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初一人教下 期中测试题 听力 15 分 一,根据听到的单词,选择正确的答案. ( )
  1. A. good B. goodness C. goodbye ( )
  2.A.photo B. bottle C. box ( ) 3 .A. water B. what C. white ( )
  4.A.daughter B. door C. doll ( ) 5 .A. right B. night C. light 二,根据你所听到的对话内容及问题选择正确的答案. ( ) l. A. Seven. B. Six. C. Eight. D. Nine. ( )
  2. A.In a shop B. In a school C. At a post office D. At Li Ming's home ( )
  3.A.Black car. B. White car. C. Brown car. D. Red car. ( )
  4.A.In the tree. B. Under the tree. C. Beside the tree. D. On the tree. ( )
  5. A. Her son. B. Her sister. C. Her daughter. D. Her father. 三,根据听到的短文选择正确的答案. ( )
  1. Tom can't find football shoes on Monday . A. afternoon B. morning C. evening ( )
  2. It's time to. A. play games B. fly the kite C. go to school ( )
  3. Tom's mother is . A. making some cakes B. reading some books C. putting some bread in the box ( )
  4. Tom is drinking. A. tea B. milk C. water ( )
  5. Tom is eating ,too. A. eggs B. apples C. cakes 笔试部分 一,词汇. A.根据句意和所给汉语写出单词.
  1. My sister is good at . (数学)
  2.This bottle is.(空的)
  3. My brother(有)a new book.
  4. What day is it today? It's . (星期四)
  5. May I look at your? (票) B.根据句意用所给单词的适当形式填空.
  1. The are in the room. (baby)
  2. It's a map of . (Chinese)
  3. Oh, dear! My bike is . (break)
  4. Could you help Tim and ? (I)
  5. You must listen to the teacher in class. ( care) 二,选择填空 ( )l .There is apple on the table. apple is yellow. A. a, The B. an, The C. an. An D. the, The ( )
  2.The shop is closed this time day.
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A. at, on B. in, of C. at. of D. in. on ( )
  3.One shoe is on the floor. Where is ? A. others B. other one C. the other one D. other ( )
  4. What would you like ? A. to eat B. eating C. drink D. eat ( )
  5.?Your English is very good. ?. A. Thank you B. Do you think so C. No D.I don't thinks ( )
  6. Could you please me your name? A. tell B. speak C. talk D. spell ( )
  7.?Would you like some meat? ?. A. Yes, thank you B. Certainly, here you are C. No, please D. No, thanks ( )
  8.This is Mr Wang's pen. Please . A. give it to him B. give him it C. give it him D. give him to it ( )
  9.The pen isn't. It's. pen is over there, in the room. A. yours, hers, Your B. your, mine, Your C. his, her, Mine D. mine, his, Him ( )
  10. The trousers look nice. Let me . A. put it on B. to put it on C. put them on D. to put on them ( )
  11. How many are there in the picture? A. difference B. dress C. women D. boy ( )
  12. Look! Your son the car. A. mending B. mends C. is mending D. mend ( )
  13. ?Are your clothes new or old? ?. A. Yes, It's old B. They're new C. No, they're old D. Yes, they're old ( )
  14.There aren't birds that tree. A. some, in B. any, on C. any, in D. some, on ( )
  15. ?I'd like some rice, you? ?Rice, too. A. would B. will C. can D. what about 三,用所给动词的适当形式填空.
  1.There (not be) any milk in the bottle.
  2. I want you ( help) me.
  3. Let Jim ( take) photos.
  4. It's eight o'clock. We ( have) English classes.
  5. Children ( watch) TV every evening. They ( watch) TV now. 四,句型转换.
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A.按要求转换. There colour balls in the box.
  2. They are at home. (对画线部分提问) they?
  3. I'd like a cup of tea. (一般疑问句) a cup of tea?
  4. Throw it like that. (否定句) it like that.
  5. They sing an English song. (现在进行时) They an English song. B.同义句.
  1. Is everything here? all here?
  2. It's time for school. It's time school.
  3. Jim plays football very well. Jim is playing football.
  4. Whose is this watch? Whose ?
  5. Our school has an old tree. an old tree our school.
  6. Do you want to have a try? Do you ?
  7. My watch doesn't work. There something my watch. 五,选错. ( )l. I can see some apple in the picture. A B C D ( )
  2. He and I can here at six. A B C D ( )
  3. There are many flowers on the floor. Let's take it to Jim desk. A B C D ( )
  4. I can't mend the bike. I want many help. A B C D ( )
  5. Miss Liu _is_ reading now. We must listen her. A B C D ( )
  6. Look ! The girl is swiming in the river behind the hill. A B C D ( )
  7. Lily and Kate look the same. But they aren't two twins. A B C D ( )
  8. Who's pencil is this? Is it yours or Jim's? A B C D ( )
  9. There are ten glass of milk on the table. Can you see them? A B C D
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  10. There is no milk here. I have it for breakfast. A B C D 六,完形填空 A There is 1 nice girl in our class. She is in 2 . She is thirteen 3 . 4 is not tall and she is not short. She is a little fat(有点胖) . She has a round face 5 an apple. She 6 two big black eyes and a small nose. Her mouth is big, 7 her ears are small. Her hair is short 8 black, She likes red. She is often 9 red clothes. She likes little animals. She has a little black dog in __10 __ home. ( )
  1.A. an B. the C. a D./ ( )
  2. A. row five B. Row five C. row Five D. Row Five ( )
  3.A.year old B. years old C. old D. years ( )
  4.A.He B. she C. he D. She ( )
  5.A.at B. of C. like D. on ( )
  6. A. have B. is C. has D. are ( )
  7.A.and B. so C. but D. or ( )
  8.A.and B. with C. but D. no ( )
  9.A.in B. at C. with D. on ( )
  10.A.she's B. his C. her D. hers B Mrs Scott and her daughter Jane 1 teachers. They teach 2 the same school. They go to their school 3 car. They go to work 4 8:00 in the morning. They come home at 4:00 5 the afternoon. Sam and 6 sister Ann are students. They go to 7 by bus. They come home at 4:00 in the afternoon. They 8 their homework at home. They 9 TV in the evening. They go to 10 early every night(晚上) . ( )
  1.A. is B. am C. are D. be ( )
  2.A.with B. on C. by D. in ( )
  3.A.on B. by C. in D. at ( )
  4.A.by B. on C. at D. in ( )
  5.A.in B. at C. on D. by ( )
  6.A.their B. one C. hers D. his ( )
  7.A.class B. teacher C. school D. home ( )
  8.A.watch B. do C. make D. read ( )
  9.A.see B. look C. read D. watch ( )
  10.A.school B. bed C. work D. class 七,阅读理解 A Tom: Come with me now, and see my father and mother. Come and have some food at my house. Kate: That s very nice! Let s go there, Jim. Jim: Is there a bus from here to your house? Tom: No, there aren't any buses. But I have my car at the door. Kate: Oh, there's a black car. Is this car yours, Tom? Tom: No, it isn't mine. Mine is red.
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Jim: Look, there's a red car over there. I think it's his. Kate: Is that one yours, Tom? Tom: Yes, it is. Jim: Oh, what a nice car! Tom: It's time to go now. Jim; OK! Kate, Let's go. 根据短文内容,判断所给句子的正误,符合对话内容的用"T"表示,不符合对话内容 的用"F"表示. ( )
  1. Jim and Kate want to go to Tom's home. ( )
  2. There is a bus to Tom's house. ( )
  3. Tom' s car is a nice red one. ( )
  4.The black car at the door is Jim's. ( )
  5. Jim and Kate go with Tom to see Tom's father and mother. B One Sunday morning Mr Brown and his child. Bill, are in a big shop. Mr Brown wants to buy a new blouse for Mrs Brown. Bill likes oranges, so his father buys some oranges for him. Bill also wants to buy some picture-books and colour pencils. There are many things and many people in the shop. They are men and women, old and young. They all want to buy something there. 根据短文内容,选择正确答案: ( )
  1. Mr Brown goes to a big shop with . A. Mrs Brown B. Bill C. his father D. some old people ( )
  2. Mr Brown is going to buy a new blouse for. A. Bill's mother B. Bill C. his mother D. himself (他自己) ( )3 .Bill likes. A. all the things B. a new blouse C. oranges D. the shop ( )
  4. The little boy wants to buy . A. some picture-books B. some colour pencils C. clothes and shoes D. A and B ( )
  5. People in the shop are . A. old and young B. boys and girls C. men and women D. A and C 八,书面表达,根据首字母填单词 a boy in it? Yes, he's r 3 a bike. A4 the girl?Oh. She is Look at the p 1 . Can you s 2 a bird i 8 the tree? Y 9 , there is. What is it doing? s 5 u 6 a tree. Is t 7 L 10 me see. Oh. It's singing. 答案: 听力 一,
  5.B 二,l.C
  5.C 三,
  5.C 笔试 一,A:
  1. maths
  4. Thursday
  5.ticket B:
  1. babies
  2. China
  3. broken
  4. me
  5. carefully 二,
  14. C
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三,1 isn't
  2.to help
  4.are having
  5.watch,are watching 四,A:
  1. aren't, any
  2.Where are
  3.Would you like
  4.Don't throw
  5.are singing B: l. Are, the things
  2.to go to
  3. good at
  4.watch is this
  5.There is, in
  6.want a go
  7. is, wrong with 五.
  10.B 六,A:
  10.C B:
  10.B 七,A:
  5.T B:
  5.D 八,l. picture
  10. Let
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