第一部分、选择填空 ( )1
  26. - Where is Jim? I want to play chess with him.
- He the computer room. You might find him there. (07常州) A. has been to B. has gone to C. had been to D. had gone to
( )2
  32. - Did you play badminton yesterday? (07常州) - Yes. But I play badminton these days because my right foot hurts. A. usually B. always C. never D. seldom
( )3
  33. The fire lasted half an hour before it was by the firemen. (07常州) A. taken out B. blown out C. put out ( -Sorry, )4
  24. -May I speak to Mr Li, D. cut out
please? (07淮安)
he Beijing. I think he will return tomorrow. B. has gone to C. goes to
A. has been to (
  25. She sangbeautifully that everyone screamed. (07淮安) A. such ( B. so C. very
  26. It's summer now. Nick something cold. (07淮安) B. is used to drink C. is used to drinking
A. used to drink (
  27. After eight hours' hard work, A. put away ( B. put out
the firemen finallythe forest fire. C. put down D. put in(07连云港)
  35. -Where did you get the book? (07连云港)
-From the library. And 1 haveit for two weeks. A. borrowed ( B. lent C. kept D. bought
  31. Hello, this is Lily speaking. Could I speak to Mr. Black? (07南京) …Sorry. He the Xuanwu Lake Park. A has been to B. went to ( )10
  33. C. has gone to D. will go to
You'd better hurry. or we'll be late for 1he plane. (07南京) Don't worry. The plane will in two hours. D. take out
A. Lake in (
B take away
C. take off
  25. The bus came and we.(07盐城) B. got up C. got on D. got to
A. got off (
  24. -Wang Lin has decided to his bad habit of sleeping in class. -That's good news. I hope he can do it this time. (07扬州) A. wake up B. set up C. clear up D. give up
  27.I will never forget that terrible accident it happened so long ago. (07扬州) A. only if ( )14
  28. B. even though C. only when D. ever since
Susan enjoys a cup of tea at times, but she drinks coffee. (07扬州) B. almost C. nearly D. most
A. mostly (
  30. -I'll return the book to Helen, but I can't find her anywhere. (07扬州) -She the teachers' office. You can find her there.
A. has been to (
B. has gone to
C. has left
D. went to
  26. -So far, how long you China? (07镇江) -For one year. A. have come to C. have; been in B. have; been to D. have; gone to
  26. -So far, how long you China? (07镇江) -For one year. A. have come to C. have; been in B. have; been to D. have; gone to
  26. The number of giant pandas is getting because their living areas are becoming farmlands. (07盐城) A. less and less C. smaller and smaller ( B. larger and larger D. fewer and fewer
  27. Jin Yong is one of the greatest and oldest writers. He is still.(07镇江)
A. living; alive (
B. living; living
C. alive; living
D. alive; alive
  31. -Can you work put the physics problem? (07镇江) -Sorry, I can understand its meaning. A. almost B. quite C. nearly D. hardly
  23.The boy was able to A.dress
himself when he was very young. (07哈尔滨) B.wear C.put on
  32.Health is very important to us, We should eat more vegetables and fruit instead of A.too much ( rich food. (07哈尔滨) B.much too C.very much
  38. -- Bob, we are moving this weekend. (07南通)
-- Congratulations! I you happiness in your new flat. A. wish B. hope C. expect D. send
  16. Don't while the bus is moving, or you may hurt yourself and even someone outside.
A. get on (
B. get up
C. get off
D. get in(07南通)
  30.I hear boys in your school like playing badminton after school. (07苏州) A. quite a lot B. quite a bit C. quite a little D. quite a few
  69. Wang Fang was very brave. She the fire with a blanket and saved the old man. A. put out ( B. put up C. put away D. put on(07宿迁)
  10. -Millie,
your mum says we shouldn't watch TV. (07宿迁)
-I think we should her. She's right. A. too much; hear C. much too; hear ( B. too much; listen to D. much too; listen to so she early.
) 28
  11. Mum prepares breakfast for us every morning, A. used to get up C. used to getting up (
B. is used for getting up(07宿迁) D. is used to getting up
  26. Peter was so careless that hethe books on the shelf. (07泰州) A. knocked over C. knocked on ( B. knocked at D. knocked into
  28. -What do you think of Mr Read's speech? (07无锡)
-He for nearly two hours but didn't anything important. A. spoke; speak ( B. said; say C. spoke; say D. said; speak
  31. Xiao Li has homework and she really doesn't know first. (07无锡) A. much too; what to do C. much too; to do what ( B. too much; to do what D. too much; what to do
  34. Mr Smith told me that he wasn't used to by plane and he used to sick a lot. (07无锡) A. travelling; feel ( B. travel; feeling C. travel; feel D. travelling; feeling
  34. -When you go to bed, please the light, dear. (07徐州) -Sure, Mum. A. put on B. take off C. put out D. turn off
L 类、语境理解 ( )1
  29. No one speaks French him. So he can be a TV host of a French programme.
(07常州) A. as beautiful as B. as badly as C. worse than ( D. better than
  23. My sister doesn't like her new sweater. It makes her.(07淮安) A. rather look silly B. look rather fat C. look rather nice
  24. Thiswoman has devoted all her lifecaring for the poor. A. modest; with B. kind; to C. selfish; for D. unfair; at(07连云港)
  34. The guide's last wordsus that we should bring raincoats or umbrellas. B. remembered C. replied D. reminded(07连云港)
A. recommended (
  30. Unluckily,
Mr Brown drove sothat his car crashed into a tree yesterday evening. (07连云港)
A. careless (
B. careful
C. carefully
D. carelessly
  27. Would you like to go and see a film? (07南京) Sure, the TV Programmes are too.
A. surprising (
B. interesting
C. exciting D. boring
  30. Amy makes fewer mistakes than Frank. She does her homework. (07南京) A more carefully B. more carelessly C. more careful D. more careless ( )8
  24. Yi Zhongtian's simple and interesting explanation of history has lots of TV viewers. A. caused ( B. attacked C. tested D. attracted(07盐城)
  29. -Ann is in hospital. (07盐城)
-Yes,I know. I her tomorrow. A. visit C. will visit ( B. used to visit D. am going to visit
  33. -If you want to protect your eyes from harm, which should NOT you do? . (07哈尔滨)
A. Wear sunglasses to protect your eyes from ultraviolet rays(紫外线) B. Stay before the computer screen and play games for long C. Do eye exercises every day ( )1
  19. -- Can I help you? (07南通)
-- Well, I'm afraid the bag is heavy for you, but thanks all the same. A. so ( B. too C. quite D. very
  11. I can swim skate. I'm going to have some training next year. (07 南通)
A. either; or (
B. neither; nor
C. both; and
D. not only; but also
  17. Yesterday morning Tom hurried to class his schoolbooks, so he had to share Mary's. A. without ( B. for C. with D: past(07南通)
  18. -- I came to your home yesterday afternoon, but nobody was in. (07南通) -- Oh, we some shopping in the supermarket.
A. have done (
B. did
C. were doing
D. are doing
  15. -Is that girl Amy? (07宿迁)
-No, she's Allen. Amy the library with her friend. A. has been to ( B. has gone to C. have gone to D. have been to
  24. -Can I have some information about these countries? (07泰州) A. Yes, you can't have it now C. Yes, I'm busy now B. Sorry, D. Sorry, I don't have it right now here you are
  24. -I got up late this morning,
so I the early bus. (07徐州)
-What a pity! A. caught ( A. has gone B. failed C. missed D. took
  25. Mr Wu is away on holiday. He to Shanghai. B. has been C. goes D. will go(07徐州)
第一部分、选择填空 ( )1
  30. has Liu Xiang taken part in world competitions? (07常州) - I've no idea. Let's find it out on the Internet. A. How many times ( B. How long C. How soon D. How much
  20. -will the teacher be back? I have a question to ask him. -In ten minutes, A. How soon ( I think. (07淮安) C. How far
B. How long
  25. -Mum, shall we have lunch? (07连云港) -We will have it when your dad.
A. when; returns
B. where; returns return
C. where,
will return
D. when; will
  21. - What your English teacher look like? (07扬州) - She is quite slim. A. do ( B. is C. does D. was
  25. -Where's your mother, Helen? (07镇江)
-She the flowers in the garden. A. waters ( B. watered C. is watering D. has watered
  22. -How often do you play a ball game at school? .(07扬州) B. One hour ( )7
  27. -How long C. Once a day the film KING KONG D. Half an hour ?
A. All day
-For just several minutes. (07哈尔滨) A.did,begin ( B.has,begun C.has,been on
  86. --How soon shall we start the bicycle trip? (07南通) --.
A. In three day's C. In three days' time (
B. After three days D. After three day's time
  23.Millie, could you give me some advice? I don't know .(07苏州) Why don't you wear this red shirt? A. when to wear B. what to wear C. how to wear D. where to wear
J 类、常用语 第一部分、选择填空 ( )1
  28. - Do you mind taking the guitar to the office for me? (07常州) - . Put it in my car, please. A. Not at all B. Of course ( C. Yes, I do D. Never mind
  34. How about going shopping on Hunan Road this evening? (07南京) ,But I've to prepare for tomorrow's exam. A. I can't ( B. Sounds great C. That's right D. No, I'm terribly sorry
)335 Now, where is my school bag? (07南京) ! We'll be late for school.
A. Just a minute B. Take it easy (
C. Don't worry
D. Come on
  32. -What do you think of the colour of my new dress? (07扬州) you say? I about something else. C. am thinking D. was thinking
-Sorry, but what did A. think
B. thought
( )5
  29. -Why not join us in the game, Kitty? (07镇江) -, but I have to do my homework first. A. Let's go ( B. I'd like to C. Yes, please D. It's a pleasure -.(07镇江) D. Yes, I do.
  30. -Remember to close the door when you leave. B. No, I won't.
A. OK,I will.
C. No, I don't.
  74. --How about seeing the film Roman Holiday tonight? (07南通) --.
A. Thank you (
B. Never mind
C. Good idea
D. Not at all
  21.Mr Johnson asked me to remind you of the meeting this afternoon.Don't forget it! OK, I .(07苏州) A. won't ( )9
  20. -Simon, B. don't C. will D. do
I've got your invitation(请请帖). (07宿迁)
-Oh, good. ? A. What are you going to do C. Can you come ( B. How do you like it D. May I help you
  27. -Do you mind using your hard disk? (07泰州) A. You are welcome C. Yes, you are right B. Not at all D. Yes, that's simple
  30. -Would you please help me with my spoken English? (07泰州) -. Practice makes perfect.
A. That's all right (
B. No problem
C. Quite well
D. No, thanks
  35. -I had a really good weekend at my uncle's. (07无锡) A. It's a pleasure B. Yes, that's all right D. Oh, that's very nice of you
C. Oh, I'm glad to hear that ( A. I'm Mary.
  21. -Hello, may I speak to Mary please? (07徐州) B. Yes, please. ( C. Who are you? D. Hold on, please.
  30. -How are you today? (07徐州) -I'm very, thanks.
A. good
B. well
C. nice
D. ill
G 类、宾语从句 第一部分、选择填空 ( )1
  34. - Excuse me, could you tell me ?(07常州) - Sorry, I don't know. I'm new here, too. A. when the museum opens C. how long the old lady had lived here ( B. where is the Olympic Village D. how do you celebrate Easter Day
  31. Amy has no ideaher summer holidays. (07连云港) A. what she should spend C. where she should spend B. when should she spend D. how should she spend
  28. I don't know . (07南京) B. what is his name.
A. where does he come from C. how old he is (
D. when will he leave
  28. -Do you know?(07盐城) - He has gone to the museum. A. where he lives B. where he is D. what's wrong with him
C. how he is getting on (
  31. -I don't know to do with this maths problem. It's too hard. (07扬州) - You can ask your classmates or teachers for help. A. which ( B. how C. what D. when
  28. -Could you tell me?(07镇江) -By underground.
A. how did you come here C. when did you come here (
B. how you came here D. when you came here
  34. I'm wondering Liu Xiang will have time to the meeting. (07镇江) A. whether; attend C. whether; appear ( B. that; attend D. that; appear
) 8
  17. Our teacher told us the eartharound the sun. (07淮安) A. turns ( B. turned G. turn ? (07哈尔滨)
  30. -Could you tell me
-Sorry, I don't know. You can ask the policeman over there. A. where the science museum is B. how can I get to the science museum C. where is the science museum ( )10
  12. -- Can you tell me ?(07南通) -- Two weeks ago. A. when you bought the toys C. how much the toys cost ( B. who did you buy the toys for D. how many toys did you buy
  32.Could you tell me tomorr



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