初一英语素质测试二 A. 听力部分
A. What size A. Yes, please.
B. What B. No, please.
C. What kind . C. No, I don’t. A. coffee A. study B. beef B. studied A. for
( )
( )
  9.Would you like some tea?
( )
  10.How many would you like? ( )
  11. I English yesterday night.
C. apples C. studyed C.as
( )
( ) 12 Ann usually have one apple dinner. ( )
  14. A. Thanks ( )
  15. A. Yes, I did. B. Yes, please. B. Yes, she was. C. Bad luck C.Yes, she did.
( ) ( ) ( )
B. in
三.听对话,选择能回答所提问题的正确答语。 ( )
  6. What are Mary and Lily doing? A. They are working. B. They are walking. C. They are talking. ( )
  7. Which man is Jim’s uncle? B. The one has straight hair. ( )
  8. Was Lucy’s weekend very bad? A. The one has long curly hair. C. The one has short curly hair.
二.听一段对话,选择能回答所提问题的正确答语。 ( )
  16. Who teaches geography? A. Yes, he does. A. Geography A. She’s too strict. B. 笔试部分 一.单项选择 ( )
  1. Pretty good. B. How’s it going? C. What are you? A. helping B. help C. to help C. watching, seeing B. has C. with C. some C. tells A. Mr. Green B. Ms. Lin C.Mr. Smith C.Yes, he is. C. Science C. She doesn’t teach well. B. Teachers C. Sports
( )
  17.Is Mr. Smith the tall man with a beard? B. No, he isn’t. B. Math B. She’s too ugly. A. Food ( )
  18.What subject does Ms. Lin teach? ( )
  19.Why doesn’t the boy like Ms Lin? ( )
  20.What are they talking about?
A. No, it was. B. No, it wasn’t. C. Yes, it was bad. ( )
  9. What kind of TV shows does Mike like? A. Culture China A. Sunny B. Sports News C. Healthy Living ( )
  10.How is the weather in Suzhou today? B. Cloudy C.Raining B. She’s my sister. C. She’s with big eyes. C. He’s fine. B. go home C. to go to home C.next morning 四.听句子,选择正确答语。 ( )
  11. A. She’s very pretty. ( )
  12. A .Not bad
A. How much is it?
B. I’m watching TV. A. to go home
( )
  2.Thank you for me with math. A. reading, watching
( )
  13. A.He went to mountains. . B. He played soccer. C. He played the guitar. ( )
  13. It’s time now. ( )
  14.What did you do ? A. now B. last night
( )
  3.Is your father a book or TV now? B. looking, seeing A. have ( )
  4.Lucy is tall curly brown hair. ( )
  6.The girl is quiet. A. a little bit ( )
  7.Xu Qian loves jokes. A. say ( )
  8. shoes would you like? Size
( )
  15. Where they yesterday?
A. did, went B. do, go C.did, go
They went to the Great Wall.
( )
  5.I’m tall and . A. shot hair B. medium height C. wear glasses B. a bit little B. to tell
( )
  16. did he go two days ago? A. How B. What ( )
  17.The moive made me sad.
He went to the Place Museum. A. feel B. to feel C. felt
C. Where
( )
  18.I don’t have money for a taxi. A. some B. many C. any ( )
  19.Do you enjoy pop music? Yes, I do. A. listening 完形填空 Mike had a 21 weekend. 22 Saturday morning, he cleaned 24 him, the library and B. listen C. listening to A. to B. on C. in ( )
  20.Welcome our country.
( )
  36. Jakie Chan is a .
A. teacher B. a singer C. a movie star
( )
  37. He is famous. Because . A.his moives are scary B. he can do Chinese Kung Fu welll C. he is a funny man ( )
  38. The writer thinks .A. Jakie Chan is a good man B. Jakie Chan’s movies are good C. Jakie Chan isn’t an actor ( )
  39. Does the writer’s friends like Jakie Chan? A. Yes, they do. A. Sunday B. No they don’t B. Saturday C. I don’t know ( )
  40. We often see his movies on . C. Sundays (C)I have many friends. One of my friends is Dived. He can run very fast (快). B. cards C. moives C. shopping C. With He always says to others, “I can run very ,very fast.” One day, a thief went to his house,Took away (拿走) some good thing and run away. Dived run after him and said, “Stop! Don’t you know I can run faster than (比) you.” But the thief run faster. Dived was angry. I asked him, “why do you run so fast ?” He said: “ I want to catch the thief.” “But where is he?” “He is behind me, he thinks he is faster, but you see I’m faster.” ( )
  41. Dived is a . A. he can walk fast A. caught the thief A. before the thief A. Yes, he did. 四. 写作部分
  1) 选词填空 too in put what stand A. a runner B. one of my friends C. a smart man ( )
  42. Dived likes to tell people . B. he can run fast B. saw a friend of his B. after the thief B. No, he didn’t. C. he can catch a thief C. run faster than the thief C. as fast as the thief(一样快) C.I don’t know. ( )
  43. Dived was very happy because he . ( )
  44. When his friends saw him Dived run . ( )
  45. Did Dived catch the thief?
his room. In the afternoon, he 23
his homework. It’s difficult
so his sister helped him with it. On Sunday morning, he 25 read some 26 . Then in the afternoon he went he 28 the music. 29 B. On B. do B. as 9:30 he 30 C. In ( bed.
27 .On Sunday evening,
( )
  21. A. easy B. dirty C. busy ( )
  26. A. books ( )
  22. A. At ( )
  23. A. does ( )
  24. A. for ( )
  25. A. went 三.阅读理解 (A)
  27.A. shoping B. shopps B. On
C. did ( )
  28. A. heard B. listened to C. listened C. to ( )
  29. A. At B. went to C. got to
B. went to C. goes to( )
  30. A. got
Mr. Green is a teacher of English. He comes from America. He teaches English
in China. He speaks English very well. He reads a lot of books and his wife Mrs. Green often writes books for his students. He leaves home at 9:
  50. He begins the first class at 8:
  30. He teaches English from Monday to Friday. He has lunch at school at ten to twelve. Dinner time is at 6:
  30. After that he watches TV and reads newspaper. ( )
  31. Mr. Green is English. ( )
  32. He works five days in a week. ( )
  33. He often writes books for his students. ( )
  34. She has lunch at 12:
  10. ( )
  35. He watches TV or reads newspaper after dinner. (B) Jakie Chan is a famous movie star. His action movie are very popular in the world. Because his Kung Fu is very good. Many people like his movies. I like his moviesI think they are exciting and funny. My friends have pictures and books about him. We often see his movies Sundays.
I enjoyed reading your “What’s cool?” article 46 the school magazine, and would like to tell you 47 I think. I like the belt and I like the sunglasses,
48 . I can’t 49 the scarf. Can you 50 my letter in the next month’s magazine?
  2) 汉译英。 杨老师长什么样子?她有点儿胖。 What does Ms Yang 51 __52 ? She’s a little heavy? Sports shoes. 你要哪一种鞋子?运动鞋。53 54_of shoes do you want? 我们每天练习说英语。We English every day. 我想要羊肉土豆面条。 I want and noodles.
  3) 英译汉。
  61. Do you think everyone enjoys their weekends? Old Herny does not. Last month he went for a walk with Wang Wang his cute dog.
  62. It was a nice day and old Herny was very happy. He sat down and watched Wang Wang play with a friendly black cat. Then it’s time to go home.
  63.Old Herny looked for his dog but Wang Wang wasn’t there. Now old Herny is very sad.
  64. He has no dog and no family.
  65.He doesn’t want to do anything.
  4) 选择适当的句子填空。 A: What are you doing? B: I’m reading a letter from my pen pal. A: 66 . B: A girl. A: What nationality is she? B:
  67. A: What does she look like? B:
  68. A: Is she tall? B:
  69. A: She is good-looking. 70? B: 66 67 68 69 70 Yes, but only a little.
  5) 书面表达 (大约 50?60 字书面表达) 写一篇旅行日记短文,记叙你旅行的地 A. She medium height with curly hair. B. Can she speak Chinese? C. Is your pen pal a boy or girl? D. She is English. E. No,she isn’t.
点,天气,活动,就餐,心情等情况。 Sunday, May 2nd ,2006 答题卡 听力部分
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20
他们上个礼拜天开了个聚会。They __55 a party __56 Sunday.
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20
  65. 66 67 68 69 70


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