4 ( ) 1 -How many have you got on your farm?
  1. ( ) 1 She was very happy. She in the maths test. -I've got five. A. makes a few mistake B. made a few mistakes A. sheeps B. sheep C. pig D. chicken C. made few mistakes D. makes few mistake ( ) 2 Some came to our school for a visit that day. ( ) 2 We need some more. Can you go and get A. Germans B. Germen C. Germany D. Germanies some, please? ( ) 3 In the picture there are many and two. A. potato B. potatos C. potatoes D. potatoe A. sheep; foxes C. sheeps; foxes ( ) 3 arefor cutting things. B. sheeps; fox D. sheep;foxs A. Knife/used B. Knives/used C. Knife/using D. ( ) 4 A group of will visit the museum tomorrow. Knives/using A. Hungarian B. Australian C. JapaneseD. American ( ) 4 What big the tiger has! 5 A. tooth B. teeth C. tooths D. toothes ( ) 1 This table is made of. ( ) 5 Please remember to give the horse some tree. A. many glass B. glasses C. some glasses D. glass A. leafs B. leaves C. leaf D. leave ( ) 2 -What would you like to have for lunch, sir? ( ) 6 -Can we have some ? -I'd like. ! -Yes, please. A. chicken B. a chicken C. chickens D. the chicken A. banana B. oranges D. pear ( ) 3 Children should make for old people in a bus. ( ) 7 On the table there are five. A. room B. a room C. rooms D. the room A. tomatos B. piece of tomatoes C. tomatoes D. 6 tomato ( ) 1 Tables are made of. A. wood B. some woods C. wooden D. woods 2 ( ) 1 They got much from those new books. ( ) 2 I wonder why are so interested in action A. ideas B. photos C. information D. stories ( ) films. ( ) 2 He gave us on how to keep fit. A. people B. peoples C. the people D. the peoples A. some advices B. some advice C. an advice D. a ( ) 3I have read of the young writer. advice A. works B. work C. this works D. the works ( ) 3 When we saw his face, we knew was bad. 7 A. some news B. a news C. the news P. news ( ) 1 Let's meet at 7: 30 outside the gate of? ( ) 4 What lovely weather it is! A. the People's Park B. the Peoples' Park A. / B. the C. an D. a C. the People Park D. People's Park ( ) 2 Chinese people are hard working people. 3 ( ) 1 -Would you liketea? A. /; a B. We; the C. The; the D. The; a -No, thanks. I have drunk two. ( ) 3 How many were there in the street A. any, bottles of orange B. some, bottles of orange when the accident happened? C. many, bottles of oranges D. few, bottle of oranges A. policeman B. polices C. police D. peoples ( ) 2 He is hungry. Give him to eat. 8 A. two breads B. two piece of bread ( ) 1 If these trousers are too big, buy a smaller. C. two pieces of bread D. two pieces of breads A. set B. one C. piece D. pair ( ) 3 It really took him: to draw the nice horse. ( ) 2 Last week I bought a TV. A. sometimes B. hour C. long time D. some time A. pair . B. set C. piece D. block ( ) 4 I would like to have. ( ) 3 There is a of wood left on the ground. A. two glasses of milk B. two glass of milk I A. cup B. piece , C. box D. pair C. two glasses of milks D. two glass of milks 9 ( ) 5 Can you give me ? ( ) 1 There are sixty-seven in our school. A. a tea B. some cup of tea C. a cup tea D. a cup of A. women's teacher B. women teachers C. woman tea teachers D. women teacher ( ) 6 Please give me paper. A. one B. a piece C. ( ) 2 There are fivein our factory. a D. a piece of A. woman driver B, women driver C. woman drivers D. 1 ( ) 7 John boughtfor himself yesterday. women drivers A. two pairs of shoes B. two pair of shoe C. two pair ( ) 3 These were sent to the villages to help the of shoes D. two pairs shoes farmers.
语语 专项习题 1- 词
A. women doctor B. women doctors C. woman C. thirty minutes' walk D. thirty minutes walk doctors D. woman doctor ( ) 4 Half telephone calls are made in English. A. the world B. world C. the world's D. world's 10 ( ) 1 They write most of their in English. 14 A. business letter B. business letters C. businesses D. ( ) 1 face to the south. businesses letters A. Windows of the room B. The windows of the room ( ) 2 We came to a at last .and went in. C. The room's windows D. The windows in room A. watch shop B. watches shop ,'C. watching shop D. ( ) 2 Please take two. watchs shop A. picture of the park B. pictures of the park ( ) 3 This shop sells apples, bananas and things like C. the pictures of a park D. picture of a park these. It's a. ( ) 3 The workers are repairing. A. food shop B. book shop C. fruit shop D. vegetable A. the roof of the house B. a roof of the house shop C. roof of the house D. this roof of house ( ) 4 She broke awhile she was washing up. 15 A. glass of wine B. glass for wine C. glass wine D. ( ) 1 Miss Smith is a friend of. wine glass A. Mary's mother's B. Mary's mother C. mother's of ( ) 5 I've forgotten both of the. Mary D. Mary mothers A. room numbers . B. rooms number C. rooms ( ) 2 This is a book of . numbers D. room number A. Tom B. Tom's C. her D. him ( ) 3 The post card is sent by . 11
  1. September 10th isin China. A. a friend of my father B. a friend of my father's A. Teacher's Day B. Teachers'Day C. Teacher Day D. C. my father friend D. my father friend's Teachers Day 16 ( ) 2 -Is the broom under desk? -No, it's ( ) 1 Sydney is a city of. under. A. America B. Germany C. Australia D. Japan A. the teacher's; my B. teacher's; mine C. teacher's; ( ) 2 My father likes buying us . me D. the teacher's; mine A. cars B. flowers C. peasants D. presents ( ) 3 Excuse me, where is the? ( ) 3 In England, the last name is the . A. men's room B. mens' room C. men's rooms D. A. full name B. family name C. middle name D. given men rooms name ( ) 4 Mr Gao is a teacher. He works in a new. 12 ( ) 1 The football under the bed is. A. shop B. school C. factory D. hospital A. Lily and Lucy B. Lily's and Lucy's C. Lily's and Lucy 17 D. Lily and Lucy's ( ) 1 My father is a. He works in a hospital. ( ) 2 This is mydictionary. A. teacher B. doctor C. farmer D. soldier A. sister Mary B. sister's C. sister, Mary's D. sister's ( ) 2 -Which animal lives only in China? Mary's -The. ( ) 3 He went to shop to buy a shirt. A. tiger B. monkey C. panda D. elephant A. a tailor B. the tailor C. a tailors D. the tailors' ( ) 3 April come beforeand after. ( ) 4 Joan is. A. March; May B. May; March A. Mary's and Jack sister B. Mary and Jack's sister C. June; May D. March; February C. Mary and Jack sister D. Mary's and Jack's sister ( ) 4 Which of the following is right? A. China has a large population. B. China has much 13 ( ) 1 In a few time, those mountains will be population. covered with trees. C. China has many populations. D. China has a great A. year B. years' C. year's D. years deal of population. ( ) 2 It's about walk from my house. ( ) 5 Please do like this. Fold the paper and cut A. ten minute B. ten minutes' C. ten minute's D. ten along the fold. minutes A. into pieces B. in half C. on halves D. to half 2 ( ) 3 The post office is a bit far from here. It's ( ) 6 You played the violin wonderfully. Will you please about. play another? A. thirty minutes's walk B. thirty minute's walk A. one B. game C. programme D. piece
《名词》参考 : 4
  1. 1-7 C C B B B B C
  2. 1-4 C B C A
  3. 1-7 B C D ( ) 1 Yesterday we held talk with them in the hall. A D D A
  4. 1-4 B A A C
  5. 1-3 D A A
  6. 1-3 A A D A. the B. this C. a D. an
  7. 1-3 A D C
  8. 1-3 D B B
  9. 1-3 B D B
  10. 1-5 ( ) 2 My mother had fever, so I had to look after her. B A C D A
  11. 1-3 B D A
  12. 1-4 D C C B
  13. 1-4 A a B. the C, / D. this B B C C
  14. 1-3 B B A
  15. 1-3 A B B
  16. 1-4 C ( ) 3 Looking at, he tookdeep breath. DBB A. / B. a C. that D. its
  17. 1-6 B C B A B D ( ) 4 I usually go out for walk after tea; A: a; / B. /; the C. a; a D. the; a 语语 专项习题 2-冠词 ( ) 5 After that they had sleep. 1 ( ) 1 Han Meimei is Chinese girl. Lucy is A. a night good B. a night's good C. a good night D. English girl. a good night's A. a; a B. an; an C. a; an D. an; a 5 ( ) 2 A little boy wrote "U" and "n" on the wall. ( ) 1 It issince welast time. A. a; an B. an; a C. an; an D. a; a A. long time; met B. a long time; meet C. a long time; ( ) 3 old lady in brown is university met D. the long time; meet professor. ( ) 2 There came great noise. It frightened us. A. An; a B. An; / C. The; an D. The; a A. the B. a C. / D. that ( ) 4 There are sixty minutes inhour. ( ) 3 It is pleasure to work with these workers. A. an B. the C. a D. / A. an B. / C. a D. this ( ) 5 This is interesting book and it is also ( ) 4 After quick breakfast I hurried to school. useful one. A. /; / -rB. a; / C. the; the - D. the; / A. an; an B. an; the C. ah; a D. a; a 6 ( ) 6 A computer is useful tool in 'o world today. ( ) 1 This isegg. egg is big. A. an; the B. a; the C. the; the D. a; a A. a; A B. an; An C. a; The D. an; The 2 ( ) 2 There is 'W inword "map". ( ) 1 We have never seen interesting film. A. a; an B. an; a C. an; the D. a; the A. such B. such an C. so D. such a ( ) 3 Here is basket. basket is mine. ( ) 2 Mrs Smith is friend of __ A. a; The B. the; An. C. a; A D. the; A A. the; mine B. a; me C. the; my D. a; mine ( ) 4 There is bridge over there. bridge is ( ) 3 He isboy. made of wood. A. a seven-years-old B. an eight-year-old A. the; The B. a; A C. the; A D. a; The C. the seven-year-old D. an eight-year-older ( ) 5 He ordered book some time ago and now ( ) 4 Fsaw accident in the street yesterday. book has arrived. A. the B. a C. an D. / A. a; a B. the; a C. the; the D. a; the ( ) 5 Now he is artist. 1 have known him since he 7 was one-year-old boy. ( ) 1 She saw English film last Sunday. But she name of film. A. a; an B. a; a C. an; an D. an; a can not remember A. an; a; a B. a; the; a 3 C. an; the; a D. an; the; the ( )
  1. Which bigger elephant or horse? ( ) 2 There is old man under tree. A. a; the B. an; a C. the; an D. an; the A. an; the B. the; a C. a; the D. an; / ( ) 2 monkey can climbtrees. ( ) 3 -What was yesterday? A. /; the B. A; / C. The; a D. /; / -November
  24. ( ) 3 rains are faster than buses. B. the date C. day D. the day A. /; / B. The; / C. /; the D. The; a ( ) 4 We shall visit your country in coming year. ( ) 4 -Have you learned German? A. a B. the C. one D. that -Yes. It's language I've ever learned. ( ) 5 Mother does most of at home. A. a quite difficult B: quite a difficult A. cleaning B. a clean C. the cleaning D. clean C. difficult quite D. difficult a quite 3 ( ) 5 Some animals, like cat, dog or 8 ( ) 1 -Whose room is that? wolf, do not need to hibernate ( ). -It's. A. /; /; the B. the; the; the C. a; /; the , D. the; /; /
A. the twins' B. of Lucy and Lily ( ) 1 Cotton is grown in China. C. of the twins D. the twins A. north B. the north of C. the north D. a north ( ) 2 I'm busy. ( ) 2 It's pleasure to see sun rising in A. at the moment B. at that moment C. in a moment east. D. just a moment A. /; the; / B. a; /; / C. a; the; the D. /; the; the ( ) 3 book is very useful. I bought it ( ) 3 Most of us are from. fromunknown little town. A. the south B. south C. the southern D. southern A. A; a B. The; a C. A; an D. The; an ( ) 4 United States lies in North America. ( ) 4 English is interesting subject for most of A. An B. A C. The D. / students. 13 A. the; an B. the; the C. an; / D. an; the ( ) I He likes playing piano, he doesn't like ( ) 5 girl in Grade Three is tallest in our playing football. school. A. the; the B. the; / C. /; the D. /; / A. The; the; the B. A; a; a C. The; /; the D. A; /; a ( ) 2 Tom enjoys playing football while I enjoy playing piano very 9 ( ) 1 Mr White lives on floor. much. A. the fifteen B. fifteen C. the fifteenth D. fifteenth A. the; the B. a; a C. /; the D. the; / ( ) 2 A boy named Ding Wei kicked a goal early ( ) 3 Yesterday his mother bought piano of the match. andbasketball in that big shop. A. in the one half B. in the first half C. for the first half A. the; a B. a; a C. /; / D. some; two D. for half one 14 ( ) 3 He has tried twice, and the captain asks him to ( ) 1 night, a stranger knocked at the door. have third try. A. One B. The C. An D. A A. the B. a C. another D. other ( ) 2 We often play football in of the school ( ) 4 China is one of oldest countries in world. building. A. the; the B. the; / C. a; a D. an; the A. a front B. fronts C. front D. the front ( ) 5 Mary is only girl who has been to American. ( ) 3 There's going to beEnglish test next week. A. a B. the fc. an D. / A. an; a . B. an; / C. the; a D. an; the ( ) 4 There is a map on left of the picture. 10 ( ) I We can seesun andmoon in picture. A. the B. / C. a D. an A.a; the; the B. the; a; the ( ) 5 He takes a bath inevening. C. a; the; a D. the; the; the A. the B. / C. a ( ) 2 o moon moves around earth, and they both 15 sun. are smaller than ( ) 1 We should look after old. A. The; an; a B. A; the; the C. /; /; / D. The; the; the A. these B. those C. the D. an ( ) 3 Paris is capital of France. ( ) 2 The young nurse is kind to ill in the hospital. A.



   初中英语新课标 第一部分 前言(1-9'ELA'1) 社会生活的信息化和经济的全球化, 使英语的重要性日益突出。 英语作为最重要的信息载体 之一,已成为人类生活各个领域中使用最广泛的语言。许多国家在基础教育发展战略中,都 把英语教育作为公民素质教育的重要组成部分,并将其摆在突出的地位。 改革开放以来,我国的英语教育规模不断扩大,教育教学取得了显著的成就。然而,英语教 育的现状尚不能适应我国经济建设和社会发展的需要, 与时代发展的要求还存在差距。 此次 英语课程改革的重点就是要改变英语课程过分 ...


   初中英语??主谓一致 初中英语??主谓一致 ?? 四原则 主谓一致指:谓语动词 主语 人称 数上保持一致,主谓一致必须遵循 主语在人称 指 谓语动词与主语 人称和数 语法一致原则,意义一致原则, 一致原则, 一致原则。 语法一致原则,意义一致原则,就“近”一致原则,就“前”一致原则 1. 语法一致原则:指主语是单数形式,谓语动词用单数形式,主语是复数 形式,谓语也用复数形式。例如: Tom is a good student. 汤姆是个好学生。 They often play footbal ...


   清华园教育 一对一辅导 初中英语常用构词法归纳 1. 合成法 合成法至今保持着旺盛的生命力,在现代英语中不少新词都是借助原有的词合成的. 1)名词+名词→名词 basket(篮子)+ball(球) →basketball 篮球 book (书) +shop(商店) → bookshop 书店 book(书) + store(商店) → bookstore 书店 house(房子) +work(劳动) → housework 家务劳动 home(家庭) + work(工作) → homewor ...


   1.认真背单词,掌握 5000 个单词左右,就差不多了;背单词有很多方法,联想 记忆,死记硬背各有其好处;我推荐你用电脑记忆单词,这样能掌握单词正确的 读音,这对听力是非常有帮助的。推荐你一个背单词的软件《新东方单词通》 2.如果想参加考试获得证书,你在好好背单词的基础上,参加新东方的一些考试 培训,在短期里你能有一个分数的飞跃,能掌握很多考试的技巧。 3。如果你想在英语能力上有提高,以下几点应注意,A 多读,有时间和毅力的 话,把新概念的三四册被下来;B 多听,可以听广播,听英语的有声读物 ...


   1 仔细观察下面两幅图,假设你是图中小女孩的朋友,请以“My Friend”为题写一篇约 80 字的短文。 图片 1 My Friend My friend Jane is a pretty and cute girl. She has a pair of big and bright eyes, which seem as if they can speak. Under her small lovely nose,there is a little naughty mouth. Her ...


   1、 环保 1. It's our duty to protect our environment。 2. It is very important to take care of our environment 3. We should not throw litter onto the ground 4. We should not spit in a public place/ cut down the trees 5. We should plant more flowers and ...


   关于环保 It' our duty to save water s As we know , water is very important to man, we can' live without water. The t amount of water which is suitable to drink is less and less. But some people don't care about it . They waste a lot of water in their d ...


   初中英语作文范文 初中英语作文范文 1. How to make friends It’s hard to make friends if you stay alone all the time. It’s easier to make friends when you have similar interests. Don’r be afraid to show people what you are really good at. Talk about the things you li ...


   初三英语作文范文 07 年英语中考 Write at least 60 words about the topic "Things I Hate to Do".( 以“我不喜欢……”为题写 我不喜欢……” ……”为题写 个词的短文,标点符号不占格。 一篇不少于 60 个词的短文,标点符号不占格。) 注意: (注意 短文中不得出现考生的姓名、校名及其它相关信息,否则不予评分。短文开头 注意 短文中不得出现考生的姓名、校名及其它相关信息,否则不予评分。 己给,所给部分不计入字 ...


   范文:一次体育课 A PE Lesson 下面是某节体育课的有关情况,请你据此写一篇日记。 1.时间:5 月 28 日,星期一,下午。 2.天气:阴。 3.项目:跳远(jump) 。 4.过程: (1)打上课铃时就在操场集合; (2)做准备活动(warming?upexercises) ; (3)听老师讲解并示范; (4)我因心情紧张而失败; (5)不灰心,反复练习; (6)终于跳过了 3 米。 5.体会:只要有恒心(perseverance)就一定能成功。 注意: 1.内容必须包括所有要点 ...



   2011 年大学英语四级考试口试大纲 编辑提醒 2011 年上半年大学英语四级考试将在 6 月 18 日 09:00~11:20 举行,下半年将在 12 月 17 日 09:00~11:20 举行,为了帮助大家有效的报考复习,考试大外语站点编辑收集整理了 相关信息供大家参考,希望对大家有所帮助,考试大祝大家顺利通过考试! 考试介绍 考试中心 考试时间 计分规则 报名条件 考试培训 考试大纲 成绩查询 机考解析 证书样张 口试大纲 口语考试成绩合格者由教育部高等教育司发给证书,证书分为 A、 ...


   English Test for Master Students (A) Jun.2010 Part I Listening Comprehension (20%) Section A Directions: In this section, you'll hear ten short conversations. After each conversation, aquestion will be asked about what was said. The conversation an ...

职称英语综合A级第13讲 完形填空(二)

   环球网校:视频授课+名师答疑+在线模考+内部资料,考试通过无忧! 考试问吧,有问必答! 考试问吧,有问必答! 音频,讲义网校免费提供,如有贩卖勿上当,免费咨询:400-678-3456 转 601 On the Net Friends Come and Go, Talking of... The young woman was visibly "What's up?" I 2 . 1 and clearly wanted to get something off her ...


   辛苦帮你找的哦,希望对你有用 另,本人就是英语专业毕业的翻译,有不明白的可以留言问我。 如何成为一名优秀的英语翻译者?做一个出色的翻译, 必须有良好的中英文基础, 突破听力要听够 1200 小时. 听、说、读、写是英语学习的四项基本功。作为一名翻译,重要的是听说读。 听, 要苦练, 尤其是对有特殊音和语速极快的情况, 练听力, 听的内容并不重要, 只是练技 巧;说,对人的嗓音有要求,说话要有底气;读,除英文小说之外,要关注时事 新闻,特别是有关新闻的报道。 从早上起来到晚上休息,不停地听磁带 ...


   河北省专业在职研究生培训学校 2012 年 1 月份攻读硕士学位全国联考 英语能力考试试题(1A) Section I Use of English 倾尽全力传播和创新管理知识 Directions: Read the following text. Choose the best word(s) for each numbered blank and mark A, B, C or D on Answer Sheet 1. (10 points) Imagine fishermen wal ...