1. My family There are three people in my family. They are my father, my mother, and I. My father is 38 years old. He is short and a little fat. He has big eyes. He is an English teacher. He is very kind. His students like him very much. He likes playing sports. He often plays badminton with me. My mother is 34 years old. She is thin and tall. I think she is very beautiful. My mother is a housewife. She does housework at home. She cooks very well. She likes watching TV. She likes comedies very much. I’m 11 years old. I’m also thin and tall. I look like my mother. But I wear glasses. I am a student. I’m in Grade
  7. I like reading. I always read books after school. I also like singing and dancing. I like making friends, too. I hope I can make many friends this time. My parents love me and I love them. I always feel very happy in my family.
  2. My friend My best friend is Mary. She is 11 years old. She is my classmate. Mary has long and black hair. Her eyes are very bright. She is a little thin. She is very friendly. Mary has many hobbies. She likes playing badminton, and I like it, too. We often play badminton together after school. She also likes reading. Her favorite book is Harry Potter. I like it, too. Mary plays the piano very well. She often plays the piano on school shows. But I can’t play the piano. I think it’s too hard. On weekends, she often plays computer games. Sometimes we go to the movies together. Mary is a good student. She works very hard. She is good at math. She often helps me with math. I like Mary very much. We are good friends.
  3. My bedroom Look, this is my bedroom. It’s not very big. But it’s beautiful and clean. In the middle of my bedroom, there is a bed. There is a Mickey Mouse on it. Next to the bed, there is a desk. The desk is pink and white. On the right of the desk, there is a bookcase. It’s big and tall. There are lots of books on the bookcase. They are story books, picture books ,history books and so on. Can you see a map on the wall? It’s a map of China. Near the map, there is a clock. It’s my birthday present from my parents. It’s blue and black. It’s very beautiful. After class, I often do my homework and listen to music in my bedroom. There isn’t a TV in my bedroom. But I have many good friends. They are books. I like books very much and I like my bedroom.
  4. Movies I often go to the movies with my friends. I really like action movies. My favorite movie star is Jackie Chan. I think his action movies are very exciting. I think documentaries are boring, and I don’t like thrillers. I think they are scary. I also like Beijing Opera.. Some people don’t like it, but I think it’s very interesting. I think I can lean about Chinese history.
  5. My hobby Different people have different hobbies. For example, some like reading, some like swimming
and some like fishing. My hobby is singing. I almost sing every day. Sometimes I sing on school shows. My favorite singer is Jolin. I often listen to her songs. She has a new song. Its name is “ In My Arms”. I like this song very much. I’m a middle school student. I have a lot of homework to do every day. When I feel tired, I’ll sing a song. Then I can relax myself. I love singing. I feel very happy when I’m singing. I want to be a singer when I grow up.
  6. Dates There are 12 months in a year. In each month, we have some special dates. They are festivals. In January, we have New Year’s Day. It’s on January
  1. In February, we have Valentine’s Day. It’s on February
  14. Women’s Day is in March. It’s on March
  8. On the first day of April, we have a very funny festival. It’s called April Fool’s Day. On that day, you can play jokes on your friends. But be careful! Don’t be an April Fool! May 1 is Labour Day. And June 1 is Children’s Day. July 1 is our Party’s birthday. August 1 is our Arm’s birthday. Teachers’ Day is in September. It’s on September
  10. On that day, we give flowers to our teachers. October 1 is our National Day. Thanksgiving Day is in November. It’s on the fourth Thursday of this month. In the last month, we have Christmas. It’s on December
  25. Oh, I forget to tell you my birthday. It’s June
  9. Ladies and gentlemen, I tell you so many dates. Can you remember them?
  7. Go shopping I like to go shopping. It’s very interesting. There is a small supermarket. It is called “New Star”. I often go shopping in it. They have a lot of things. You can buy school things, like exercise books, rulers, pens, color pencils, erasers and maps. You can buy drinks, vegetables, fruit and all kinds of food. The things in it full of people. They buy a lot of things there. I often go shopping with my mother. We have a good time in the supermarket every time.
  8. My school day On weekdays, I get up at 6:
  30. I have breakfast at 7:00 and then I go to school. I usually go to school by bike. I get to school at about 7:30 every day. I don’t like to be late. Our classes begin at 8:
  00. I have lunch at noon. In the afternoon, classes are over at 3:30, and I get home at about 4:
  00. but sometimes I don’t leave school so early because I play basketball there. Then I get home at 5:
  40. I have supper at about 6:
  00. In the evening I do my homework. I often watch TV, but sometimes I like to do some reading. I go to bed at about 10:
  9. Food I eat lots of healthy food every day. For breakfast, I like eggs, bananas, bread and milk. I often have rice, chicken and potatoes for lunch. For dinner, I have noodles, tomatoes and apples. I think they are good for my health. Jim is my friend. He is not healthy. He doesn’t like vegetables or fruit. He only likes junk food. He thinks junk food is very delicious. For breakfast, he eats French fries. For lunch, he eats
hamburgers and ice cream. For dinner, he likes dessert. I hope he can eat more healthy food. Ladies and Gentlemen, do you eat healthy food every day?
  10.My favorite subject I am a middle school student. I study many subjects at school, such as Chinese, math, English, PE and so on. Of all the subjects, I like English best. I think English is very interesting. And I like my English teacher, Mr. Li. He is very friendly to us. But sometimes he is strict with us. I can speak a little English now. I often speak English with my classmates after class. I have an American friend. Her name is Mary. On weekends, I talk with her on computer. I think it’s really fun. I want to make more friends from other countries. So I’ll try my best to learn English well.
  11.Out-of ?class activities We usually have our out-of-class activities from 4:50 to 5:50 in the afternoon. We have many different kinds of activities. Some students like sports. They can play basketball, badminton, ping-pong and soccer. We also have many clubs. If you like singing, you can join the music club. If you like painting, you can join the art club. If you like speaking English, you can join the English club. I like English, so I’m in the English club. In the club, we often sing English songs, watch English movies, act English plays. I have a good time in the English club. But sometimes I can’t go to the club. Because I have a lot of homework to do. I hope the teachers can give us more time to have out-of-class activities.



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