单项选择(15 分)? 一。.单项选择 单项选择 music.She music every day.?
  1.My mother likes A.hears;hears B.listens to;listening ? C.hearing;hears D.listening to;listens to? 答案:D like 后面要用动词的-ing 形式,listen to 表听的动作,hear 强调听见。 答案 your friend like playing volleyball??
  2..? ?Yes,he .? A.Do;don't B.Does;doesn't? C.Does;does D.Do;do 答案:C 一般疑问句中,句子如无助动词则借助 do/does(第三人称单数)提问,回答也一致。 答案
  3.I am to our classroom this morning.? A.one B.first? C.the one D.the first? 答案:D 此处表“第几”,用序数词(序数词前一定要加 the)。 答案
  4.Give that book.It's .? A.my;my B.me;me ? C.mine;mine D.me;mine? 答案:D 前为动词后面用人称代词的宾格;后为物主,用名词性物主代词 答案
  5.Let's together now.? A.go home B.go to home ? C.to go home D.goes home? 答案:A let 后跟动词原形,home 为副词,前不跟介词 答案 a little Chinese.?
  6.Tony A.say B.speak ? C.speaks D.talks? 答案:C 讲某种语言用 speak,强调说话内容用 say;与某人谈话用 talk。Tony 是第三人称单 答案 数,故用 C 项。
  7.Today is Tony's birthday.Let's his birthday.? A.make a card to B.makes a card for? C.make a card for D.making a card to? 答案:C let's 后面接动词原形,for 是介词,意为“为(他的生日)”。 答案
  8.He doesn't like English Chinese,but he likes maths.? A.and B.or C.too D.with 答案:B 否定句子中表“和”用 or,肯定句子中用 and。 答案
  9. We are all tired. Let’s stop a rest. A. have B. to have C. having D. to having
  10. My sister doesn’t play basketball, but my brother . A. does B. do C. doesn’t D. don’t .

  11.Lucy her pen everywhere, but she didn’t it.. A. look; find B. found; look for C. looked for; found D. looked for; find
  12. We love because is always friendly and helpful. A. she; she B. her; she C. her; her D. she; her
  13. My brother is very funny. He always makes us . . A. laugh B. laughing C. to laugh D. laughs
  14. of the boys wants to have a football.. A. All B. Each C. Every D. Some .
  15. are the clothes? hers. A. Where/ They’re B. Whose/ They’re C. Whose/ It’s D. Who’s/ It’s
1-5 DCDDA 6-10 CCBBA 11-15 DBABB 二. 完形填空(共 10 小题,每小题 1 分,计 10 分) 阅读下面短文,掌握其大意,然后从各小题所给的四个选项中选出最佳选项。
Annie is a student. She 16 to summer camp in China 17 her parents last year. They 18 a lot of famous cities, such as Beijing, Guangzhou and Shanghai. She 19 Beijing for a week. She visited the Palace Museum, the Great Wall, Tian’an Men Square and the Summer Palace. They 20 went to the zoos and the parks. That day, 21 was cloudy, but not 22 , so it was not too hot. They 23 great fun playing in the zoos and the parks. Annie learnt a lot about Chinese history. She said, “It is interesting 24 China. I 25 China very much. ( )
  16. A. go B. does C. went D. going ( )
  17. A. to B. with C. by D. from ( )
  18. A. made B. cried C. felt D. visited ( )
  19. A. stayed in B. stayed C. lived in D. lived ( )
  20. A. too B. either C. so D. also ( )
  21. A. it B. that C. its D. they (
  22. A. windy B. awful C. fine D. rainy ( )
  23. A. have B. did C. had D. do ( )
  24. A. to visit B. visits C. visit D. visited ( )
  25. A. hope B. visit C. like D. decide
16?20CBDAD 21?25ADCAC 三:People often asked Allan for his telephone number. But he didn’t get a telephone, so he told them to call him at work. Why didn’t he have a telephone? He thought the telephone was expensive and preferred(宁愿) to write a letter. He didn’t want to speak to many people in the evening and speak to anyone at breakfast time. When he wanted to use the telephone in the evening, he could use the telephone box at the end of the road. 根据短文,选择正确答案填空。 ( )
  26. People wanted to know Allan’s . A. address B. hometown C. friends D. telephone number ( )
  27. He didn’t get a telephone because he thought the telephone was .
A. expensive B. useless C. noisy D. bad ( )
  28.People can call him . A. in the evening B. at home C. at breakfast time D. at work ( )
  29.He often his friends. A. called B. writes to C. visited D. leave a message to ( )
  30. Telephone box was . A. at the end of the road B. in his next room C. outside his house D. in front of his house B? It is Mike's birthday today.His mother buys a lot of food from the supermarket.Look at the table.There is a lot of food on it.There are cakes,hamburgers,dumplings,meat,and fish.She buys a lot of drinks,too.There are coffee,coke,apple juice,orange juice.There is tea,too.? Mike asks some of his friends to his birthday party.They are Tom,Mary,Betty and Lily.All the children are eating and drinking happily at the table.Lily is from China.She doesn't like coffee very much.She likes tea,coke and juice.All the other children are all American.They love coffee very much.They all enjoy the food.After the dinner,all the children are singing and dancing.Lily sings a Chinese song.She sings very well.All the other children love her song very much.The other children can't sing in Chinese,so they sing in English.All of them have a good time.
  31.Why does Mike's mother buy so many things?? A.Because it is her birthday. B.Because it is Mike's birthday.? C.Because Mike likes to eat them. D.Because it is Mike's father's birthday.?
  32.How many children are there at the party?? A.There are five. B.There are three. C.There are four. D.There are six.? very much.?
  33.Lily doesn't like A.coke B.coffee C.orange D.tea?
  34.Lily comes from .? A.America B.Japan C.China D.Canada
  35.What do the children do after the dinner?? A.They see a film. B.They watch TV.? C.They play football. D.They sing and dance.? 四:用所给单词的适当形式填空.
  1. How many are there in your grades? ( class)
  2. I can see some in the room. ( child )
  3. Where are their? (pencil-box)
  4. There are fiveover there. (woman)
  5. We have two new today. (student)
  6. I can’t see my Where are they? (knife).
  7. Some are at work. . (policeman) 五.指出下列各句的一处错误并改正.
  1. How many sheeps are there near the house? (
  2. Mr Wang and Mr Zhang are man teachers. ( ) )

  3. All the childs are in the classroom. ( )
  4. Are there any flowers on the table? No, they aren’t. (
  5. There aren’t some ships on the river. ( )
  6. Some boys, girls and womans are in the rooms. (
  7. In the Miss Gao’s class the are fifty students. (
  8. Are there a raincoat on the wall? Yes, there is. ( 六.句型转换把下列句子改成一般疑问句和否定句.
  1. There are some pencil-boxes on the desk. 问句: 否定句:
  2. There are some erasers in Tom’s bag. 问句: 否定句:
  3. There is a ball under the bed. 问句: 否定句:
  4. There is a nice cat in the tree. 问句: 否定句: 七.用所给中文的适当形式填空.
  1. This coat has. (十种颜色). I want a coat . (像这样).
  2. What colour are they? (一只) is red and (一只) is grey.
  3. There is a (灯) on the table. And it is (浅) blue.
  4. This red kite (看上去) very nice.
  5. Where is你妹妹的) purple flower?
  6. (有) a sweater on the desk?
  7. The white car is here. The red one is . (在那边).
) ) ) )
八:书面表达(10 分) 请用 8~10 句话简介一下武汉市一年四季的天气情况。
一 1-5 DCDDA 6-10 CCBBA 11-15 DBABB 二 16?20CBDAD 21?25ADCAC 三:26-30 DADBA 答案 答案:
  31.B 从第一句可直接得到答案。?
  32.A Mike 加上后面提到的 Tom,Mary,Betty 和 Lily 一共是五人。?
  33.B 从第二段第二行可直接得到答案。?
  34.C ?
  35.D 短文最后提及。

  2. children
  5. students
  6. knives
  7.policemen. 五
  3. childschildren
  4. theythere
  5. someany
  6. woman?women
  8.AreIs 六.
  1. Are there any pencil-boxes on the desk? There aren’t any pencil-boxes on the desk.
  2.Are there any erasers in Tom’s bag? There aren’t any erasers in Tom’s bag
  3.Is there a ball under the bed? There isn’t a ball under the bed.
  4.Is there a nice cat in the tree? There isn’t a nice cat in the tree? 七.
  1.ten colours, like this
  2. It, it
  3. light, light
  4. looks
  5. your sister’s
  6. Is there
  7. over there 八:略



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