范文:一次体育课 A PE Lesson 下面是某节体育课的有关情况,请你据此写一篇日记。
  1.时间:5 月 28 日,星期一,下午。
  3.项目:跳远(jump) 。
  4.过程: (
  1)打上课铃时就在操场集合; (
  2)做准备活动(warming?upexercises) ; (
  3)听老师讲解并示范; (
  4)我因心情紧张而失败; (
  5)不灰心,反复练习; (
  6)终于跳过了 3 米。
  5.体会:只要有恒心(perseverance)就一定能成功。 注意:
  3.词数 100 左右。 A PE Lesson May 28th Monday Cloudy This afternoon we had a PE lesson. Our teacher taught us to practise the long jump. When the bell rang,we gathered on the playground. After warming-up exercises,the teacher told us the way of long jump and showed us how to do it. Then we followed the teacher and practised one after another. Soon came my turn,but I felt a hit nervous. Though I failed the first time,yet I didn't lose my heart. I kept on practising. At last I was able to jump over 3 meters. From this lesson I came to see that one will succeed if he has perseverance.
范文:写给母亲的感谢信 My dearest Mother, The mother's day is coming and I would like to say “Happy mother's day” in this letter. I love you and thank you so much for everything you did for me. This day,I will stay away and can't give you my appreciation at home. I know I will watch myself, don't worry about me. I am doing very so well on my study. My schoolmates and teachers are all very nice. Though I can't be at home, I hope you have a wonderful mother's day. Love, Your son
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Dear mother : I am writing to express my deepest thanks to you in Mother's Day, dear mother, devote all you of your energy and blood to our . you do not have any complaint about my brother and i.You love our though various different approaches such as study, work and life, consequently, held on the our belief that the mother is only lover .please accept our appreciate again I hope that you have happiness everyday. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Mum: Such is sons' nature,I really do not know how to express my thanks to you. However,I can imagine,on the day 18 years ago,when you gave birth to me,what a complex feeling you had. In every day you struggle me up in the morning and prepare breakfast for me, then the past few years, in the afternoon,you always welcome your only son with delicious foods after a day’s hardwork. Now your son has been 18 and will go to university soon,like a bird is leaving its parents. Nevertheless,your footprints on my heart will never ever fade and??I love you mum!
范文:介绍校内配套设施 I am very glad to show you around. As you can see,my school is very small. It has only one building which is built like a ring. It has four floors in all. On the first floor are the offices of leaders. The classrooms and the offices of teachers are on the other three floors. On the second floor,there is a reading room. In front of the building is the playground.
1楼 中学生该不该上网 最近你们学校要举行一次“中学生该不该上网”的讨论。你是赞成者之一,认为我们不应该因 噎废食。请根据下面的内容写一篇发言篇。 要求:字数 100 词左右 注意:不要逐句翻译。 要点提示:
  1. 看国内外新闻,获取信息。
  2. 发 e-mail,打电话。
  3. 上网络学校,阅读各种书籍,自学外语。
  4. 欣赏音乐,观看体育比赛,玩棋牌等游戏,网上购物,丰富我们的生活。
  5. 提高我们操作电脑的能力 注意事项:
  1. 不要沉湎于(be given to) 上网以免影响生活和学习。
  2. 不要上不健康的网站。 参考范文: In my opinion, the Internet is helpful rather than harmful as someone else thinks. As is known to all, the Internet is playing a more and more important part in our daily life. On the Internet, we can rea d news at home and from abroad and get as much information as we can. We can send e-mails or m ake phone calls to our family as well as to our friends. We can also attend the net school, read many books and even teach ourselves English. We can also enjoy music, watch matches and play comput er games on the Internet. We can even do shopping on line. Besides we can improve our ability to o perate the computer. But we should not be given to the Internet, or we’ll get our life and study destroyed. Besides, we s hould keep off the harmful websites. Anyhow, this doesn’t prevent the Internet becoming our friend . We can’t throw away the apple because of the core, can we?
关于初中毕业计划英语作文 当学校的铃声再次响起的时候,我就要和我的初中生活说再见了。此刻我感觉到如此的累, 以至于我只想回家好好睡一觉。我将像一只飞鸟一样自由,并且可以做我喜欢做的事。放假 期间,我想要干什么呢?当然有很多,但是我最想做的一件事是去提高我的英语。我的英语 是我所有课目中最差的。 我在它上面努力了,但我取得的进步很小。我不擅长读和写,因此我必须在这上面多做一些。 每天早上我将会大声朗读三篇短篇故事,并用英语记日记。我会记住我的英语老师的建议, “如果你想学好英语,最好的方式是每天用它。 ” 初中毕业计划英语作文 When the bell rang again school of time, I will be with my junior high school life say goodbye. At this moment, I felt so tired that I want to go home and have a good sleep. I will be as free as a bird, and can be doing what I love to do. During the holidays, I want to do? Of course, there are many, but I want to do a thing is to improve my English. My English is the worst of all my subjects. I was hard at it, but I have little progress. I'm not good at reading and writing, so I must be doing something in it more. Every morning I will read aloud three short story, and keeps a diary in English. I will remember my English teacher's advice, "if you want to learn English well, the best way is to use it every day."
我熟悉的一个人英语作文 my sister My sister is very beautiful. She has short hair, small eyes, high nose & small mouth. Because she likes study, she studies very well. She likes English & maths very much. So studies English & maths very well. She likes tidy, so bedroom is very tidy. My sister likes swimming. She swims slower than me. She cooks very well. She can cook delicious dinner. I like eating the food. She is my sister Jenny. My friend My friend is tong(李冰).he has short hair,small eyes,high nose.he likes study,he studies very well. He is a good boy.He likes swimming.He swims slower than me.He cooks very well. He is my good friend. My Mother My mother is a kind & hardworking woman .She has long hair, & big nose. Her eyes look like grapes .She usually get up at seven. Every morning.She cooks breakfast ,she usually goes to work at one. At six,she goes to the super market to buy vegetables.At seven, she cooks dinner.I think she is very tired at that moment. She ofen teaches me how to get along with my studies &encourages me to study hard. My life is colourful.I get up at half past six.I wash my face & brush my teeth .I have breakfast at seven .I usually have bread,milk & noodles for breakfast.I go to school at a quarter past seven .I go to school on foot.At eight , I study math.at nine,I study Chinese , atten ,I study English. I go back home at five .I have dinner at six .I have rice ,meat & cabbges for dinner .Ido homework at seven.I go to bed at nine.我熟悉的一个人英语作文
我的日常生活(My Daily Routine) my daily life routine 介绍我的日常生活 I have the same routine from Monday to Friday. I usually get up at five fifty. Then I have breakfast. At six thirty, I go to school. I don’t ride a bike. I go to school on foot. I have five lessons in the morning. I do morning exercises with my classmates after the second lesson. At eleven thirty, I go home for lunch. In the afternoon, I have three lessons. After class, we often have sports in the playground. At five, I go home. After supper, I do my homework. At about ten, I go to bed. I am happy every day.
关于读书的英语作文-我最爱的一本书 my favorite book/idol/film As a student, we have study for many years. During there years, we study Chinese, English, science and so on. In this period, with the improvement of our knowledge, we not only read the books in class but also read extracurricular after school. In my opinion Dream of the red chamber is the best book I have read. In this book, the great author Cao xueqin his view about love. He had firmly faith in what is the true love and try to tell us that there are different kinds of love, only one kind which should be considered as True Love. In a dream, and under mythical circumstances, the main character of the novel, Jia baoyu, met the Fairy Disenchantment in the Land of Illusions. She showed him three "registers" each containing the names and "the happenings in life" of 12 girls in his clan. Each girl represents a kind of love. From the stories which are unfolding in the novel, the reader should know the characteristics of the different kinds of love, and should be able to distinguish True Love from the other kinds. True love is acceptance, committal, mutual and without any post conditions. The love between Lin daiyu and Jia baoyu is considered to be True Love. Just saying or hearing I love you is not good enough because talk is cheap. Action in mutual commitment is essential, as we can see in the novel. We always have dreams. What’s ours dream? Do you know what you exactly want? And do you work hard for it. In this book, you can taste the feeling of the author about his strong will. In his words, you can find the charm of Chinese. It is not a book, but a precious deposits. You can get a lot from it. But unfortunately, the novel was never "completed" to such a state. On the other hand, maybe, it is another kind of beauty of the book. If you have not read this book yet, just go and read it. You will love it.
初中自我介绍英语作文模板 My name is ....I'm thirteen years old.I come from +某地.I'm in Class One ,Grade One.I'm a sunny girl/boy.I love my teachers and classmates.I love my class,too. There are four people in my family.They are my father,my mother,my sister and I.My father is a worker.He works in the factory.My mother is a doctor.She works in the hospital.They love their work.They work very hard.My sister is a student. We study in the same school.She studies very carefully. My favorite sport is basketball.After school,I often play basketball with my friends. 关于母亲的英语作文 I love my mother very much. Like many other Chinese women, my mother is diligent. She works in a primary school. In order to teach well, she prepares her lectures very carefully and often works so late at night. My mother is very kind and sincere. She gets along with her neighbors and colleagues. When they have difficulties, she is always ready to lend them a helpful hand. Therefore she is loved and respected in our neighborhood. From Joozone.com. Mother often tells me to be honest and upright. She expects me to be useful to the people in the future. Up to now, I still remember her saying: Do as much as you can and you will succeed.
关于人生目标的英语作文 The goal of my life is living a simple happy and healthy life. What I want is a simple life not a complicated one.Because what my job or career offers me are difficult issues which I must handle them properly, and sometimes they are so boring and tedious,but I have to do.So after a day's work, I want to have a break and do some things which would provide me happiness and a harmonious life. It is so simple like that, I have a supper with my families talking some funny and humourous topics, or I sit on grass with who I loved looking at the beautiful sky and counting the numbers of the stars. It is simple, but very harmonious and romantic. I also want to spend sometime on my hobbies,such as playing table tennis,badminton,basketball and so forth.I like sports very much and I believe it will benefit me all my life.What I gained from sports are not only speed,strength and skill but also competitiveness,teamwork and so on.Sports could give me a strong and energetic body and a healthy life. The goals of my life are just written as above,and they will be pursued by myself all my life.
这是一篇关于初中英语作文的作文,是一位同学在父亲节期间写给爸爸的一封信,供同 学们学习参考。 Father's Day Yesterday was Father' Day. I had planned to give my father a present. But I didn' remember s t it until in the morning.It was too late to post a card to him. So I decided to buy something. When I was in the department store. I found it was not easy for me to choose something right for him. Suddenly I got an idea. I ran home and opened my computer. I made a beautiful card and mailed him through the Internet. then I began to make supper. When father came home, he wa



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   英语新闻标题总是力求用有限的字数来表达新闻的内容,为此,在措词上尤其要狠下功夫,选词尽可 能经济达意,简短明了,偏爱选用那些短小精悍或字母最少的动词. 这是因为短小易懂, 形象生动的措词不仅能增强新闻的简洁性和可读性, 而且还能节省版面篇幅. 如表示"破坏"或"损坏"一词意义的动词, 标题一般不用 damage, 而用一些较之简短的词, hit, 如 harm,hurt,ruin 或 wreck 等.又如表示"放弃"这一概念的动词, ...


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