翻译答案 翻译答案
  1.Next time you should come here earlier
  2.You'd better not go swimming alone
  3.Let's discuss the difficult problem now
  4.The box is too heavy for the boy to carry .
  5. Every day it takes my father one and a half hours ( one hour and a half) to go to work .
  6.Look! There is an old man under the tree watching the children playing games .
  7.I found it very difficult to answer the question.
  8.Though they were neither very tall nor very strong, they were a good team.
  9.How are you getting along (on) with your English study ?
  10.The train had left when we got to the railway station .
  11.The old man. has been an English teacher for more than thirty years
  12.She looks worrided because her mother has been ill for some time .
  13.The People's Republic of China was founded on Oct 1st, 1949 .
  14.If you can't understand the text, you may ask your teacher for help .
  15.What's the difference between these two languages ?
  16.We work hard at our so that we can serve the people in the future .
  17.It is said that another hospital has been built in the city .
  18.It's said that there will be a class meeting this afternoon, but you'd better make sure .
  19.She preferred to go with us rather than stay at home .
  20.On Sundays I prefer reading to playing.
  21.The new star was discovered by a Chinese scientist .
  22.He gave us a useful piece of information.
  23.Please bring me two bottles of milk at once.
  24.You'd better not play football in the street.
  25.Has he been sent to work in Tibet?
  26.Great changes have been made in education.
  27. Don't laugh at those who are in trouble.
  28. Would you mind if I shut the window?
  29.After he finished his homework, he went on to write to his parents.
  30.It took him three weeks to finish reading the book.
  31.Don't watch TV in bed.It's bad for your eyes.
  32.After that I was no longer a student .
  33.My friend is famous for his singing .
  34.The more you eat, the fatter you will be.
  35.I knew nothing about it until he told me .
  36.Could you tell me how long it takes by train from Shanghai to Beijing ?
  37.What's the price of a one-way ticket from Beijing to Shanghai ?
  38.I can speak not only English but also French .
  39.He told us such funny stories that we all laughed .
  40.They were amazed at the changes in that city.
  41.They thought highly of their job.
  42.Today people still do the same thing to each other.
  43.To my surprise, he passed the exam at last.

  44.I've warned him about the man .
  45.Football fans are busy watching the World Cup..
  46.We are asked to keep our classroom clean and quiet by the teacher .
  47.Children had better not play computer games too much .
  48.We are sure that China will be even better tomorrow .
  49.Something must be done to stop this kind of accident from happening again.
  50.The mountain is less dangerous than you think.
  51.You must be more careful from now on.
  52.I think this novel is one of the best I've read .
  53.Even though he is no longer alive, his spirit lives on.
  54.He thinks more of others than himself .
  55.They worked hard so that they could finish the work soon .
  56.Make sure all the machines are (must be) shut down when you leave .
  57.The mountain is covered with snow all year round .
  58.I heard that two-thirds of the work has been finished.
  59.He didn't know why his mother was angry with him .
  60.My uncle used to be a driver ,but now he is a doctor.
  61.Don't worry.You will find your bike sooner or later .
  62. He is proud of finishing such hard work in an hour.
  63.The workers have built three bridges over the river so far.
  64.This kind of cup is used for drinking wine .
  65.Dinosaurs lived on the earth for more than 150 million years.
  66.English is used as a useful working language in the world.
  67.Most of rice is grown in the south.
  68. Man-made satellites have been set up into space by many countries.
  69.Can you tell me where he is living now?
  70.He can speak not only English but also French .
  71.The cars on show are made in China .
  72.I hope that you can get on well with your classmates.
  73.It is raining heavily.I have to stay here until it stops .
  74.No matter what he says ,I don't believe him.
  75.It takes my mother an hour to do the cleaning every day.
  76.The Great Wall is known by the people all over the world .
  77.He said that he had taken many photos.
  78.My father used to be a basketball player, but now he's a coach.
  79.Mr Zhang often speaks highly of his son in public.
  80.Could/Would you please teach me how to search the Internet?
  81.I don't think the work can be done in two days.
  82.Her parents told him not to go out alone at night.
  83.I prefer/preferred to buy a new computer rather than buy a used one.
  84.The headteacher speaks/spoke highly of our English teacher .
  85.Old people deserve to be respected.
  86. When I got to the checkout.I realized (that) I had left my wallet/purse at home.
  87. Mrs Zhang tells/told us not to be nervous in the exam.

  88.I am not sure whether it will rain or not.
  89. No matter how hard/difficult it is,I'll never give up.
  90. Drink more water. It is good for your health.
  91.The children didn’t leave school until the rain stopped yesterday.
  92. Thanks a lot/ Thank you very much for asking me to your party.
  93.The key is made of metal and used for locking the door.
  94. You want toget your TV set back, don’t you?
  95. It’s too cold to go swimming.
  96. I’m as old as she is.
  97.Lily asked me not to forget to tell her mother the good news.
  98.When I got to the cinema yesterday, the film had been on for half an hour.
  99. why not go out for a walk after supper? 1
  00. Reading in bed is bad for your eyes. 1
  01.The PRCwas founded in 19
  49. 1
  02.I bought a new shirt for you today. Why not try it onq? 1
  03.Idon’t think that he will come to the meeting tomorrow. 1
  04.Could you tell me what time it is now? 1
  05.You’d better pay the air ticket for him before he changes his mind. 1
  06.I was born on June 15, 19
  87. 1
  07.There are only six women teachers in our school. 1
  08.The Olympic Games are held every four years. 1
  09.I won’t leave until he comes back. 1
  10. I hope you will go with us. 1
  11.I will go shopping if it doesn’t rain tomorrow. 1
  12. She is beautiful and so was her mother when she was young. 1
  13.The weather of Changsha is different from that of Beijing. 1
  14.The number of the students in our class is
  50. 1
  15.My parents told me to study hard. 1
  16. I find it easy to study English well. 1
  17. He wishes me to go with them. 1
  18.I’m very busy. I have a lot of clohtes to wash. 1
  19.I don’t know why we will start so early. 1
  20.Why not shut the window? 1
  21. He made me wait outside for an hour.
  22. The teacher said that he had an important meeting to attend. 1
  23. it is very difficultto finish the work in time. 1
  24.He is not young enough to do any work. 1
  25. The eight-year-old girl likes playing the piano so much that he has kept practising for three years. 1
  26.My mother usually does some cleaning and washing on Sundays. 1
  27.We’re sure to have fun at the party this evening. 1
  28.Because of the bad weather, the school sports meet had to be put off. 1
  29.Protecting environment is as important as developing economy. 1
  30.How can you get on well with your neighbours? 1
  31. Mrs. Liu is such a kind teacher that we regard her as our mother. 1
  32.He asks me if I am free/ have time today. 1
  33. Make up your mindto work hard, and you’ll succeed sooner or later. 1
  34.Li Ming is a warm-hearted man and he often give the people in trouble a hand. 1
  35.Come on, children. It’s time to have lunch, 1
  36.These new cars are made in China. 1
  37.To drink more water every day is good for you. 1
  38.They were late for school because of the heavy traffic yesterday. 1
  39. After a short rest, he went on reading English newspapers. 1
  40.Yesterday evening I was busy getting ready for the examination. 1
  41.They are now in great trouble. Let’s help them. 1
  42. Will you please call me as soon as you reach Changsha? 1
  43. My father used to smoke, but he has given it up recently. 1
  44. The picture is beautiful. Let’s have a look at it. 1
  45.Is there anything important in today’s newspaper? 1
  46.The mountain is less dangerous than you think. 1
  47.The ninth Lesson is on the ninetieth page. 1
  48.There are quite a few children’s shoe shops on either side of the street. 1
  49. The nearest hospital is about ten kilometers away. 1
  50.Your book is different from mine.
  51.With the development of science, computers will be used more widely. 1
  52. It’s such an important match that we can’t miss it. 1
  53. This foreign friend has been in China for half a year. 1
  54. The train had left when I arrived at / got to / reached the station. 1
  55.Have you ever been to West Hill Farm? 1
  56.We are told / asked to keep our classroom clean and quiet . 1
  57. Pandas are taken good care of in our country. 1
  58.A foreign teacher is giving us a talk in our school. 1
  59.Several man-made satellites have been sent up in Xichang in the past five years. 1
  60.It’s getting late, so I think it’s time (for us)to go home. 1
  61.How to get on / along well with our neighbors? 1
  62.The football game is going on. The students can’t wait to turn on the TV and watch it. 1
  63.I get up at 6:30 every morning. 1
  64.Alice is good at dancing. She wants to be a dancer in the future. 1
  65. The school rule says, “ Don’t be late for class.” 1
  66. Wang Nan is one of the best athletes in the world. 1
  67. In spite of all the difficulties, the climbers reached the top of the mountain successfully. 1
  68. I’m not sure whether (if) she’ll come to school on time tomorrow. 1
  69.She is very weak and she often catch cold . 1
  70.The doctor told him to give up drinking. 1
  71. You should be out playing instead of staying in the room. 1
  72. Don’t stop the children (from) trying out their new ideas. 1
  73.I asked my mother not to be angry with me. 1
  74.It’s not polite to laugh at those people in trouble. 1
  75. Turn right / Take the right turning / Turn to the right and you’ll see a house with / which has green trees around it. 176 How about / What about drinking a cup of coffee? 1
  77. Excuse,me, how can I get to the railway station? 1
  78.It’s very hot here. Why not go out for a walk? 1
  79.I’m very glad / happy you here to meet / see again. 1
  80.Why not go and visit the Monkey Island instead? 1
  81.Excuse me, which is the way to / how can I get to / can you tell me the way to / can you tell me how I can
get to the cinema? 1
  82. You’d better not walk there. It’s too far away. 1
  83. What do you think of / about the Quancheng Square and the new Quancheng Road? 1
  84. It’s nice of you to give me so much help. 1
  85.Please turn left at the third crossing. 1
  86. It won’t be long before we see each other again. 1
  87.Could you tell me how to get to the post office, please? 1
  88. It took Li Ping half an hour to do his homework last night. 1
  89.That new school is so beautiful that it looks like a big garden. 1
  90.When the football fans saw Beckham, they got so excited that they cried out. 1
  91.It is neither too hot nor too cold in autumn. 1
  92.You’d better take off your overcoat. 1
  93.She can speak not only English but also Chinese. 1
  94.I don’t think the house is big enough. 1
  95.He ran so fast that I couldn’t catch up with him. 1
  96.Mary did not go to bed until eleven o’ clock last night. 1
  97.It will take the workers over a year to build the fly-over. 1
  98.It’s raining heavily outside. You’d better stay at home. 1
  99.I would like to see him as soon as possible, please. 2
  00.If they go out for a walk this evening, sowill(shall) I. 2
  01.Children are becoming more and more interested in science. 2
  02.He is such a kind man that he gets on well with everyone. 2
  03.We find it dangerous to go out at night. 2
  04.I think it hard /difficult to learn a foreign language well in a short time. 2
  05.I takes us twenty minutes to go there by bus. 2
  06. It’s bad / not good for us to read in strong light. 2
  07.It’s very important for everybody to keep healthy. 2
  08.He spoke too fast to make himself understood .



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