walking, walking, walking, walking, hop, hop, hop, hop, hop, hop, running, running, running, running, running, running Now let’s stop. Up and down.
Unit 6
It’s raining
What do they mean?
sunny cloudy
It’s cloudy. She’s running.
It’s sunny. He is fishing.
It’s rainy. They are singing.
It’s windy. She’s cooking.
It’s snowy. He is playing computer games.
in this heat
surprised lie on vacation relaxed
He is lying on the beach.
play beach volleyball
He looks cool.
this group of people They are playing beach volleyball
The others are looking at them playing beach volleyball

  1. have a good time
  2. on vacation
  3. beach
  5. lie lying
  7. surprised
  9. in this heat
  4. Sea
  6. group
  8. cool
  10. relaxed
Yuan yuan is reporting for CCTV’s Around The World show. Underline the things that people are doing. Circle the words that describe the weather.
Thank you for joining CCTV’s Around The World show. Today, we’re in Australia. It’s a beautiful, sunny day! There are many people here on vacation. Some are taking photos. Others are lying on the beach. Look at this group of people playing beach volleyball. They look cool! I am surprised they can play in this heat. This is a very interesting place. The people are really relaxed!
sun, photo, relaxed, heat, on, 词语填空. 词语填空 lie, group, for, interesting Thank you for joining CCTV’s Around The World show. Today, we’re in Australia. sunny It’s a beautiful, day! There are on many people here vacation. Some are taking photos . Others are lying on the beach. Look at this group of people playing beach volleyball. They look cool ! I am surprised they can play in this heat . This is a very interesting place. The people are really relaxed !
scarf coat
He is wearing a coat and scarf.
Look at the pictures of France. Then fill in the blanks.
It’s winter in France. The weather is windy and . people are wearing coats and scarves. But cold eating everyone is having a good time. Friends are in a restaurant. In a park , a musician is playing the guitar and some boys . One man is taking are playing soccer photo a .


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