初一英语下册 Module 4 Life in the future 单元测试题
I.语音(10 分) A. 打出各组画线部分读音与其他不同的选项。 B. father C. pass D. wash
  1. A. classroom
  2. A. rule B. cute C. music D. avenue
  3. A. excuse B. exam C. exchange D. exchange B. thin C. thief D. their
  4. A. thousand
  5. A. through B. sound C. outside D. outside B. 指出各组画线部分各有几种读音。 A.一种 B. 两种 C. 三种 D. 四种
  6. A. fight B. outside C. life D. idea B. class C. cafeteria D. agree
  7. A. have
  8. A. run B. fun C. rule D. music
  9. A. wear B. learn C. near D. year
  10. A. who B. what C. when D. where II. 词汇(20 分) A. 按要求写出下列单词。
  11. wash(第三人称单数)
  12. color (形容词)
  13. outside(反义词)
  14. buy (同音词)
  15. 1earn(同义词)
  16. run(现在分词)
  17. don't(过去式)
  18. we(单数形式)
  19. write(同音词)
  20. late(反义词) B.将下列词语译成英语。
  21. 不得不
  22. 禁止谈话
  23. 上课时
  24. 起床
  25. 每天早晨
  26. 学钢琴
  27. 去少年宫
  28. 放学以后
  29. 听音乐
  30. 在自助食堂 III.单项选择(10 分)
  31. in the classroom. A. Don’t eat B. Not eat C. Didn’t eat D. Can’t eat
  32. Do you wear a uniform at school? A. must B. have to C. may D. can
  33. The students can’t watch TV school nights. A. at B. in C. on D. from
  34. ?are the rules? ? We can't arrive late for class. A. Where B. When C. Why D. What
  35. We can't play balls in the morning we can play them at five in the afternoon. A. and B. but C. or D. then
  36. ?What else do you have to do? A. Yes, we do B. I have to practise my guitar C. No, we don't D. Yes, I have to do other things

  37. ?I'd like you to come to our party. A. No, I wouldn't B. Yes, I do C. I'm sorry, but I can't come D. I can't go
  38. The students get up six the morning. A. at, every B. at, in C. in, on D. on, in
  39. Why do you call football? A. it B. its C. it's D. them
  40. There is a new teacher's desk the classroom before the blackboard. A. in the front of B. in front of C. before D. on the left IV. 用所给动词的适当形式填空(10 分)
  41. The old people don't like(live) in the tall building.
  42. She usually (come) home early.
  43. He (find) work in Wuhan last month.
  44. Thanks a lot for your dinner. I (enjoy) it very much.
  45. Can your mother (write) in English?
  46. I (not have) lunch with my father last night.
  47. It's nine o'clock now. My mother (write) a letter to my sister and I (draw) a picture.
  48. Li Lei __ (not go) to school yesterday because he (be) ill (病).
  49. Thank you for (ask) me.
  50. Would you like(do) some shopping? V. 完形填空(10 分) We are middle school 51 . We are 52 Grade One. Kate, Mike, Lucy 53 I are in Class One. Kate 54 eleven. Mike and Lucy are twelve. I am thirteen. We have a new 55 . In it you can 56 40 desks and chairs. A blackboard, a clock and a map are on the wall. The map is a 57 China. 58 brooms are behind the door. On a desk you can see some pens. The red 59 is Kate’s. Look at the clock. It’s about four o’clock. It’s time 60 to play games.
  51. A. students B. teachers C. boys D. girls
  52. A. at B. to C. on D. in
  53. A. of B. but C. and D. or
  54. A. be B. am C. is D. are
  55. A. home B. grade C. classroom D. class
  56. A. see B. look C. look at D. see at
  57. A. map B. map's C. map of D. of map
  58. A. This B. That C. Their D. The
  59. A. pencil B. one C. pen D. pens
  60. A. come B. to come C. go D. to go VI. 阅读理解(15 分) A. 阅读短文,根据文章的内容选择正确答案。 Look! This is my bedroom. It's not very big but it's very nice. There is a desk and a chair in the room. The desk is near the window. There are some flowers on the desk. Beside the flowers there is a computer. It's white and new. I like it very much. My schoolbag is behind the chair. My books are in the bag. What's that under the desk? Oh, it's my football. Can you see a map on the
wall? It's a map of China. There is a picture on the wall, too. Do you know the boy in the picture? Yes, it's me. What can you see behind the door? It's a black cat. It's my sister, Rose's. It's a nice cat. Its name is Mimi.
  61. The bedroom is. A. very big B. not very nice C. not very big but nice
  62. There is a computer. A. on the floor B. on the chair C. on the desk
  63. The computer is. A. old and grey B. old and white D. new and white
  64. There is on the wall. A. a map and a picture B. a picture of some flowers C. new and white
  65. The writer is. A. a girl B. a boy C. Rose B. 根据短文内容判断正(T)误(F) 。 There are many children in the classroom. The boy in the yellow sweater is Li Ming. He is behind Li Hua. Li Hua is in the red coat and she is very tall. The girl beside Li Hua is Kate. She is in the white sweater and light blue trousers. The boy on the desk is Tom. Tom is in a white sweater, too. But his trousers are black. Who are the girls over there near the window? Oh, they are the twins. They're in purple coats and dark brown trousers.
  66. Li Ming is in a red coat.
  67. Li Hua is a tall girl.
  68. Tom is on the desk.
  69. Tom is in a white sweater and light blue trousers.
  70. There are two boys and four girls in the classroom. C. 阅读下列对话,根据对话内容选择正确答案。 Li Lei: What's the time? Bill: Let me see. Oh, it's five. It's time to go home. Li Lei: But I must go and see Kate. Look at this. It's a nice watch. It's Kate's. I find it under the teacher's desk. I must give her the watch. Where is Kate? Do you know? Bill: Sorry, I don't know. But I think she's in Miss Gao's room. Li Lei: Let's go and see. Bill: OK. (In Miss Gao's room) Li Lei: Hi, Kate. Is this watch yours? Kate: Let me see. Oh, yes. It's mine. Li Lei: Here you are. Kate: Thank you very much. Li Lei: That's all right.
  71. The watch is. A. Bill's B. Li Lei's C. Kate's D. Miss Gao’s
  72. The watch is. A. new but old B. nice C. good and nice D. old but nice
  73. Who finds the watch?.
A. Bill B. Li Lei C. Kate D. Miss Gao
  74. Li Lei finds the watch. A. under the teacher's desk B. under Kate’s desk C. in Miss Gao's room D. on the teacher’s desk
  75. Where's Kate? She's. A. in the classroom B. in her teacher’s room C. at home D. at Miss Gao’s home VII. 把下列句子译成英语(5 分)
  76. 在学校你们必须穿校服吗?
  77. 不要在走廊里跑。
  78. 学生们不能在教室里吃东西。
  79. 你晚上 10 点以前必须上床睡觉吗?
参考答案: 1-5 DABDA 6-10 ADCCB
  11. washes
  12. colorful
  13. inside
  14. by
  15. study
  16. running
  17. didn’t
  18. I
  19. right
  20. early
  21. have to
  22. No talking
  23. in class
  24. get up
  25. every morning
  26. learn the piano
  27. go to the Children’s Palace
  28. after school
  29. listen to music
  30. in the cafeteria 31-35 ABCDB 36-40 BCBAA
  41. living
  42. comes
  43. found
  44. enjoyed
  45. write
  46. didn’t have
  47. is writing, am drawing
  48. didn’t go, was
  49. asking
  50. to do 51-55 ADCCC 56-60 ACDBD 61-65 CCCAB 66-70 FTTFT 71-75 CBBAD
  76. Do you have to wear uniforms at school?
  77. Don’t run in the hallways.
  78. The students can’t eat in the classroom.
  79. Do you have to go to bed by ten o’clock.
  80. Don’t fight.


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