一、听力测试(25 分) 1?5 BACAB
  21.gets cold 6?10 BABCA
  22. expensive 11?15 AACBA 16?20 ACACB

  23. Spanish

  24. museums

  25. old buildings
二、单项选择填空(15 分)
26?30 CAABD
三、完形填空(10 分) 41?45 CBACB 四、阅读理解(15 分) 51?55 BCBDD
31?35 CCADB
46?50 CBADB
36?40 AABDC
56?60 BCADD
61?65 ABABC
五、单词拼写(10 分) (
  1. off
  7. buy
  2. writing
  3. sounds
  9. ticket(s)
  4. feed
  5. September
  6. history

  10. foreign
六、句型转换(7 分) (
  1. Are you
  5. What, be
  2. two years younger
  6. How much
  3. When did, become
  4. too, to
七、补全对话(5 分) 1?5 CAFBD 八、用方框中的单词填空(8 分) (
  1. survey
  2. what
  3. best
  4. service
  6. plays

  7. friendliest
  8. delicious 九、根据汉语意思完成句子(10 分)
  1. look through
  6. at the same
  2. do you think
  3. get along well
  4. How, make
  7. work as
  8. Don’t forget to
  5. help. With
十、书面表达(15 分) Dear Dammy, The summer holiday is coming soon. I am going to more exercise to make me healthier. And my favorite sport is swimming, so I plan to learn how to swim from my classmates. I think it will be very interesting and exciting, right? I am also going to help my parents to do some house so that they can have a good rest. I am sure I will have a wonderful time during the summer holiday. What’s your plan? Please write back and tell me.
一、听力测试 (一)录音中有五个句子, 每个句子听一遍, 然后从每小题 A、B、C 三个选项中选 出正确答语。
  1. Who are you going shopping with?
  2. Alan is going to make a soccer team.
  3. How are you today?
  4. Where can you find the best quality clothes?
  5. Excuse me, can you tell me the way to the museums? (二)录音中有五组对话, 每组对话听两遍, 然后从每小题 A、B、C 三个选项中选 出能回答每个问题的正确答案。
  6. M: What are you going to be when you grow up? W: I want to be a reporter. I like writing.
  7. W: Peter, could you please take out the trash? M: Sure, Mom. I’ll do it a moment later.
  8. W: I heard you had a new computer. M: Yes. My father bought it for me as my birthday present two months ago.
  9. M: Cindy, what are these pictures about? They are beautiful. W: Yes. They are about the history of the Olympics. They are very interesting. Let me show some more in this book.
  10. M: It’s a fine day, isn’t it? W: Yes. But the radio says it will be cloudy tomorrow. (三)录音中有一段对话,对话听两遍,然后从每小题 A、B、C 三个选项中选出能回 答每个问题的正确答案。 W: Could you tell me where the best seafood restaurant is, David? M: Sure. There is one near the sea. Its name is Seafood City. W: How is it? M: It’s very clean and has the friendliest service. W: Is the food in it fresh? M: Of course. It is the nearest restaurant to the sea. Early in the morning, fishermen send fresh seafood there. W: Wow! That sounds wonderful! I’ll go there with my parents next week. M: With your parents? Why not go there with your friends?
W: I’ll spend my 15th birthday there. My parents will hold a party for me.
(四)录音中有一篇短文,短文听两遍, 然后从每小题 A、B、C 三个选项中选出能完 成每个句子的正确答案。 Mr Smith worked in an office. Two years ago, when he was 60, he left his work and stays at home now. His wife does all the housework and he is free. There’s a field in front of his building. He grows some flowers in it. He looks after them carefully and often waters them when they are dry. Now the field has become a small garden. In the morning, he does some walking near the garden and after supper, he and his wife watch the flowers. They love the flowers and they enjoy themselves. (五)录音中有一篇短文, 短文听两遍,然后根据短文内容完成下列表格。 One of my favorite places for vacation is Mexico. I really like the weather there because it never gets cold. The food is delicious. The hotels are not expensive. The people are very nice, too. They never laugh at my bad Spanish. Mexico City is a very interesting place to visit. There are a few great museums and lots of wonderful old buildings. They are all good places to have fun. Going sightseeing there can make you relaxed.



   英语备课吧?? ??免费下载 英语备课吧??http://yingyu.beikeba.com??免费下载 ?? ?? 初一英语期末试卷(06.6 初一英语期末试卷(06.6) 期末试卷(06. 注:答案请写在答卷上 命题人:Celia 命题人 一、听力(20) ) I.听下面五段小对话,选择正确的图片。 (5 分) 听下面五段小对话,选择正确的图片。 听下面五段小对话 1. Where is Tina from? 2. What do they often do on weekends? ...


   沙洲小学英语三年级下册期末测试题 沙洲小学英语三年级下册期末测试题 姓名: 姓名: 成绩: 成绩: Jj Kk Ll Mm 一、按正确的书写格式抄写26个字母。 按正确的书写格式抄写26个字母。 26个字母 Aa Bb Cc Dd Ee Ff Gg Hh Ii Nn Oo Pp Qq Rr Ss Tt Uu Vv Ww Xx Yy Zz 二、 将下列单词归类,把序号填到正确的横线上。 将下列单词归类, 序号填到正确的横线上。 1、fourteen 6、grandmother 11、eight ...


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   www.3edu.net 3edu 教育网,教学资源集散地,完全免费! 初一人教下 期中测试题 笔试部分 一、词汇。 A.根据句意和所给汉语写出单词。 1. My sister is good at . (数学) 2.This bottle is.(空的) 3. My brother(有)a new book. 4. What day is it today? It’s . (星期四) 5. May I look at your? (票) B.根据句意用所给单词的适当形式填空。 1. The ...


   注:此试题供参考。可根据各地实际情况,作适当调整。如发现疏漏,请自 行更正。 四年级英语下册期末测试卷 四年级英语下册期末测试卷 姓名 班级 学号 题号 得分 口试 (30%) 听力部分(30%) 一 二 三 四 五 笔试部分(40%) 六 七 八 九 总分 口试部分 (30%) 口试主要考查学生运用所学语言进行口头简单日常交流 (包括唱) 的能力。 根据各地 多年来的实践经验,建议采用下列测试形式: 一、自由会话 (10 分) 目的:测试学生对日常交际用语的掌握情况。 要求:能根据实际情况 ...


   剑桥英语一级上册期末测试 Name Score 卷A 一. Listen and write.(10’) 听力 1. b_ g 2. f_ t 3.l_g 4. h_ t 5.f_ sh 6.b_ s 7.n_ me 8. k_ te 9. b_at 10.m_ sic 二.Listen,look and read.(10’) Linda is my good .She has got lots of books.She hasn’t got many .She likes very muc ...

四年级英语上册期末测试 附答案

   四年级英语上册期末测试 姓名: 成绩: 听力部分(50%) 一、听写单词(20 个单词,每行写 5 个,共 20 分) 二、听录音,选出你所听到的单词,将标号写在括号里(10 分) ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ) 1、A、 mum ) 2、A、 pencil )3、A、 look ) 4、A、 above ) 5、A、 seventy ) 6、A、 Monday ) 7、A、 sock ) 8、A、ball ) 9、A、 gym ) 10、A、 old B、 mother B、 ...


   小学英语二年级口语上册期末测试卷 小学英语二年级口语上册期末测试卷 英语 班级 姓名 成绩 班级 姓名 成绩 口试。 (70 一、 口试。 70 分) ( 笔试。 (30 二、笔试。 30 分) ( (10 1、听一听,按照老师读得顺序给相应的图标上数字编号。 10 分) 听一听,按照老师读得顺序给相应的图标上数字编号。 ( 找朋友。看图,把每幅图与单词用线连起来。 (4 二、 找朋友。看图,把每幅图与单词用线连起来。 4 分) ( apple fish hamburger sausage ...


   六年级上册英语( 六年级上册英语(pep)期末试题 上册英语 )期末试题 一、单词部分(20 分) 一) 单词辨音(5×2 分) B. choose B. cleaner B. cabbage B. gas B. cinema C. wood C. learn C. thumb C. bat C. cloud 1. A. woof 2. A. shirt 3. A. boat 4. A. water 5. A. actor 二) 补全单词(5×2 分) 6. accnt 7. bookst ...



   新东方在线 [www.koolearn.com ] 2010 考研英语网络课堂电子教材系列 1 新东方考研英语笔记 写作 新东方考研英语笔记,阅读笔记首次暴光!!! 诚应广大战友们的热烈要求, 为方便和我一样的穷研友们能够公平竞争,考上理想硕士, 希望大家都给我支持! 顶 ! 听力 词汇:①复习词汇(找出旧课本,熟识老单词) ②记常用词汇 记单词的方法: (1)重复(七遍或七遍以上) (2)应用,使用 具体方法:同义、反义、对比联想记忆法 乱序法 词根词缀法 结合阅读或背诵 卡片 一词多义 ...


   本书籍作品由【07073电子书频道】整理收藏 更多免费TXT小说敬请登陆:http://txt.07073.com 本作品来自互联网,本站不做任何负责,内容版权归原作者所有 1.Absolutely. (用于答话)是这样;当然是;正是如此;绝对如此。 2.Absolutely impossible ! 绝对不可能的! 3.All I have to do is learn English. 我所要做的就是学英语。 4.Are you free tomorrow ? ...


   英语学习中后进生的产生原因及改进策略 摘要 日常教学及学习过程中,经常遇到这样的情况,总会有部分学生平时英语 学习感觉不错,课上能听懂,作业也会做,然而考试成绩却不如人意,而且老师 学生自己也常苦于找不到原因。本文从学生的学习态度、学习方法、学习习惯、 学习环境以及教师教学方法、 教学态度等方面分析得出原因并提出改进方法和建 议。 关键词 教学 学习方法 学习态度 教学方法 引言 新中国成立以来,尤其是改革开放以后,科教兴国的战略政策对我国的基 础教育起到了不可替代的推动作用;也对我们祖国的 ...


   高考英语听力考试十大必备场景词汇 高考考试的对话内容场景基本上都是考生所熟悉的, 有校园、 生活、 工作、 各种社交场所。 了解一些场景下的常用语和常见表达对解题是很有帮助的。 对这些常用词汇和短语不仅要知 道其本身的意思, 还要知道它们的同义表达方式。 这是因为现在听力试题一般不会在选项中 出现对话中的原词和词组。 以下场景是对话当中所占比例最大的, 掌握了这些场景下的常用 短语和表达方式,也就从词汇和短语方面抓住了解题的关键。 (1)餐馆场景: (1)餐馆场景: 餐馆场景 order 点 ...


   上海第二工业大学 编辑者:朝辉 第 1 页,总 19 页。 1. Typical of the grassland dwellers of the continent is the American antelope, or pronghorn. 1.美洲羚羊,或称叉角羚,是该大陆典型的草原动物。 美洲羚羊,或称叉角羚,是该大陆典型的草原动物。 美洲羚羊 2. Of the millions who saw Haley’s comet in 1986, how many people wil ...