初一英语下册总复习 ( 短 语)
At the school gate 在 校 门 口 the same to you Nice to see you come on 快点 The early bird catches the worm 早起的鸟儿有虫吃 Know about 知道 student 美国学生 Have lunch 吃午餐 学校 have ball games 有球赛 Be over 结束 on 等等 Have no more time 没有更多时间 谈话很愉快 Play+球类(三餐)????不用冠 某人作业 Sth begin at+终点=某是几点开始 Do sth for a little while=等一会儿做某事 Work must comes first 工作放在第一 watch TV 看电视 do one's homework 作 nice talking to you 与你 in one's free time 再某人业余时间 and so eat out 到外面吃 after school 再 the school life 学校生活 American 见到你很高兴 it is time for class 该上课 Happy New Year
Doing sth=正在做某事 Good idea 好主意 At moment 一会儿 be born 出生 sport star 运动明星
plan to do sth 计划做某事 Have birthday 快生日会 all alone 其余 take about 谈论
use sth to do sth 使用某物做某事 Model plane 飞机模型 sth 使用某物做某事 Light blue 浅蓝 give sb a surprise 给某人一个惊喜 make a have a look at 看 着 use sth doing
birthday cake 制作生日蛋糕 Do some cleaning 打 少 卫 生 perform ballet 表演芭蕾 Dance to disco 跳迪科舞 of course 当然 So many 如此多 Christmas 圣诞节 A little 一点 刻 just now 刚才 right away 马上 right now 立 so smart 如此聪明 spring festival 春节 have a good time 玩的开心 play the guitar 弹 吉 他
next to 旁边 remember to do sth 记住作某事 want
Need to do sth 需要作某事 hope to do sth 希望做谋事 to do sth 想要做谋事 Sth happen to enjoy oneself 玩的愉快 do sd 某 人 发 生 某

it is good time for doing sth(to do sth)好时间做谋事
Be careful 小 心 yesterday 在前天 to 指向 A pair of 一双 上
lucky money 压 岁 钱
the day before point
may day 五一劳动节
national day 国庆节
go up 升起
put up 穿
at midnight 在午夜
come black to life 复活 rain heavily 雨下的很大
Be busy doing sth 忙于做某事 brow strongly 风刮的很强
be good at doing sth 善于做某事 reading room 阅览室 far from 远离 look at
Do well in 在某方面做得很好 the end of 在什么末尾 Put away 收拾 for 照看 would like to do
close to 靠近
post office 邮电局 go to bed 去睡觉 on time 准时 sth
put on 穿上
想 要 做 某 事
across bridge 过桥
Dining room at the black of a little parking lot be afraid bad Move from. . to . like doing sth
no the left/right
on the street of train station the lion is
ride skateboards
traffic accident


初一英语 下册教案

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