一、单项选择(每小题 2 分,共计 30 分) 单项选择(

  1. do you about spring? The flowers and the green trees. A. How, like B. How, think C. What, think D. What, like
  2. It’s too hot. Would you mind the door? . Please do it now. A. to open, OK B. opening, Certainly not C. opening, Of course D. to open, Good idea
  3. Do you have enough men to carry these chairs? No. I think we need men. A. another B. other two C. more two D. two more
  4. How beautifully she sings! I have never heard voice. A. the best B. a best C. the better D. a better
  5. There are a lot people today than yesterday. A. of B. / C. most D. more
  6. You worry about your pets. We'll look after them if you are out. A. needn't to B. don't need C. don't need to D. not need to
  7. I don’t think your team can beat theirs. . But we could if Lin Tao were on the team. A. No, we can’t B. Yes, we can’t C. Yes, we can D. No, we can
  8. You seem to like sweets. .That’s probably why I’m becoming fatter and fatter. A. So I do B. So do I C. So am I D. So I am
  9. May I go out with you tomorrow? If your job by then. A. has been finished B. finish C. will be finished D. will finish
  10. Would you like some fruit? No thanks. I don’t feel like anything now. A. to have, to eat B. having, to eat C. having, eating D. to have, eating
  11. The teacher John a good student. A. believes B. knows C. suggests D. considers
  12. Dad, what’s the sea like? Well, it’s large and full of water. It covers about of the earth. A. one third B. three quarter C. three-fourth D. three quarters
  13. Something must be done to stop the farmers cutting down the forest. I agree with you .If we , a lot more good land will be gone with them. A. won’t B. aren’t C. don’t D. mustn’t
  14. The family at the lunch table when someone came to tell them what had happened at . A. were sitting; Mr Brown B. were sitting; Mr Brown’s C. was sitting; Mr Brown D. was sitting; Mr Brown’s
  15. I remember the days I spent with Tom traveling around Beijing. A. that B. what C. when D. in which
二、完形填空(每小题 2 分,共计 40 分) 完形填空(
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A man lived at the foot of a hill. For a long time, he heard of tales of the other side of the hill stories of rich land, 16 weather and beautiful scenery. One day , he was 17 life in his home town and thought it was 18 to improve it, so he packed his bags, left his home and started climbing the hill, 19 to live a better life. The climb was very 20 . The man had to stop to rest many times. At some 21 , hill was very the steep indeed, and he almost wanted to 22 . But his dream of a better life 23 him going. One afternoon, the man came to another steep part of the hill. And at the top stood some thick plants. The same 24 had happened to him many times before. 25 this time it was a little hard to get over it, he surely was able to do it. 26 ,the man was too tired after all those days of 27 and pushing through high plants. He was angry that he still had no results to show, no 28 to enjoy. He just didn’t want to 29 any more. He said to himself , " Maybe life on the other side of the hill is not like what the 30 told. My old home isn’t that 31 anyway.”He finally made his decision, 32 and set off for home. he Actually the man didn’t know that 33 he climbed over that slope(斜坡), could see the other side of the hill and all he had heard about that place was 34 .The man had already done the hard part , but he 35 to stop trying when things were going to get much better. ( )
  16. A. changing B. hot C. great D. cold ( )
  17. A. interested in B. tired of C. surprised at D. nervous about ( )
  18. A. impossible B. necessary C. simple D. right B. beginning C. refusing D. helping ( )
  19. A. wishing ( )
  20. A. boring B. helpless C. difficult D. exciting ( )
  21. A. moments B. situations C. points D. corners ( )
  22. A. get up B. give up C. sit down D. run away ( )
  23. A. stopped B. let C. noticed D. kept ( )
  24. A. trouble B. chance C. story D. illness ( )
  25. A. If B. Because C. When D. Although ( )
  26. A. Besides B. However C. Or D. So ( )
  27. A. running B. playing C. climbing D. waiting ( )
  28. A. drink B. fruits C. food D. time ( )
  29. A. try B. help C. escape D. learn ( )
  30. A. films B. books C. tales D. lessons ( )
  31. A. strange B. terrible C. useless D. dangerous ( )
  32. A. looked around B. turned around C. went on D. slowed down ( )
  33. A. as if B. so that C. as long as D. though ( )
  34. A. false B. true C. funny D. important ( )
  35. A. prepared B. agreed C. chose D. failed
三、阅读理解(每小题 3 分,共计 30 分) 阅读理解(
A Lisa was running late.Lisa,
  25,had a lot to do at work,plus visitors on the way:her parents were But she coming in for Thanksgiving from her hometown. as she hurried down the subway stairs, started to
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feel uncomfortably warm.By the time she got to the platform,Lisa felt weak and tiredmaybe it hadn’t been a good idea to give blood the night before, thought. rested herself against a post close to the she She tracks. Several yards away,Frank,
  43,and his girlfriend,Jennifer,found a spot close to where the front of the train would stop.They were deep in discussion about a house they were thinking of buying. But when he heard the scream,followed by someone yelling,“Oh,my God,she fell in!” Frank didn’t hesitate.He jumped down to the tracks and ran some 40 feet toward the body lying on the rails.“No! Not you!” his girlfriend screamed after him. She was right to be alarmed.By the time Frank reached Lisa,he could feel the tracks shaking and see the light coming.The train was about 20 seconds from the station. It was hard to lift her.She was just out.But he managed to raise her the four feet to the platform so that bystanders could hold her by the grins and drag her away from the edge.That was where Lisa briefly regained consciousness,felt herself being pulled along the ground,and saw someone else holding her purse. Lisa thought she’d been robbed.A woman held her hand and a man gave his shirt to help stop the blood pouring from her head.And she tried to talk but she couldn’t,and that was when she realized how much pain she was in. Police and fire officials soon arrived,and Frank told the story to an officer.Jennifer said her boyfriend was calm on their 40 minute train ride downtownjust as he had been seconds after the rescue, which made her think about her reaction at the time. saw the train coming and I was thinking he “I was going to die,”she explained. ( )
  36.What was the most probable cause for Lisa’s weakness? A.She had run a long way. B.She felt hot in the subway. C.She had done a lot of work. D.She had donated blood the night before. ( )
  37.Why did Jennifer try to stop her boyfriend? A.Because they would miss their train. B.Because he didn’t see the train coming. C.Because she was sure Lisa was hard to lift. D.Because she was afraid the train would kill him. ( )
  38.How did Frank save Lisa? A.By lifting her to the platform. B.By helping her rise to her feet. C.By pulling her along the ground. D.By dragging her away from the edge. ( )
  39.When did Lisa become conscious again? A.When the train was leaving. B.After she was back on the platform. C.After the police and fire officials came. D.When a man was cleaning the blood from her head. ( )
  40.The passage is intended to A.warn us of the danger in the subway B.show us how to save people in the subway
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C.tell us about a subway rescue D.report a traffic accident B Maybe ten-year-old Elizabeth put it best when she said to her father,"But, Dad, you can't be healthy if you're dead." Dad,in a hurry to get home before dark so he could go for a run,had forgotten to wear his safety belt --a mistake 75% of US population make every day.The big question is why. There have been many myths about safety belt ever since their first appearance in cars some forty years ago.The following are three of the most common. Myth the Number One:It's best to be“thrown clear”of a serious accident. Truth:Sorry, but any accident serious enough to “throw you clear”is able going to be serious enough to give you a very bad landing.And chances are that you'll have traveled through a windshield(挡风玻 璃)or door to do it. Studies show that chances of dying after a car accident are twenty?five times in cases where people are“thrown clear”. Myth Number Two:Safety?bets“trap”people in Cars that are burning or sinking in water. Truth: Sorry again,but studies show that people knocked unconscious(昏迷)due to not wearing safety belts have a greater chance of dying in these accidents.People wearing safety belts are usually protected to the point of having in these accidents.People wearing safety belts are usually protected to the point of having a clear head to free themselves from such dangerous situation,not to be trapped in them. Myth Number Three:Safety belts aren't needed at speeds of less than 3 0 miles per hour(mph). Truth:When two cars traveling at 30 mph hit each other,an unbelted driver would meet the windshield with a force equal to diving headfirst into the ground from a height of 10 metres. ( )
  41.Why did Elizabeth say to her father,“But,Dad,you can't be healthy if you're dead”? A.He was driving at great speed. B.He was running across the street. D.He dion't take his medicine on time. C.He didn't have his safety belt on. ( )
  42.The reason father was in a hurry to get home was that he . A.Wasn't feeling very well B.hated to drive in the dark D.didn't want to be caught by the people C.wanted to take some exercise ( )
  43. According to the text, to be "thrown clear" of a serious accident is very dangerous because you . A.may be knocked down by other cars. B.may get serious hurt thrown out of the ear C.may find it impossible to get away from the seat D.may get caught in the car door ( )
  44.Some people prefer to drive without wearing a safety belt because they believe . A.the belt prevents them from escaping in all accident B.they will be unable to think clearly in an accident C.they will be caught when help comes D.cars catch fire easily ( )
  45.What is the advice given in the test? A.Never drive faster than 30 miles an hour. B.Try your best to save yourself in a car accident. C.Never forget to wear the safety belt while driving. D.Drive slowly while you're not wearing a safety belt. 1-5 DBDDD 6-10 CAAAD 11-15 DDCBA 16-20 CBBAC 21-25 ABDAD 26-30 BCCBC 31-35 BBABC 36-40 DDABC 41-45 CCBAC
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