Can you play the piano? )
  8. Do you like playing chess? )
  9. What time does it close on Sunday? )
  10. What is Lucy doing in the river? 评分人
A. At
  4.P.m. B. She’s swimming. C. No, I don’t. It’s hard for me. D. Zhou Runfa E. It’s 243-08
  76. F. Sure. Here it is. G. No, I can’t. H. He’s from the UK. I. It’s blue and yellow. J. December 4th
三 读一读,排一排:给以下句子编号,组成一段意义完整的对话(15 读一读,排一排:给以下句子编号,组成一段意义完整的对话( 。 分)
( )Why do you like P.E.? ( 1 ) What’s your favorite subject? ( ) How many P.E. classes do you have in a week? ( ) Do you like him? ( ) My favorite subject is P.E. ( ) It’s exciting and relaxing. ( ) I have two in a week. ( ) Who’s your P.E. Teacher? ( ) Mr. Li is. ( ) Yes, he’s friendly, but he’s very strict. 得分 评分人 四.根据句子意思,选用方框里的词语填空,使句子完整通顺,每空一 根据句子意思,选用方框里的词语填空,使句子完整通顺, 词。 15 分) (
speak,sing,where,playing, her,help ,price, exciting volleyball,swims,can,club ,learn, want, subject
  1.Ren Lijuan wants to join a.?
  2.Rick likes sports.He plays.?
  3. you play the piano??
  4.Bai Jie can dance and .
  5. are your shorts? They are on my bed.?
6 We all like computer games.
  7. Miss Zhang is our English teacher. We all like very much. 8Can I you? “Yes,please.I want a hamburger.”
  9.These Japanese want to about Beijijg Opera.
  10.What’s theof the eggs?
  11.We canmuch English now.
  12.I like to watch soccer games. They’re.
  13.Do youto be a movie star?
  14.Math is my favouriteat school.
  15.He very well.
得分 评分人
( 五.根据自己实际情况,用完整的英语句子写出下列问题或句子的答语。 15 分) 根据自己实际情况,用完整的英语句子写出下列问题或句子的答语。

  1.Does your mother like fruit? .
  2.How old are you? .
  3.What kind of movies do you like? .
  4.Can you play football? .

  5.Do you like music? Why? .
  6.What’s your favourite subject? .
  7.Who’s your English teacher? .
  8.Are you a student? .
  9.What’s your phone number? .
  10.Where’s your book? .
( 六.用英语完成下列句子。 10 分) 用英语完成下列句子。
  1.你的 T-恤多少钱?

  2.我妈妈通常 6 点半起床。
is your T_shirt?
My mother usually at 6:

__What _coloris your English book?

Do you_like ?


TV together.
一.AACAC AABCC 二.H F J E I D G C A B 三.3 , 1 ,5 , 9 , 2 , 4 ,6 , 7 ,8 , 10 四.club , volleyball, can , sing , where, playing, her , Help, learn , price , speak , exciting, want , subject, swims 五.略。 六.How much ; gets up; What color; like tomatoes; Let’s watch



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