II 初中英语八年级(上)学案 初中英语八年级( Unit Two What’s the matter? Period Four (section B 3a,3b,self check 1,
  2) ClassNameNo. (一)学习目标 主备人:徐凤菊 副备人:朱秀云
  1. 朗读本课中出现的单词和词组
  2. 朗读并运用 way traditional believe balance yin yang weak angry medicine western everybody get few important moment until hear a healthy lifestyle traditional Chinese doctors, a balance of yin and yang, too much yin,to eat a balance diet (二)课前预习
  1. 划出下列单词和词组:way traditional believe balance yin yang weak angry medicine western everybody get few important moment until hear 预习情况交流
  1. 将课前准备中的情况与同学进行交流
  2. 讨论预习中遇到和存在的问题 (教师点拨)
  3. 语言点导学
  1. Eating DangShen and Huangqi herbs is also good for this . 吃党参和黄芪对这也有好处。句中 eating Dangshen and Huangqi 为动名词作主语,谓语动 词为单数。例如: Reading books in the morning helps us study better. Doing homework on time is a good habit . 试翻译:跑步对我们的健康有好处。 healthy food 等词,
  3. 进一步巩固 You should do sth. You shouldn’t do sth. 和句型 give others advice。

  2. It’s easy to have a healthy lifestyle . 句中不定式 to have a healthy lifestyle 为真正的主语,为使句子平衡故将它放在后面。it 作形 式上的主语来代替它。Eg. It’s important to learn English . It’s interesting to watch TV on weekends . 你能在文中找出一个类似的句子吗?
试翻译:按时做作业对我们来说是重要的。 for us on time .
  3. I don’t think I’m improving .我认为我没有提高 。 句中 I don’t think 为主句, improving 为从句。 I’m 当从句为否定句时, 就像本句一样将否定前移 否定前移。 否定前移 类似的动词还有 believe 。 例如:我认为玛丽没有做作业。 你不能说:I think Mary didn’t do her homework . IV. 根据汉语或首字母写出正确的英语单词,使句意完整: 5%

  1. “It’s fine today. Let’s go out for a walk.”
“That’s a good (主意).”

  2. You should have a drink when you are (口渴).
  3. .I have a sore (咽喉), I can’t sing today
  4. .They are not here at the (瞬间).
  5. .Don’t get (使紧张) out. You should listen to some music.
  6. You should look after your h .
  7. His son has a h.
  8. The little boy eats too much, he has a s
  9. Yesterday I had a bad c, so I didn’t go to school.
  10. Take the m, you’ll feel better soon.
  1. 阅读整篇 3b,回答下列问题
  1) What is the passage about?
  2). What should you do if you have too much yin?
  3). What should you do if you have too much yang?
  4). Is it important to have a balanced diet? (三)课内导学
  1.检查预习情况 a. Read the words and phrases(朗读单词和词组 way traditional believe balance yin yang weak angry medicine western everybody get few important moment until hear a healthy lifestyle traditional Chinese doctors, a balance of yin and yang, too much yin, eat a balance to diet healthy food 等词,
  2. Listening and read. (3a)
  3. Finish 3b Are you tired? (四) 当堂训练
  1.写作训练 Do you have a cold? (五)学后反思 It’s easy to have a healthy lifestytle, and it’s important to eat balanced diet. 学英语是困难的。 打篮球是有趣的。 (六)课后作业 I. 单项选择(15分) ( )
  1. Is your brother good science? A. with B. for C. at D. to ( )
  2. not easy for me to speak English. A. I'm B. There's C. It's D. That's
( )
  3. Zhongshan Park is than the people's Park. A. much beautiful B. too beautiful C. more beautiful D. beautiful ( )
  4. What's with our computer? A. matter B. the wrong C. the matter D. trouble ( )
  5. is the party? At eight o'clock. A. What B. Why C. When D. How ( )
  6. Thanks a lot for me to join you. A. ask B. asked C. asking D. asks ( )
  7. the students in our class walk to school every day. A. The most B. Most of C. Most D. The most of ( )
  8. When we heard the good news, we felt . A. happy B. happily C. more happily D. more happier ( )
  9. --Do Liu Li and Liu Ying __, Mary? --Yes, they do. A. look same B. look the same C. look like D. look the same as ( )
  10. Do you think bread is very popular in China? . A. Yes, I am B. No, I don't think so. C. No, I think it isn't D. Yes, I think they do. ( )
  11. do you play table tennis? Twice a week. A. How long B. How often C. How much D. How many ( )
  12. If you are thirsty, you should A.eat a lot of food B. drink a lot of water C. lie down and rest D. exercise ( )
  13. You shouldn’t eat 24 hours. A.something in B. nothing for C. anything for D. everything at ( )14 We should eat more vegtables to health. A. give B. need C. stay D. bring ( )
  15. Could you give me ? A. an advice C.some advice B. advices D. some advices
( )
  16. We have homework to do. A. many B. a lot of C. a lot D. a lots of ( )
  17. You look tired, you should have a good rest for days. A. a few B. few C. little D. a little running, swimming and ping-pong. ( )
  18. He often plays sports, ,
A.for an example B. for examples C. for example D. for the example ( )
  19. He worked late eleven o’clock yesterday. A. after 2 句型转换
  1. She never gets to school late. (划线提问) B. until C. Since D. in
she to school late?
  2. Jim has a stomachache. (同上) the matter Jim?
  3. To eat a balanced diet is very important. (用 it 作主语) very important eat a balanced diet.
  4. Lin Tao does his homework every evening.(划线提问) Lin Tao every evening
  5. He always helps others.(改为否定句) He helps others.
  3. 根据所给情景完成下列对话,每空一词。(10 分) A: Good afternoon, Mrs Brown!What can I do (
  1)you? B: Good afternoon, Doctor. I'm not (
  2) well. A: What's the (
  3)with you? B: My head hurts. A: Do you have a (
  4)? B: No. My temperature seems to be (
  6). A: Open your (
  7)and say "Ah". B: Ah! A: You'd better stay in (
  8)for a day (
  9)two. And take this medicine twice a day. B: (



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