1)to get on (
  2)to get off (
  3)to put on (
  4)to take off (
  5)to call up (
  6)to turn on (
  7)to turn off (
  8)right away (
  9)to pick up (
  10)at once

  1. to get on : (to enter, board) 【说明:】to get on(搭乘,上车) 动词get的用法很多,常常在后面接用各种不同的介系 词或副词而形成意义不同的习语。这里的on是介系词,后面的bus和subway用作 它的受词。如果on作副词用,则有进步,相处甚好,与年事已长的意思。 【例:】(
  1) I always get on the bus at 34th Street. 我总是在34街搭乘公共汽车。 (
  2) William gets on the subway at the same station every morning. 威廉每天早晨在同一车站搭乘地下火车。
  2.to get off : (to leave, descend from) 【说明:】to get off (下车)与上面的get on相反。Get off也有好些其它的意义,如寄 出,离开等。下车也可以用alight from或get out of a carriage或motor car, 不过下电车或公共汽车多用get off . 【例:】(
  1) Helen got off the bus at 42nd Street. 海伦在42街下公共汽车。 (
  2) At what station do you usually get off the subway? 你通常在那一站下地下火车?
  3.to put on: (to place on oneself-said particularly of clothes) 【说明:】 to put on (穿,戴)特别指穿衣服、穿鞋、戴帽、戴眼镜也用这个成语。英文 中还有wear和dress二字也是穿的意思。可是wear是继续的动作,表示穿着的状 态,而put on是一时的动作。下面两个句子都是错的: I shall wear my overcoat before I go out (应用put on). In such cold weather I put on my overcoat all day (应用wear).dress后面的受词一定是人,如 dress a child, dress oneself, be dressed in white, Get up and dress quickly. (快点起来穿好衣服。)
  1) Mary put on her hat and left the room. 玛丽戴上她的帽子就离开这屋子。 (
  2) Why is John putting on his hat and coat? 约翰为什么穿衣戴帽呢?
  4.to take off : (to remove-said also of clothes) 【说明:】to take off (脱去)与put on 的意义相反,指脱去衣物鞋帽.民可以用put off, 但较不通用。 【例:】(
  1) John took off his hat as he entered the room. 约翰在这屋时脱下他的帽子。 (
  2) Is Helen taking off her coat because it is too warm in the room? 海伦是不是因为室内太暖和而脱去她的外衣呢?
  5.to call up: (to telephone) 【说明:】to call up (打电话给……)后面一定要有受词,也就是接电话的人。如果受词 是代名词的话,常插在call与up 之间。 【例:】 (
  1) I forgot to call up Mr. Jones yesterday although I promised to call him up exactly at three o’clock. 我昨天忘记打电话给钟斯先生,虽然我答应了在三点钟的时候打电话给他 的。 (
  2) Did anyone call me up while I was out? 我出去的时候有人打电话来找我吗?
  6.to turn on : (to start, begin) 【说明:】to turn on (扭开,打开)指扭开电灯,电炉,电扇,煤气等的按钮或开关,以 及自来水的水龙头等而言。开电灯也可以用put on the light. 【例:】(
  1) Please turn on the light. This room is dark. 请你扭开电灯,这房间太黑暗了。 (
  2) Someone turned on the radiator in this room while we were out. 我们外出时,有人把房内的电炉扭开了。
  7.to turn off : (to stop, terminate extinguish) 【说明:】to turn off (关闭,停止)指扭熄电灯,关闭无线电、自来水等。关灯也可 以用put out the light.
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  1) Please turn off the light. We do not need it now. 请把电灯关了,我们现在不需要它。 (
  2) Shall I turn off the radio or are you still listening to it? 我可以把收音机关掉吗,你是不是还要收听呢?
  8.right away : (immediately, at once, very soon) 【说明:】right away (立刻,马上)为美国口头语,没有immediately与at once正式, 系一副词片语,与right now (exactly now )的意思相仿。 【例:】(
  1) She says that dinner will be ready right away. 她说晚餐马上就准备好了。 (
  2) Can William come to my office right away? 威廉能够立刻就到我的办公室来吗?
  9.to pick up : (to take-especially with fingers) 【说明:】to pick up (拾起,拣起)尤指用手指把东西拿起业而言。To pick up还有 很多 其它的用法。如 ①让人搭便车: The motorist picked up a couple of servicemen along the highway . (这个乘汽车的人在公路上让两个军人搭乘便车。) ②听会,自然学会,(言语,游戏等): He never studied French; what he knows he picked up while living in France. (他从来没有学过法文;他所知道的是他住在法国的时候听会的。) ③捉住,逮捕,萍水相逢便行订交,选出: I picked up London last night. (昨晚我在无线电听到了伦敦的播音。) 【例:】(
  1) John Picked up the newspaper which was on his desk. 约翰把书桌上的报纸拿了起来。 (
  2) Why didn’t you pick up that pencil which lay on the floor? 你为什么不把地板上的那枝铅笔拾起来呢?
  10.at once: (immediately, very soon, right away) 【说明: at once (立刻, 】 马上) 为一级通用的副词片语, 也可以作为同时(simultaneously)
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解,如:This book is at once interesting and instructive.(此书既有趣 又有益。) 【例:】(
  1) He asked me to come to his office at once. 他请我立刻就到他的办公室去。 (
  2) I want you to send this telegram at once. 我希望你马上把这电报发出去。
  1)to wait for (
  2)at last (
  3)as usual (
  4)to find out (
  5)to look at (
  6)to look for (
  7)all right (
  8)right here (
  9)little by little (
  10)tired out (
  11)to call on (
  12)Never mind
  1.to wait for : (to expect, await) 【说明:】to wait for (等候,期待)可以说等于await, wait通常都作不及物动词用, 如果后面有受词,切不可少用介系词for await为及物动词,后面不可用介系 词,但是没有wait普遍。Wait也可用作及物动词,如: ① wait one’s chance或opportunity(等机会); ② Don’t wait dinner for me.(晚饭不要等我) 【例:】 (
  1) We will wait for you on the corner of Broadway and 86th Street. 我们将在百老汇及86街转角处等你 (
  2) We waited for him for more than an hour and finally left. 我们等了他一个多小时,然后才离开。
  2.at last : (finally) 【说明:】at last(最后,终于)为一副词片语,与at first意义相反。也可以用at long last, 可是语气较强,而且有点英国味道。 【例:】(
  1) We waited and waited and at last John arrived. 我们等了又等,后来约翰终于来了。 (
  2) Has he finished that work at last? 他最后把那工作做完了吗?
  3.as usual : (as always, customarily)
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【说明:】as usual(照常,照例,仍然)作副词用,其意为as is (was ) usual 和往 常一般。usual 是形容词,不可用usually. 【例:】(
  1) Henry is late for class again as usual. 亨利像平常一样上课又迟到了。 (
  2) As usual Helen won first prize in the swimming contest. 海伦在游泳比赛中仍然获胜。
  4.to find out: (to get information, discover, learn)
  4.to 【说明:】to find out(得悉,发现,查明)与find略有不同,find out指故意去寻而 寻出。 【例:】(
  1) I was unable to find out the name of the man who called. 我想不出那个打电话来的人的名字。 (
  2) Will you please try to find out for me what time that train arrives? 能否请你替我查明火车什么时候到达?
  5.to look at : (do direct the eyes toward, watch) 【说明: to look at (眼睛望着, 】 注视)亦可解释为考虑, (consider, investigate) 调查 , 如:The judge said that he would look at the matter of the widow’s right to the property. (法官说他将考虑寡妇对这财产的权利。)look 一般都用作不及物动作, 与许多不同的介系词结合而形成各种意义不同的 片误。Look at 与see 并不相同,see的意思是看到,往往是无意的,上 面两句里的look at 都不可改用see。 【例:】(
  1) The teacher told us to look at the blackboard and not at our books. 教师教我们注视黑板,不要看着我们的课本。 (
  2) I like to walk in the park and look at the stars at night. 晚上我喜欢在公园里散步,仰望着天上的群星。
  6.to look for : (to search for, seek) 【说明:】to look for (寻觅,搜寻)也有期望,盼望的意思,如I don’t look for much profit from the business. (我并不期望从生意中得到优厚的利益。) 【例:】(
  1) He has spent an hour looking for the pen which he lost. 他已经花了一个钟头去寻找他失去的钢笔了。 (
  2) I have lost my gloves. Will you help me look for them?
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  7.all right : (satisfactory, correct) 【说明:】all right (满意,可以,没关系)用作形容词,和美国人的意思相仿,为 日常口头语。有很多的英美人用all right, 可是也有许多人认为不该用它。 【例:】(
  1) He said that it would be all right to wait in this office for him. 他说在这办公室里等他就好了。 (
  2) Will it be all right with you if I give you that money tomorrow instead of today? 如果我把今天应该给你的那笔钱明天给你,可以吗?
  8.right here, right there, right now, etc : (exactly here, exactly there, etc.) 【说明:】right here(就在这儿),right there(就在那儿),right now(现在立 刻)为日常口头语,right是副词,它的意思是exactly precisely, just,immediately,把here, there, now等的范围缩小了。还有right away 与right off都是立刻,马上的意思。 【例:】(
  1) He said that he would meet us right here on this corner. 他说他将在这转角处跟我们碰面。 (
  2) Right then I saw very clearly that he was not telling the truth. 那时我就看得很清楚,他没有说实话。 (
  3) Let’s do it right now. 让我们现在就做这件事吧!
  9.little by little : (gradually, by degrees, slowly) 【说明:】little by little(逐渐,慢慢地)为副词片语,指每次都是一点,因而有 逐渐, 慢慢地的意思。 【例:】(
  1) If you study regularly each day, little by little your vocabulary of English words will increase. 如果你每天有规律地学习,你的英文字汇将逐渐增加。 (
  2) His health seems to be improving little by little. 他的健康似乎慢慢地好转了。
  10.tired out : (extremely tired)
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【说明:】tired out(非常疲倦)为形容词片语,tired是由过去分词转成的形容词, 表示 由于精力被消耗得很多,因而觉得疲倦。Out是副词作thoroughly, completely, entirely解,用以形容tired. 【例:】(
  1) I have worked very hard today and am tired out. 我今天很辛苦地工作,所以累极了。 (
  2) He was tired out after his long trip to California. 至加利福尼亚州长途旅行归来后,他觉得非常疲倦。
  11.to call on : (to visit) 【说明:】to call on (拜望,访问)意思是过访,小竭。On也可upon后面的受词一定 是人,如果访问某一个地方,则用call at. Call on还有好些别的意思,如 He called on all his friends to help him. 这儿的call on应解释为要 求,求助于。 【例:】(
  1) Last night several friends called on us. 昨晚有几个朋友来看我们。 (
  2) How many salesmen call on Mr. Evans every day? 每天有多少推销员拜访伊文思先生呢?
  12.Never mind : (do not mind, do not pay any attention to it.) 【说明:】never mind(不要紧,不必介意)为礼貌用语。Mind作动词用作介意解。 【例:】(
  1) “Never mind!” she said when I offered to open the window for her. 当我提出要为她打开窗子时,她说,不要紧! (
  2) when William wished to return the money which he owed you why did you say: “Never mind! What until next week when you receive your salary.” 当威廉要还他所欠你的借款时,你为什么说:“不要紧!等到下星期你领 到薪水再还好了”。
  1) to pick out (
  2)to take one’s time (
  3)to talk over (
  4)to lie down
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  5)to stand up (
  6)to sit down (
  7)all day long (
  8)by oneself (
  9)on purpose (
  10)to get along (
  11)to make no difference (
  12)to take out
  1. to pick out : (to choose, select) 【说明:】to pick out (挑选,拣选)多指购物时的挑选而言。out 用作副词,形容及 物动词pick. 【例:】(
  1) I want to pick out some new ties to give as Christmas presents to my friends. 我要选些新领带



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