三、阅读理解 (A) It' s Sunday morning. There are many people in the park, some boys are playing basketball. There are some girls under a big tree. They' re singing and dancing. What are those women doing? They are drinking tea. Look at the woman in a blue coat. Who' s she? She' s my mother. She is talking to Edward. Edward is her student. He is a good student. He studies hard . He' s good at all the subjects. And he' s friendly to all his teachers and his friends. ( )
  1. The boys are in the park. A. singing B. playing basketball C. dancing D. drinking ( )
  2. What are the women doing? . A. singing B. dancing C. drinking tea D. crying ( )
  3. - What color is my mother' s coat?It's . A. blue B. white C. red D. yellow ( )
  4. My mother is . A. a teacher B. an office C. a doctor D. a woman ( )
  5. My mother’s talking with her . A. friend B. brother C. student D. son (B) Bill is from Australia. He lives in Sydney. He can speak French and English, but he can' t speak Chinese. He has a pen pal in the United States. Her name is Lisa and she lives in New York. Bill' s favorite sport is basketball and he can play the guitar. Lisa' s favorite sport is tennis. She can't play the guitar, but she can play the piano and sing very well. ( )
  1.Bill is from . A. Australia B. France C. the United States D. the UK ( )
  2. Lisa is an . A. Chinese B. American C. English D. Japanese ( )
  3. What languages does Bill speak? A. Chinese B. French C. English D. B and C ( )
  4. What is Bill' s favorite sport? A. tennis B. volleyball C. soccer D. basketball ( )
  5. Which sentence is NOT right? A. Bill has a pen pal in the USA. B. Bill can play the piano and Lisa can play the guitar. 不同的) C. Bill and Lisa like different (不同的 sports. 不同的 D. Lisa lives in New York.
四、完形填空 My friend Tony is an American his family in China now. There are 3 1 He is ten years old. He lives 2
people in his family; his mother Mrs
Green, his father Mr. Green and his little sister Amy. He has a white cat. 4 name is Betty. Look! Amy is playing 5 ! Betty. His father, Mr. Green, is
watc?hing TV. His mother is doing housework. What about Tony? He is doing 6 Chinese homework.. He can't 7 Chinese well, but he likes Chinese
very much. Tony's 8 9 ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( (
works in a TV station. His father works in a school as an to the same school. C. cat B. after B. three B. Her B. with B. it's B. tell B. mother B. Japanese B. goes C. sister C. English C. going C. with C. four C. It's C. from C. a C. speak D brother D. Australian D. to go D. five D. Its D. at D. his D. talk D. dog D. in
teacher. Tony and his sister 10 )
  1. A. girl )
  2. A. on )
  3. A. two )
  4. A. His )
  5. A. to )
  6. A. her )
  7. A. say )
  8. A. father )
  9. A. Chinese )
  10. A. go B. boy



   牛津初中英语八下单词 (汉语默写打印版 在某种程度上,在某些方面 未围上的,开阔的 有点儿 孤独的,寂寞的, 不时地,偶尔 投,扔,掷 特别,尤其 丈夫 采访,会见 反义词 不健康的 倒霉的 使人不愉快的,讨厌的 修补 句子 (用于否定句和疑问句)还(未) U2 象征 极好的,美妙的 主题公园 包括,包含 鲸 喷泉 过山车,环滑车 速度 (乘车或骑车的)短途旅程 例如 可爱的 表演者 挥手 前进,行进 鼓掌 三维,立体 魔法 派,馅饼 城堡 闪闪发光的 总共,共计 激动 后缀 伤害 有害的 ...


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英语口语8000句第六章 国外旅游时使用的短句(三十二 在外用餐时)

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   两小时掌握学英语的秘诀 作者:张少强 制作人:小米 说明:在书店偶然遇见了这本书,我读后,自我感觉对英语有了一个全新的认识。我想,好东西总是和大家分享才更快乐,所以就制作了这个电子版的图书,希望大家看完后觉得好的话,就去书店支持正版哦! 致读者 为什么众多国人苦学英语十年,却仍在抱怨自己的英语水平很差? 为什么有的人仅通过六个月的努力,其英语水平就发生脱胎换骨的变化? 答案非常简单:掌握正确的学习方法是一切学习的首要任务! 阅读本书大约需要两个小时,但却可以让你的英语学习发生翻天 ...