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( )
  1.when did you finish [] the book?
A readed B reading C read D to read
( )
  2.-what does Mr li do ?
-He []
A is reading B is in a factory C is a teacher D comes from the USA
( )
  3.The teacher told the students that the sun [] eight planets(行星).
A has B have C is D are
( )
  4.How [] is it [] your home to school?
A long from B far from C long away D far away
( )
  5.telephone has made it [] for people to talk with each other from different countries.
A easier B quicker C difficult D faster
( )
  6.Mary never lives in madrid,[] she?
A is B does C isn't D doesn't
( )
  7.My father isn't at home now. He [] to hong kong.
A goes B went C has been to D has gone to
( )
  8.At the [] news,the family get [].
A excited;excited B exciting;exciting C excited;excting D exciting;excited
( )
  9.The boy threw away the apple after [] a banana.
A got B get C getting D geting
( )
  10.I'm sure you'd rather she went to school by bus,[]?
A hadn't you B wouldn't you C aren't you D didn't you
( )
  11.As you can see,the number of cars [] rising(增长)these days.
A was keeping B keep C keeps D were keeping
( )
  12.The kids followed their teacher [] into their classroom.
A walk B walking C walked D to walk
( )
  13. I'm feeling hot .Would you mind [] the window?
A open B opening C close D closing
( )
  14. How did lin feng make the baby []?
A stop to cry B stop crying C to stop to cry D to stop crying
( )
  15. -May I use your bike?
-Sorry,[] has borrowed it.
A others B somebody else C else soebody D somebody other
Do you think of your parents? "Yes,of course."you may answer,"I buy present for my mother on [1].
And I give my father a present on Father's Day,[2]." Then what about the other days of a year? Always
[3] to think of your parents, not just on some important days.
I have a friend who [4] alone,because her parents live in another city. One day I went to see her.We
had a nice chat(聊天).Then she wanted to make a [5].She dialed the number ,but then she put the phone
[6].After about ten seconds,she dialed again,"Hi,mom......"
Later I asked,"Why did you dial the number [7]?" She smiled,"My parents are old.They can't get close
to the telephone [8].I just want to give them [9] time to answer the call."
My friend is a good girl.She is always [10] her parents.You also want to be a good child,right? So why
not learn from her?
( )
  1.A.Father's Day B.Mother's Day C.Teachers' Day D.Children's Day
( )
  2.A.too B.also C.either D.yet
( )
  3.A.refuse B.forget C.decide D.remember
( )
  4.A.live B.lives C.lived D.living
( )
  5.A.face B.card C.call D.cake
( )
  6.A.up B.off C.down D.on
( )
  7.A.once B.twice C.several times D.many times
( )
  8.A.lonely B.slowly C.quietly D.quickly
( )
  9.A.less B.little C.enough D.a lot
( )
  10.A.thinking about B.laughing at C.picking up D.looking for
The idea of Father's Day started in 19
  09.A woman named Sonora Dodd first thought about it. She wanted to
giveher father a special day. Her mother died while she was giving birth to the sixth child. Her father
raised the baby and his other five children on a farm. When Sonora Dodd bacame an adult,she understood how
kind and loving her father had been.Her father was born in June. So she chose to held the first Father's Day
celebration on June 19th,19
Since 1966 the third sunday in June has bacome a national Father's Day in America.In early times,people
wore roses to show respect for fathers.Today Americans celebrate it in many different ways.
( )
  1.Sonora Dodd thought about starting a special day for father while she was still a child.
( )
  2.Sonora Dodd held the first celebration in June,19
( )
  3.After more than 50 years,Sonora Dodd's wish came true.
( )
  4.In the past ,many different ways were used to show respect for fathers on Father's Day.
( )
  5.The text tells us something about the history of Father's Day in America.

  1)Airplane History Museum
Be careful.The museum is so big that you are easy to get lost.
Open time: 8:30am to 12:00am and 2:00pm to 5:00pm
Admission:$4;Children under 5 years old get in for free.

  2)Dabieshan People's Squre
Want to see your favurite pop singer? Come on!
Time:7:00pm Nov.7th

  3)Welcome to our club
Music lesson price:$100 Dance lesson price:$50 Art lesson price:60
( )
  1.You can see your favorite singer in []
A.Dabieshan People's Squre B.the club C.Airplane History Museum
( )
  2.We can't learn [] in the club.
A.Music B.Art C.English
( )
  3.If you want to have music and dance lessons,you have to pay [].
A.$100 B.$150 C.$180
( )
  4.People can visit the museum at [] every day.
A.1:00pm B.3:00pm C.7:00pm
( )
  5.[] can get in the museum for free.
A.An adult B.A student C.A child under 5 years old
It's the end of this term(学期). Teachers gave the children their report card(成绩单) and said goodbye.
David and Sue went home together.David said ,"Sue ,you are lucky,you always have a good report." When they
got home,they gave their father the cards."Mm,Sue works well."said the father,then he begun to read David's report
"He doesn't work hard,and is sometimes lazy." David's face turned red.Then the father looked at the report again,
"I haven't read it all.It says'but this year,his work is good'.That is nice.So how long will your holiday
last?" "Eight weeks." said the children."Then let's go to Hawaii(夏威夷) on vacation."said the father.
( )
  1.From the passage,we are sure that []
A.David was as old as Sue. B.David didn't study as well as Sue.
C.David and Sue were classmates.
( )
  2.The children gave their [] to their father.
A.schoolbags B.books C.report cards
( )
  3.The holiday would last about []
A.two months B.one month C.three months
( )
  4.David's report card said []
A.he doesn't work hard and his work is not good.
B.he works hard and his work is good
C.he doesn't work hard but his work is good
( )
  5.Which is not true?
A.The teacher didn't think David was woking hard.
B.David's father was still angry about him.
C.David would go to Hawaii on vacation.
Sunshine Cinema in Sunshine Town is now showing a film called The World of Dinosaurs.It is an amazing film
which brings dinosaurs(恐龙) alive on screen.A baby dinosaur is chosen to be the future king(国王) of dinosaur
family.The film is suitable for(适合于) all ages.
Tales of Old Beijing is now showing at Olympic Cinema in Olympic Village.It is a documentary(纪录片) which
is suitable for all ages.It tells the story of a family that once lived in hutongs.
Love Boat is shown at ABC Cinema in Moonlight Town .It is a horror(惊悚的) film that is not suitable for
children.It is about a rich woman falls in love with a man,but is killed by the man in boat.
The ticket price is $15,but there is a special price on Tuesdays and before 6:00pm on Saturdays.

  1.How many films are showing in cinemas?

  2.Where is Olympic Cinema?

  3.Which two films are suitable for all ages?

  4.How much does a ticket cost?

  5.When do you know there's special price for films?
  1.Tom woke up in the middle of the night and saw something was in his garden.][
  2.It seems to be moving towards the
house.]That's a thief(小偷)! He thought ,and took his gun(枪) and shot(射击) at him.Then he went back to bed,
because [
  3.他如此害怕,以至于他不能在黑暗中走出屋子。]The next morning he went out and saw one of his shirts handing
on the clothes line in the garden.Now it had a bullet-hole(弹孔) right through middle of it.
"My God,"said Tom,"[
  4.我昨晚太幸运了。]If I had been wearing that shirt ,the bullet would have killed me!"[
  5. He
called his neighbours(邻居) and asked them to thank God for saving him together.]





A.Did you enjoy yourself there?
B.The same to you.
C.When did you come back?
D.I'd love to .
E.How long have you stayed in China?
F.How are you doing this morning?
G.I haven't see you for weeks.
A:Good morning.
A:I'm doing great.Thank you.[2]
B:I've been to China .I came back yesterday.
A:I see.[3]
B:Very much. Shall I show you any of my photos?
A:[4].But I must go now .Have a nice day!
B:[5].I hope to see you soon. Goodbye.
A:I do too.Goodbye!

  1.[ ]
  2.[ ]
  3.[ ]
  4.[ ]
  5.[ ]



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