Unit 1
Where is your pen pal from?
Look at these pictures and guess what countries they are.
the United States
the United Kingdom
Singapore the United States the United States
b c
4 1 2
6 3
Listen again and write short answers to [1the questions [1-4] in 2a.
1 2 3 4
Maria Canada Toronto Yes, she does.
  1.My friend is f Japan. here
  2.W does John live? He lives in Tokyo. rance
  3.Amy is from F. She is a Frenchwoman.
  4.We are Chinese. We s Chinese. peak
  5.This is my new pen p. al She’s from Australia.
( C )
  1.Jack doesn’t have sisters. ( C ( B ( B (D
A. a B . some C. any D. an )
  2.What’s favorite subject? A. she B. she’s C. her D. hers )
  3. Mary any pens? A. Do…have B. Does…have C. Is…have D. Does…has )
  4. I want a pen pal China. A. to B. in C. at D. of )
  5.Can your speak French? A. little B. few C. a few D. a little
下面这些短语都是国外名城的别称, 下面这些短语都是国外名城的别称,你能猜出它 们分别指哪个城市吗? 们分别指哪个城市吗?
The Line City The City of Fog The City of Beer The City of Music 狮城 雾城 啤酒城 音乐城
新加坡 伦敦 慕尼黑 维也纳 牛津
The City of Universities 大学城
Do you have a pen pal? Please write something about your pen pal, for example: age, nationality, language, hobby….



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