初一英语(下 初一英语 下) Module 1-3
☆单元评价 单元评价☆ 单元评价
●基础巩固(50 分) 基础巩固 一、单项选择 (15 分)
  1. We want this book now. A. reading C. to watch B. watching D. to read
  12.Look! Two and three are talking under the trees. A. man teachers, boy students ,apples B. men teachers , boys students ,apples C. men teachers ,boy students ,apple D. man teacher , boy student ,apple
  13. Thank you for me. A. helping B. to help C. help D. helps

  2. Our teacher is a red sweater. A. putting on B. dressing C. wearing D. have on

  14. -- are they getting ready for? --The Spring Festival. A. Where B. How C. Why D. What

  3. My uncle is waiting the bus stop the moment.. A. for, at B. for ,for C. at, at D. at, for

  15.--I can’t find my glasses. --They in your pocket. A. can B. can be (10 分)
  16. People are doing 不同的) ( things. C. may D. may be、 二、根据汉语或所给首字母提示完成单词

  4.My mother is __a cake __my birthday. A. making, to C. doing , to B. making , for D. doing ,for

  5. you the window? ?Yes, I am. A. Do, clean C. Are, cleaning B. Is, cleaning D. Do, cleaning

  17. She is making (灯笼).
  18.I’m going to have a (理发) tomorrow.
  19.Christmas is an important (节日) in America.
  20.People are getting (穿衣服).
  21.They are (装饰)a Christmas tree.
  22.Chinese people have many(传统).
  23.They often have a p in the park on Sunday.
  24.What is your p? I am going to the supermarket.
  25.We are going to r for our English test. 三 、用括号中词的适当的形式填空 (5 分)
  26. It was raining (heavy) at D. speaks this time yesterday.
  27. I think (fly) will be expensive.
  28. Look! Who (draw) on the blackboard?
6 .It’s cold today. You must the coat. A. take off B. put on
C. take down D. put in
  7.I have with many American students in the international school since last term. A. got on well C. caught up B. made friends D. played

  8. We are looking forward English. A to with C to learning B to learn D to learned

  9.Mary doesn’t her homework after lunch. A. does B. / C. do D. doing

  10.The shop "Closed". A. writes B. talks C. says

  11.Our teacher often talks us English. A. to...on C. with...in B. with...on D. to...at

  29.Who is (tall ) ? Bill, Tom and Jim?
  30.What about (see)our teacher later on ? 四、句型转换(10 分)
  31.They are reading books.(改为否定句) They reading books.
  32.The girl is sitting on the desk. (画线部分提 问) is the girl ?
  33.He is drawing a picture.(改为复数句) drawing .
  34.The women are making cakes.(改为一般 疑问句) making cakes?
  35.Are they drawing pictures?(作肯定回答) , .
  36.Mrs. Green lives in New York.(就画线部 分提问) Mrs. Green ?
  37.They are eating dinner.(就画线部分提问) they ?
  38.My pictures are better than his . His pictures are than .
  39.There’s no need to worry about your father . You to worry about your father .
  40.They like football because it’s popular (就 . 画线部分提问) they like football? 五、完成句子(10 分)
  41. 人们相信吃元宵能给他们一年四季带来 好运。 People believe yuanxiao can good luck .
  42. 他在等谁? Who’s he ?
  43. 现在全国人民下在为 2008 年奥运会作
准备。 Now all Chinese people are the 2008th Olympic Games.
  44. 秋风扫除街上的叶子。 The wind in autumn in the street.
  45.Do you want to (骑 (观光)? ●能力提高(50 分) 能力提高 六、 阅读理解(10 分) WHY IS THE SUN IMPORTANT? ? The sun is a huge, hot, bright star. It is important because without it there would be no life on Earth. The sun gives us light and heat. All living things need light and heat from the sun to live. Plants need light and heat to grow. They use the light from the sun to make food. We cannot make our own food, but plants can. All the food we eat comes from plants in a food chain(链)which starts with the sun. For example, 车 ) or
Animals need sunlight, too. Just like us, their food comes from a food chain which begins with the sun and the plants. sun→ leaf→ caterpillar(毛虫)→bird sun→ seaweed( 海 藻 )→small fish→ whale(鲸) Sunlight means we can see during the day. If there was no sun, it would be dark all
the time. Even when the sky is cloudy, the sunlight is very strong and it shines through the clouds.
  46.Which words tell us what the sun is like? A. Huge.(大的) C. Bright. B. Hot. D. All above.
(be) back soon. It didn’t
(take) the
barber long to give the boy a haircut. Another half an hour still kept 57 56 (pass)and the boy was (wait).In the end, the barber
asked the boy why his father was away so long. The small boy told the barber that the man was not his father at all. He said he happened

  47.What are the two main things the sun gives us? A. Light and heat. C. Corn and light. B. Heat and eggs. D. Wheat and bread.
(meet) him in the street and
if he would like to have a haircut. He agreed and followed the man here for a haircut. The barber said he 60 (understand) and he

  48.Why can we still see during the day when the sky is cloudy? A. Because we can see all day and all night. B. Because the sun can't give us light all day long. C. Because the sunlight can shine through the clouds. D. Because we can't see at night.
  49. All the food we eat comes from . And it starts with the . A. plants; earth C. food; sun B. a food chain; sun D. plants; star
made a mistake. He should ask the man for the money first. 八、阅读下则短文,然后在空白处写出适当 的单词,单词的首字母已给出。 (10 分) Swimming is very popular in summer. People like swimming in summer because water (
  61)m people feel cool. If you like swimming and swim in a wrong place, it may not be safe(安全的). Last summer, more than ten people died (
  62)w they were (
  63)e themselves in the water, and (
  64)m of them were students. But some people are (
  65)s not careful in swimming. They often think they swim so well that(
  66) n can happen to them in water. Summer is here again , if you go swimming in summer, don’t forget that better swimmers have died in water. They

  50. In what way do you think the sun cannot be harmful(有害的)? A. The sun can do harm to your eyes and skin. B. It can make rivers too dry. C. Without it there would be no life on Earth. D. Hot sun on dry land can cause fires. 七、动词应用(计 10 分) 动词应用 A barber was working when a tall man came in with a boy of about eleven after him. The barber was asked 51 (give) him a
  67)d only because they were not (
  68) c, not because they could not swim. So don’t get into water when you go swimming (
  69)y, go with your teachers or your parents. If there are “No (
  70)S” sign, don’t get into water, either. If you remember these, swimming will be safer. 九、阅读表达 (10 分) 阅读表达
shave and the child a haircut. After the man had his shave, he told the barber that he would have to go down the street 52 (get) a drink while the barber 53 (cut) the boy’s hair. 54
The man also promised the boy that he
CCTV held a charity show in May to raise money for the earthquake-hit areas in Sichuan. Many famous stars took part in the show. (A) They didn’t ask for any pay, they all did it for free. There were a lot of performances like singing, dancing and cross-talks(相声 ). (B)The audience( 观 众 ) were so excited that they clapped(鼓掌) their hands all the time. Almost everyone was moved to cry by a lot of sad or moving stories. During the performances, they donated money to the disaster areas(灾区). The show was so successful. Besides that, many other stars are doing things for disaster areas in many ways. Kungfu star Jackie Chan and the foundation(基金) named Hong Kong Emperor Group have together donated 10 million yuan. And he also sent his consolation(安慰) to the people in the disaster areas and encouraged them to hold on because (C)“全国人民和你们在一起。” Xiao Ke, a songwriter, wrote and recorded a song “I Know You Will Come” to warm the hearts of the people in despair(绝望). CCTV’s top show “The Same Song” also held a charity special to help them. Both the ticket money and the donated money will be sent to the disaster areas. As the Chinese saying goes (D) “One in trouble, all to help.” I believe that the whole world will become better if everyone of us gives charity to others.
  71. 用 without 把(A)句的两个单句连成一 个句子。 They did it any .
  72.把(B)句改写成意思相同的简单句。 The audience were to clap their hands all the time.
  73. 将(C)句翻译成英语。
  74. 将(D)句翻译成汉语。

  75. 用斜体句中的“both…and” 仿造一个句 子。 十、书面表达(10 分) “地震无情,人有情”, 大灾之后,灾区的 小朋友们却度过了他们终生难忘的一个“六 一”儿童节! 请你仔细观察下面的三幅图,根据图示 内容以“A Special Children’s Day”为题, 写一 篇短文。 注意: 能够体现图画内容,字数不少于 80 字。
著名歌唱家和孩子 们一起过节
与灾区的孩子们 共度“六一”
提 示 词 : from disaster areas( 灾 区 ) unforgettable (难忘的) A Special Children’s Day Children’s Day is a great day for all the children and also for the children from disaster areas!
初一英语(下)Module1Module3 参考答案 一、1?5DCCBC 6?10 BBCCC 1115 CCADD 二、
  2. lanterns
  10.revise 三、
  28.is drawing
  29. the tallest
  30.seeing 四、
  32.Where , sitting

  33.They are , pictures
  34.Are the women

  35.Yes , they are .
  36.Where does , live
  37.What are , doing
  38.worse , mine
  39.don’t need
  40.Why do
  42.. waiting for
  43.getting ready for 五、
  41.bring them; all the year round
  44. sweeps away the leaves

  45. go cycling, go sightseeing
六、 46?50 ABDDB 七、
  51.to give
  52.to get
  53.was cutting
  54.would be
  58.to meet
  59.was asked
  60. understood 八、
  61. makes
  65. still
  69. yourself
  62. while
  66. nothing
  70. Swimming
  72. excited enough
  73.People all over the country are with
  63. enjoying
  67. died
  64. most/many
  68. careful
  71. without , pay/money you 十、One possible version

  74. 一方有难,八方支援。
  75. 只要语法正确,语句通顺,都可得满分。
Children’s Day is a great day for all the children and also for the children from disaster areas. They had an unforgettable Children’s Day this year! People all over the country are caring about them. There were many special concerts held for them. In the concerts, they could sing with the famous singers like Liu Dehua. Some of them were invited to enjoy the day with other children from big cities. They sang, danced and played games together. Like the other children, they also got many beautiful gifts/ presents such as books, dolls, backpacks and so on. I believe it was the happiest Children’s Day they had spent so far! How lucky they were!



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