It’s interesting __C__ visit another country, but there are sometimes problems (问题)when we C__ know the language(语言) very well. It may be difficult(艰难) to talk with the people there. We may not know __B to use the telephone. We may not know how to do shopping. In a foreign(外国) country we might not know where to eat or what to order(订购) in a restaurant. It is not easy to decide(决定) B to tip(小费) waiters or taxi drivers. When we A__ help, we might not know how to ask for help. It’s not B__ to have an experience(经
历) like that. C a short time, then we learn what to doA__ what to say. We learn
__A life in another country, and we may be sorry(遗憾) to __B.
  1. A that
  2. A. do
  3. A. what
  4. A. how many
  5. A. need
  6. A. sorry
  7. A. When
  8. A. and
  9. A. to enjoy
  10. A. left B. and B. not B. how B. How much B. like C. to C. don’t C. that C. if C. needs D. for D. aren’t D. if D. that D. likes C. angry D. Until D. but D. enjoyed D. came D. sad
B. pleasant(不愉快) B. Before B. or B. played B. leave C. After C. to C. play C. come
Many people like to watch TV. Watching TV is one of the most important(重要的) activities (活动) the day. TV brings 导致) the outside closer to people’s homes. Some people say the of ( world is smaller than before because of TV. What’s going on the other countries? How do people live in places far away? Is there a good sports game somewhere? If you want to answer these and many other questions, just turn on the TV and watch it. You can see a lot and learn a lot. Of course, people can also learn through(通过) reading or listening to the radio. With TV, however, they can learn better and more easily(容易). Why? Because they can hear and watch. TV helps us a lot. TV often gives us new ideas. We learn newer and better ways of doing things. ( D )
  1. Some people say the world is smaller than before because . A.TV makes the earth smaller and smaller B. all people like watching TV.
C. watching TV is one of the most important activities of the day D.TV brings the outside world closer to people. ( C)
  2. We can when we watch TV. A. go to live in the other countries C. get a lot of information (信息) B. answer many questions D. ask TV some questions
  3. People learn better through TV than through the radio because . A. TV sets are bigger than radios B. people can hear and they can watch, too
C. if people don’t have TV, they can not live happily. D. it’s easier to turn on TV than to turn on the radio (A)
  4. TV can . A.teach us a lot of things C. give us what we want B. learn a lot of things D. help us do our homework
  5. This article (文章) tells us . A. it’s good to watch TV B. not to watch TV any more
C. students should not watch TV at any time D. to stop reading to watch TV
If you go into the forest(森林) with friends, stay with them. If you don’t, you may get lost(丢失). If you get lost, this is what you should do. Sit down and stay where you are. Don’t try to find your friends. Let them find you. You can help them find you by staying in one place. There is another way to help your friends or other people to find you. You can shout or whistle(吹口哨) three times. Stop. Then shout or whistle three times again. Any signal(信号) given three times is a call for help. Keep(保持) up shouting or whistling. Always three times together. When people hear you, they will give you two shouts or two whistles. When a signal is given twice, it is an answer to call for help. If you don’t think that you will get help before night comes, try to make a little house with branches(树枝). Make yourself a bed with leaves(树叶) and grass. When you need some water, you have to leave your little branch house to look for it. Don’t just walk away. Pick off small branches and drop(扔) them as you walk in order to(为了) go back again easily. When you are lost, the most important thing to do is stay in one place.
  1. If you get lost in the forest, you should B
A. try to find your friends. C. walk around the forest
  2. Which signal is a call for help? A. Shouting here and there
B. stay in one place and give a signals D. shout as loudly as possible C B. Crying twice
C. Shouting or whistling three times together D. Whistling everywhere in the forest
  3. When you hear two shouts or two whistles, you will know that__B__ A. someone is afraid of an animal C. someone needs help B. people will come to help you D. something terrible will happen A

  4. What do you have to do when you leave for water? A.Leave branches as you walk to find way later. B.Pick off branches to build another house C.Use branches to make a bed D. Drop branches to look for water
  5. The main idea of the passage is D A. how to travel in the forest
B. how to spend the night in the forest
C. what you should do if you want to get some water D. what you should do if you are lost in the forest.
参考答案 完型填空 CCBBA BCAAB 阅读 DCBAA



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