Self-assessment: Module 8 My Past Life
一. Fill in the blanks with the words in their proper forms(用所给单词的适当 形式填空,词数不限): (20 分)
  1. A: Which ball do you want? B: I want the yellow one. It’s (good) of all.
  2. The first question is (easy) one in this exercise.
  3. My brother is (young) in my family, but he is (tall).
  4. A: Which is(fast), a bus or a bike? B: A bus. But a car is (fast) than a bus. So a car is(fast) of the three.
  5. A: Is Shanghai a (big) than Beijing and Guangzhou. It’s one of (big) cities in China. B: Yes. Its’ (big) than Beijing and Guangzhou. It’s one of (big) cities in China. 二. Rewrite the sentences as required(按要求改写句子,每格一词): (20 分)
  1. This pair of sports shoes is 60 yuan. That pair of sports shoes is 80 yuan. (合 并成一句) This pair of sports shoes is that pair.
  2. Whales are the biggest animals in the world. (保持原句意思) Whales are animal in the world.
  3. There are 11 new words in Lesson Two. There are 13 new words in Lesson Three. (合并成一句) There are new words in Lesson Three than in Lesson Two.
  4. Mary is prettier than any other girl in the class(保持原句意思) Mary is her class.
  5. I have got more New Year cards than you and he. (保持原句意思) I have got New Year cards us .
  6. In our school the classrooms on the first floor are noisier than those upstairs(楼上)。(保持原句意思)
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The classrooms on the first floor are ones in our school. 三. Complete the dialogue. (完成对话,每格一词): (20 分) A: Miss Green, questions? B: Yes, . A: closer to us, the sun or the other stars? B: The sun. It gives us light and heat (热量). A: the moon? B: It' s much to the earth. In fact, it’s of all. A: give us any light or heat? B: No. The moon gets its light the sun. A: Does the moon the sun? B: No. The moon moves around the earth. And the earth moves around the. A: Thank you, Miss Green. B: You' re. 四. Read the passage and fill in the blanks with proper words(阅读短文,在空 格内填入适当的词,首字母已给): (20 分) Whales are n fish. They are the biggest a in the world. Of a the whales the blue whale is the b. Heavy(重) is a blue whale? It weights(重)o 100 tons(吨) while(而) a bus weighs a 15 tons. How l is a blue whale? S blue whales are 100 feet long, while a bus is o 45 feet long. 五. Write a dialogue about the Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and Pluto. (关于 米老鼠、唐老鸭和普鲁托写一段对话): (20 分) A: Do you like the cartoon “Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck”? B: A: B: A: B: Keys 一.
  1. the best
  2.the easiest
  3.the youngest, the tallest
  4.faster, faster, the fastest
  5. big, bigger, the biggest 二.
  1. 20 yuan cheaper than
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  2. bigger than any other
  3. two more
  4. the prettiest girl in
  5. the most, of, three
  6. the noisiest 三. can/may, I, ask, some; please; Which, is; What/How, about; closer, the, closest; Does, the, moon; from; move/go, around 四. . not, animals, all, biggest, How, over, about, long, some, only 五. (For reference) A: Do you like the cartoon "Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck"? B: Yes, I do. A: Who is the loveliest, Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck or Pluto? B: I think Mickey Mouse is the loveliest. A: Who is the kindest? B: Pluto. Don't you think so?


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   剑桥 BEC 考试之最新详细介绍 BEC 考试(Business English Certificates)是为英语学习者提供的国际商务语言资格证书考试,它注重 考查考生在实际工作环境中用英语解决问题的能力。BEC 考试适用于不同职业背景的考生,并对考生的学 习深造以及求职应聘具有实用价值。 剑桥 BEC 考试被世界各地的众多大学、 企业以及国际教育机构所认可, 并将其作为入学考试或招聘录用的英语语言水平要求。例如 BEC 高级是众多大学入学及 MBA 课程的英语 能力要求。 一、报考对象 ...


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