初中英语分类练习 ??连词部分
I. 填入适当的连词。
  1. My brother is ill, I have to stay at home.
  2. The film must be very interesting, many people are buying tickets in line.
  3. My computer is new, it is too expensive.
  4. She felt hungry, she didn’t have breakfast.
  5. A customer came in, I stopped my work.
  6. He has a lot of money, he spends little.
  7. Come here early, you can’t see him.
  8. Take some medicine, you will feel better.
  9. There are a lot of stories about the UFOs, no one knows whether they are true or not.
  10. Put on your coat, you will catch cold.
  11. She got a “C” in English test, she had tried his best.
  12. My little cousin can read write.
  13. Please call me you need my help.
  14. you have a few more days’ rest, you’ll feel better.
  15. my father my mother is a doctor. They are teachers.
  16. I really don’t know it is going to rain or not this afternoon.
  17. You may do it yourself leave it to me.
  18. Hurry up, you’ll miss the next bus.
  19. Li Ming was a brave boy, he had one shortcoming.
  20. It’s a fine day, we have a wonderful time.
  21. I don’t know she can speak Russian or not.
  22. We haven’t decided and we shall meet next time.
  23. That’s they didn’t pass the exam.
  24. you are right, he is.
  25. He read the book remembered what he read. II.选择填空:
  1. They are all new, I’m not. A. and B. but C . so D . or
  2. Is there a letter a postcard ? There’s a letter. A . and B . or C . not D. but
  3.The old woman can’t read write. A . and B . or C . but D . and can
  4. my classmates our class teacher was there then. A . not only…but also… B . both… and…C . Neither… or… D . Either…nor…
  5. Have one more try, you will not succeed. A . and B . or C. then D . but
  6. you are ill, you should go to the clinic right now. A . For B. Though C. Until D. Since
  7. the midnight he waited for his mother.
A. Till B. Since C. Until D. At
  8.the men drivers the woman driver have been to the village. A. Neither…nor… B. Both of…and C. Either…or… D. None of…and…
  9.She is the lady helped the old woman yesterday. A. whom B. which C. what D. who
  10. ?Are your father and mother retired? -Well, of them is. of them are at work. A. both, Neither B. none, All C. neither, Both D. all, None
  11. he felt tired, he still went on working. A. Because, so B. Although, but C. / , so D. Though, /
  12. I’ll offer some bread to Li Ming. Li Ming,, may not want it. A . but B . however C . yet D. still
  13. I looked for my toy, I could not find it. A. But B. Yet C. Because D. However
  14. I don’t know this evening. A. if he will be free B. whether he is free C . when he is free D. when is he free
  15. There’s on the moon. A . no air but water B. not any air or water C . not any air and water D. no air or no water
  16. Lucy has seen the film , Lily hasn’t . A. and B. or C. but D. so
  17. Hurry up , we will miss the trian . A. but B. and C. or D. so
  18. ? I’m going to Hangzhou for a holiday this weekend . ? you are there , can you buy me some green tea ? A. Because B. While C. If D. Though
  19. he was out of the room , he turned back and knocked at the teacher’s door again . A. Before B. Since C. As soon as D. Until
  20. Study hard , you’re sure to have a good result in the exam ! A. but B. and C. for D. or
  21. I’m looking for a babysitter (保姆) . She must be too old too young . A. neither ; nor B. both ; and C. either ; or D. not only ; but also
  22. Which is bigger , the sun the moon ? A. or B. and C. but D. so
  23. Why not look up the new word in a dictionary you don’t know it ? A. if B. that C. though D. whether
  24. all the passengers are here , why don’t we start at once ? A. As soon as B. After C. Now that D. When
  25. He hurt her badly she had to see a doctor . A. too ; that B. so ; that C. either ; or D. too ; to
  26. I can’t understand this passage there are no new words in it . A. if B. because C. though D. and III.把下列句子译成英语: (用括号内连词)
  1. 虽然天已很晚了,但他仍在写作。
  2. 人类没有水和空气就不能活。
  3. 他把这件事告诉我前,没有人知道这件事。

  4. 如你不赶紧,你就要开会迟到。
  5. 他写字不如她仔细。
  6. 我们不仅去了北京,也去了哈尔滨。
  7. 他准是开玩笑,要不他是疯了。
  8. 等他一到我们就去弄点咖啡。
  9. 众所周知,金钱不会从树上长出来的。
  10. 他什么时候到的,我们大家都不知道。 IV.改错: ( )
  1. Not only May but also her sisters was asked to sing some songs. A B C D ( )
  2. Bread and butter in the shop are sold out. A B C D ( )
  3. What I miss most badly are the pleasant hours we spent together. A B C D ( )
  4. Please let me know if he will comes back tomorrow. A B C D V.句子转换:
  1. The boy is too young to go to school. The boy is young he can’t go to school.
  2. I wonder if I will visit her after school. I wonder to visit her after school.
  3. Be brave, and you’ll succeed. you are brave, you will succeed.
  4. Both Li Hun and his parents are going to visit the flower show. Li Hun his parents are going to visit the flower show.
  5. The more you practise speaking, the better your spoken English will be. you practise speaking more, your spoken English will be better.
  6. This shirt is less beautiful than that one. That shirt is beautiful this one.
  7. You didn’t understand it before your father explained it to you. your father explained it to you, you didn’t understand it
  8. Since you feel so tired, you’d better have a good rest. you feel so tired, you’d better have a good rest.
  9. He has lost his bike, so had to buy another one bike. he has lost his bike, he had to buy another one.
  10. If you don’t study harder, you will fail in the test. Study, harder, you will fail in the test. 附加练习
  1. I’d like to go shopping with you, I’m too busy today. A. but B. and C. so D. or
  2. I’m different from my twin sister. I love dancing, she is interested in reading. A. so B. or C. but D. and
  3. Hold on to your dreams, they will come true one day. A. but B. and C. or D .so

  4.-Somebody is waiting outside. He wants to see you. -no one knows I’m here. A. For B. And C. But D. So
  5. I don’t understand the text there are few new words in it. A. so B. because C. if D. though
  6. We didn’t have enough chairs, some of the students had to sit on the floor. A. but B. so C. or D. and
  7. Mrs Wilson came into the classroom, all the children welcomed her A. Whether B. As well as C. If D. As soon as
  9. he isn’t rich enough, he often gives away money to some poor children. A. Though B. When C. Because D. If
  10. our football team failed in the match, we tried our best. A.AS B. Though C. Because
  11.-Would you like to play basketball with us? -Yes, I’d love to. I’m afraid I have no time. A. So B. But C. Or D. And
  12.It was snowing hard we had to stay at home and watch TV. A. that B. so .C. but D. because
  13.-It’s a long story, you can hardly find any new words in it. -Good! it will be too hard for children. A. so, Then B. and, Or C. but, Or D. though, And
  14.Take more exercise, you’ll be healthier. A. and B. or C. but D. then
  15.-You saw the film Harry Potter last night,didn’t you? -Yes, I missed the beginning. A. and B. so C. but D. then
  16.-There are many pictures in the book. -Great! it will be hard for young children to read. A. and B. So C. But
  17. I had invited everybody , only two people came to ma party. A. or B. but C. and D. so
  18. You’ll do much better you’re more careful with your spelling. A. if B. before C. although D. unless
  20.This dress still looks pretty on you , it is out of style. A. though B. but C. since D. if
  21. What should I do I want to be thinner ? A. though B. unless C. but D. if
  22.-Would you please give this MP3 to Mary ? -Sure. I’ll give it to her she come back.. A. before B. as soon as C. till
  23. The question is he won’t listen to anyone. A. that B. whether C. if D. when
  24.-Your picture is wonderful! -I worked for 8 hours I finished it. A. when B. before C. while D. after

  25. Maths is not easy to learn, we must work herder. A. but B. or C. so C. and
  26. Ted tried his best, he caught up with the others at last. A. but B. or C. and D. because
  27. He can’t decide which to choose there is no difference between them. A. but B. so C. because
  28. Mr Huang decided to buy that CD player it was expensive. A. even though B. so that C. because D. as if
  30. A good friend always gives you a helping hand you’re in trouble. A. when B. before C. until D. though
  31. He didn’t know the news his parents told him about it. A. when B. after C. as soon as D. until
  32. he said he wasn’t hungry at all, he ate a big breakfast. A. Unless B. Because C. If D. Though
  33. ?You watched the fashion show last week, didn’t you? - Yes, I missed the beginning. A. or B. so C. and D. but
  34.I will wait he come back, because I have something to tell him. A. until B. before C. when
  35. Take more exercise, you’ll be healthier. A. and B. or C. but
  36. Woke hard, you will fall behind. A. or B. and C. so D. so but
  37. There was smoke that they couldn’t see anything clearly. A. too B. too many C. so much D. so many
  38. The two friends were pleased to see each other that forgot everything. A. so B. too C. very D. much
  39. He had much work to do that he couldn’t go out. A. so B. much C. as D. or
  40. Tom has been in the factory he left school. A. when B. since C. as soon as D. whether
  41. The nurse doesn’t feel well today, she still works very hard. A. but B. and C. or D. when
  42. my mother my sister watches TV plays these days. A. Either, not B. Both, and C. Neither, or D .Neither, nor
  43. Lucy knew nothing about it her sister told her. A. because B. until C. if D. since
  44. I left my umbrella in my room. Could you wait I go back to get it? A. when B. if C. while D. before
  45. Study hard, you will fall behind the other. A. and B. but C. or D. though



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