[初中一年级英语试题 人教版八年级英语第一单元学案 初中一年级英语试题]人教版八年级英语第一单元学案 初中一年级英语试题
◎ Unit1Howoftendoyouexercise? SectionA 一 、 学 习 目 标 标:Canrememberthefollowingwords: exercise,......

  1. 知 识 目
Unit 1 How often do you exercise? Section A 一、学习目标
  1.知识目标:Can remember the following words: exercise, skate, board, hardly, ever, once, twice, time, surf, Internet, program, result, active, as for.
  2.能力目标:Can express like these: What do you usually do on weekend? How often do you watch TV?
  3.情感目标:Good habits can make you get good grades. 二、教学重难点:
  2、always, usually……频度副词的用法。 三、学习过程 (一)预习导学 Trans late the following:
  11.多常 12 一周三次 (二)自主学习:Do 1a,1b,2a and 2b. (三)合作探究
  1.Pair work 1c,2c and 3 (四)梳理归纳
  2.学习难点: 四、典题赏析:
  1.? is “luck 52”shown on CCTV? ?Once a week. A. How soon B. How often C. How far D. How long 简析:how soon 多快,how often 多常时间,how long 多久, 故选择 B.
  2.He often doesn’t go to the movies.改错 简析:always, usually, often 等频度副词一般放在行为动词之前;be 动词之后及助动 词和行为动词之间。故应改为 He doesn’t often go to the movies.
  3.He watches TV twice a week .(提问) 简析:提问次数,多常时间做某事应用 how often,故应为: How often does he watch TV? 五、中考链接

  1. (20
  08.上海).Linda always takes active part in sports after school. A. ? B. a C. an D. the
  2. (2002,黑龙江).You must take the medicine twice a day.(提问) 六、能力提升。完成下列表格,然后写一篇小短文。 ActivitiesHow often watch TV Surf the Internet read English books go to the movies exercise
Unit 1 How often do you exercise? Section B 一、学习目标:
  1.知识目标:Can remember Junk,food,milk,coffee,chocolate,drink,health,interviewer,habit,try,ofcourse, lookafter,lifestyle,grade,thesameas,different,mayke,although,keep,must,less
  2.能力目标:Can express like this: --How often do you drink milk? -- I drink milk every day.
  3.情感目标:Good habits can make you healthy. 二、教学重难点:
  2.能够描述自己的生活方式. 三、学习过程: (一)预习导学:Trans late the following:
  9.取得好成绩 10 与…相同
  16.习惯 (二)自主学习 Do 1a,3a,2a,2b and 3b. (三)合作探究 1b, 2c (四)梳理归纳 3c, Write about your own habits. 四、典题赏析:
  1. Here the flowers I give to you as your birthday present. A. am B. is C. are D. be 简析:here 后的动词应与最近的主语一致,故应选 C.
  2.?it is raining,?the old worker still works outside. A. Although, but B. But, although. C. 1,although D.Although,1
简析:although.尽管,不与 but 并用,故应选 D
  3. She didn’t go to school, she felt?sick. A. a kind of B. kinds of C. kind of D. kind 简析:a kind of 一种, kinds of 各种各样的, kind of 有一点儿.稍许,故应选 C 五、中考链接
  1.(08 上海)It’s difficult for us to tell the (different)between these too words.
  2.(08 重庆) He is only 8 years old, he knows more about science than his father. A. But B. Though C. so D. Because
  3.(2008 重庆).please the dog for me while I am away. A. look at B. look after C. look up D. look out 六、能力提升,你多健康啊?写一下自己的生活习惯(60 词左右) 。



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