1.一般过去时,当我们要叙述过去发生的事情,要 一般过去时,当我们要叙述过去发生的事情, 一般过去时 用一般过去时态。 用一般过去时态。

  2. 结构:动词用过去式 结构:
My father was a doctor last year. Were they naughty? Yes, they were.

  3.常用时间状语:last +名词 常用时间状语: 名词(last year, last 常用时间状语 名词 month), yesterday, the day before yesterday, , in +过去时间 19
  80),… ago(ten years ago), 过去时间(in 过去时间 等等. 等等

  1. I am a teacher now.
I was a student ten years ago.
  2. She is a doctor now. She was a teacher last year.
  3. You are a farmer. You were a worker. am , is are
过去式 过去式
was were
否定式 was not / wasn’t 否定式 were not /weren’t
填空。 用was, wasn’t, were或weren’t填空。 , , 或 填空 Were wasn’t
  1. -- you born in Beijing? ? No, I . I was born in Nanjing. was
  2. -- Where your mother yesterday? ? She at work. was was
  3. I very naughty in the past. But my sister naughty, she very well-behaved. wasn’t was Were
  4. -- they born in a small town in the USA? ? No, they . weren’t was was
  5. My first teacher Miss White. She a kind teacher.
Choose and write.
in were
  1. My new friends (was/were) born (in / on) Beijing. were
  2. My parents (are/were) in Hong Kong in 1997 /on 19
  97). (in on was
  3. Sam (was/were) a new pupil (in/on) September 1st.

with (with was There (was/were) a garden
/behind) the old house.
  5. Jim (is /was) a naughty boy before, but now he (isn’t/ wasn’t). He (is/isn’t) wellisn’t is behaved in school now.
翻译下列短语。 翻译下列短语。
  1. 一个有许多树的大花园 a garden with many trees
  2. 参观他的故居
  3. 期待着见到你 visit his old family house look forward to seeing you

  4. 他们最后的一个家 their last home
  5. 在美国东海岸 on the east coast of America
  6. 返回我的家乡 go back to my hometown
翻译下列句子。 翻译下列句子。
  1、你生在哪里?我出生在一个小乡村。 、你生在哪里?我出生在一个小乡村。 Where were you born ?
  2、你小学的校名是什么? 、你小学的校名是什么? I was born in a small village .
the name of What’s your primary . school

  3、我妈妈对我很严厉。 、我妈妈对我很严厉。 My mother is strict with me.
  4、你的朋友在学校表现好吗? 、你的朋友在学校表现好吗?
were your friends well-behaved school. at

  5、她对我们很友好。 、她对我们很友好。
She friendly us. is to
Work in pairs.
Ask and Answer the questions. 1 2 3 4 5 When / born ? What / primary school ? Who / first teacher ? Who / first friends ? What / like ?
Activity 1 Read about Liu Yun. Ask and answer the questions. Liu Yun You Your partner Born in Born on Tianjin 2nd November, 1990
Primary Qiuzheng Primary School School First teacher Ms Guo First friends Hunter, Jiajia Character Naughty, nice
Liu Yun was born in Tianjin on November 2nd,1990….
Make an interview:
A ? the host(主持人) 主持人) 主持人 B ? a famous person A interview B about his/ her past life, and about his/ her hometown.
There was… in our house. bedroom
living room
There was…in our town.
movie theater
trees pond garden
Around the world
Hero of South Africa Nelson Mandela was born in a small village in the Transkei region of South Africa. He was born on 18th July , 19
  18. He was President of South Africa from 1994 to 19
Write about your partner’s past life.
Task 1: Work in pairs. Talk about your
past life with your partner. --When were you born ? --I was born in … Task 2 : Write about your partner’s life. He was born in … .
My Past Life I was born in Guangdong. I am thirteen now, so I was born on April 8th ,19
  93. When I was a little boy ,I studied at No.1 Primary School. Mrs Smith was my first teacher, she was strict but very friendly. All the students liked her very much. At that time Tom and Jim were my friends , they were naughty , but they studied hard, so was I.


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