阅读理解 Host: Welcome to 8 o'clock Face to Face. Tonight we are talking to Linda, a 14-year-old girl. Welcome to the show, Linda. Linda: Thank you. Host: Do you like to watch TV? Linda: Yes, I like to watch TV very much. Host: What do you think of soap operas? Linda: Oh, I love them. Host: Me, too. And how about sports shows? Linda: I don't mind them. Host: Really? And what do you think of sitcoms? Linda: I don't like them. Host: And talk shows? Linda: That's great! I like them. Host: And what do you think of game shows? Linda: Oh, I can't stand them. They're so boring. Host: OK! That was interesting. Thanks for joining us. 根据对话判断正(T)误(F).
  1. Linda doesn't like to watch TV.
  2. Linda likes soap operas very much.
  3. Linda doesn't mind sitcoms.
  4. Linda also likes talk shows.
  5. Linda can't stand game shows. B This week, I asked students about fashion. I showed each student seven things, they were a hair clip, a watch, key ring, a pair of sunglasses, a scarf, a wallet and a belt, and asked them what they thought about each thing. Some of their answers surprised me! Here's what one student said: He loves the key ring. He doesn't like the scarf. He loves the belt, and he doesn't mind the sunglasses and the wallet. He likes the watch very much. And he can't stand the hair clip.
This is only one student. I hope there are many students to tell us what they think about the things. 根据短文完成表格(在相应的格子里打"√"). Thing key ring scarf belt sunglasses watch hair clip wallet C Name Jack Lee Nancy Wilson Sports World loves likes doesn't like Chinese Cooking Man and Nature Modern English loves likes International News doesn't mind doesn't like
  1. Loves
  3. Doesn't mind
  4. Doesn't like
  5. Can't stand
doesn't mind loves doesn't like loves doesn't like likes can't stand
doesn't mind loves loves loves
doesn't mind can't stand
  1. What does Lee think of Sports World?
  2. What does Wilson think of Chinese Cooking?
  3. Does Lee like Man and Nature?
  4. What does Jack love?
  5. What do Nancy and Wilson both love? 答案: A
  1~5 F T F T T B
  1.belt, key ring
  3.sunglasses, wallet
  5.hair clip
  1. Lee likes it very much.

  2. Wilson can't stand it.

  3. No, he doesn't.
  5. They both

  4. Jack loves Sports world, Man and nature and Modern English.
love International News.



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