初 一 英 语 试 题
一、在下列各句的空白处填入一个适当的词,使句子意思完整,语法正确。 (每空 1 分, 共 5 分)

  1.Mr. White is my teacher. He can draw very beautiful pictures.
  2.Tom’s mother asks him to his teeth twice (两次) a day.
  3.I don’t like thrillers. I think they’re too .
  4.Many people love doing sports these days they want to be healthy.
  5.On weekends, I often play soccer my brother Thomas.
二、 选择填空。从 A, B, C, D 中选出一个恰当的答案,填入题前括号内。 (每小题 2 分,共 30 分)
( )
  6. Can you play trumpet, John? Yeah, I can play it very well. A./ B.an C.the D.a )
  7. Are the keys in the lost and found case ? No, they aren’t mine. I think they’re Jason’s. A.yours B.your C.yourself D.you )
  8. How many are there in the fridge (冰箱)? Oh, there’re four. A.carrot B.tomatoes C.chicken D.egg )
  9.Mr. Chen is always one to leave the school. He’s busy working all day. A.the last B.first C.last D.the first )
  10. Excuse me, when is the English Speech Contest? It’s 8:40 a.m. Thursday morning. A.at, in B.on, on C.on, in D.at, on )
  11.I like my history teacher because he often us about many interesting events in history and he’s really humorous(幽默的). A.says B.tells C.speaks D.talks )
  12. What a beautiful day ! Let’s out to play some wonderful games. That sounds great! A.go B.to go C.goes D.going )
  13.Little John sports every day, so he’s very strong and healthy. A.don’t play B.doesn’t play C.play D.plays )
  14. By the way, how much the glasses? The glasses? Oh, 230 yuan. A.is, it’s B.are, they’re C.are, it’s D.is, they’re )
  15.Mr. King is very tired after work, so he early. A.does sports B.gets up C.goes to bed D.watches TV
( (
三、 句型转换,每空一词。 (每空 1 分,共 10 分)

  16.There are some American friends in our school. (改为一般疑问句) there American friends in your school?
  17.Aunt Li gets up early in the morning. (改为否定句) Aunit Li up early in the morning.
  18.Those are some old family photos on the wall.(改为单数句子) is old family photo on the wall.
  19.His parents can play the drums very well. (划线提问) his parents play very well?
  20.Jeff’s favorite food is chicken. (改为同意句) Jeff chicken .
(A) 从对话后方框中选出能填入空白处的最佳选项, 其中有两项是多余的。 (每小题 1 分,共 5 分) Paul: 21, Nick? Is it time to go home? Nick: No, it’s 3:
  15.It’s time to go and play games. 22__? Paul: I don’t know. I can’t find it. Mr.Li: Whose is this watch? Is it yours, Nick? Nick:
  23. Mr.Li: What color is your watch, Paul? Paul:
  24. Mr.Li: Is this one yours? Paul: Oh, yes, it’s mine. Mr.Li: Paul,
  25. Put it in your schoolbag. Paul: Thank you, Mr. Li. A.It’s blue. B.But where’s your watch? C.They’re blue. D.No, I think it’s Paul’s. E. What time is it now? F. What day is it today? G. You must look after (照看) your things. (B) 将下列各句重新排序,使之成为一段完整的对话。并把序号写到横线上。 首个答案已经给出。 (每小题 1 分,共 5 分) A.Five dollars each. They’re on sale. B.How many do you want? C.Can I help you? D.Yes, please. How much are the T-shirts? E. Um, I’ll take four. F. Five dollars? Great. I want some white ones. C.

  1、选词填空。(每小题 1 分,共 10 分) 从下面方框中选择适当的选项填入短文中,使短文通顺、完整。选项中有两项是多余选 项。 A.big B.has G. plays H. glasses C.doesn’t like D.or I. watching J. healthy E. do K. in F. small L. eats
Rick is a fat man. He gets up late(晚)31 the morning . He has a 32__ breakfast every morning. He has some meat, three 33 four eggs and some pieces of bread(面包). He drinks two 34of milk, some apple juice, a cup of coffee and some fruit. His wife, Vicky, 35 a cup of tea, a piece of bread and a banana for breakfast. Rick 36 any ball games. He thinks they are too hard for him, but he likes listening to the music and 37 TV and he doesn’t 38 any housework(家务). Vicky 39 sports every day. In fact, she is in a swimming club. So she is very 40__.

  2、 阅读理解。 Do you like children? Do you have free(空闲的) time in the afternoon? We need a babysitter(保姆) for our son. He’s five years old. The working time is Monday to Friday, 3:00 pm to 6:pm. ( $ 5 an hour) We need help with: Looking after our son; Reading to him; Playing with him. You must work at our house. We live in Changchun, near the Culture Square(文化广场). Please call Mr. Green at 5638?29
  49. 根据短文内容选择正确答案。 分) (5
  41.From Monday to Friday, the babysitter can work every day. A.one hour B.two hours C.three hours D.four hours
  42.Which is NOT the work that the babysitter needs to do? A.Cooking for the child. B.Playing with the child. C.Reading books to the child. D.Looking after the child.
  43.The babysitter must work . A.at the babysitter’s house B.at Miss Green’s school. C.at Mr. Green’s house. D.at the Culture Square
  44.The child in the ad is . A.15 months old C.5 months old B.15 years old D.5 years old

  45.If , you can get the job. A.you like children, but you have no time in the afternoon. B.you like children, but you don’t know how to play with them. C.you’re good with children and you’re free in the afternoon. D.you can play with children but you don’t know how to read.
Steve is my pen friend. His birthday is May 18th, 19
  94. is 14 years He old now. He is from Canada. He lives in Ottawa(渥太华). He speaks English and French. His favorite subject is science. He likes Chinese, too. And he says he can speak a little Chinese, but he can’t write in Chinese. Steve likes sports, too. He likes swimming best. He goes swimming on weekends with his father. He says he can swim very well. He doesn’t like chess. He thinks it is too difficult. Steve likes playing computer games and he loves making pen friends on the Internet(网络). His email address is steve1994@hotmail.com. He is a tall boy with big blue eyes. He is also very outgoing(外向) and I really like to be his pen friend. 根据短文内容回答问题。 (每小题 2 分,共 10 分)
  46.hen is Steve’s birthday?
  47.What language can Steve speak?
  48.Is his favorite subject science?
  49.Can he play chess very well?
  50.What’s his email address?
假设你是叶伟,请你根据所给信息提示给你在美国的笔友 James 写信,介绍你的学习 和生活。要求呈现所有要点、语法正确、语言流畅、语意通顺、上下文连贯、书写工整。字 数:70-80 词。 (20 分) 要点内容提示:
  1. About yourself (Name: Ye Wei; Age: 13; Class: Class 5, Grade
  2. About your daily life(日常生活) and hobbies(get up, go to school, do sports…)
  3. About your school life ( favorite subject, favorite teacher)
  4. About your hobbies (swimming, listening to music, going to the movies) 句型及词汇: (仅供参考) usually,often, busy, interesting, science, math, English, kind, strict,but, and, like doing sth, I like…. because…
  5.with 二、
  15.C 三、
  16.Are, any
  17.doesn’t, get
  18.That, an
  19.What, can
  20.likes, best 四、 (A) :
  25.G (B): C
  30.E 五 、 :
  40.J (
  1) (
  2) :
  45.C (
  3): 46 May 18th,19
  94.(It’s ~)
  47.English and French. (He can speak ~)
  48.Yes, it is.
  49.No, he can’t.
  50.steve1994@hotmail.com. (It’s) 六、略。



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