单项选择: 单项选择:

  1. ?When shall we meet, this evening or tomorrow ?I don’t mind. time is OK. A. Neither B. Either C. Both D. All
  2. ?Is that a girl swimming in the lake? ?Sorry, I can’t find out it’s a girl a boy. A. if; and B. that; and C. whether; or D. either; or
  3. Stamps sending letters by people. A. used to B. are used to C. are used for D. are used by
  4. Run quickly, we’ll miss the early train. A. and B. but C. so D. or
  5. is wrong with my watch . It has stopped . A. something; working B. something; to work C. Anything, working D. Anything, to work
  6. ?Who’s the best football player in Liaoning Team? ?Sorry, I don’t know. A. at the moment B. for a moment C. Just a moment D. a moment later
  7. The teacher always feels us in the street. It’s dangerous. A. not play B. don’t play C. not to play D. to play
  8. "Can you tell me ?""She’s a teacher. " A. where is your sister B. what does your sister do C. what your sister is D. What’s your sister
  9. of the students have their own computers. A. Three twelve B. Three twelfth C. Three twelfths D. Third twelfths
  10. How much time do you watching TV every day? A. Spend B. cost C. take D. pay
  11. ?Could you your book to me? ?Of course. You can it for a month. A. borrow, lend B. lend, borrow C. lend, keep D. keep, borrow
  12. There is a little boy in your home, ? A. will be not; tasty B. will not be; tasty C. will be not; taste D. will not be ; taste
  13. Food as as they are today. A. will be not; tasty B. will not be; tasty C. will be not; taste D. will not be; taste
  14. ?Are you coming to Lucy’s party? ?I’m not sure. I go to see my grandfather to night. A. may B. must C. should D. mustn’t
  15. I don’t think you have to finish your homework in class, ? A. do I B. don’t you C. have you D. do you
  16. Which sign shows you’re the way to go out in a cinema? A. NO SMOKING B. NO PARKING C. EXIT D. ENTRANCE
  17. We’ll have to wait for another bus because there’s not any on this one. A. room B. seats C. rooms D. a room
  18. The girls the boys . They were happy that they held a party.
A. beat, so B. won, so C. beat, such D. won, such
  19. The place interested her most was the Great Wall. A. in which B. which C. where D. what
  20. Two days enough for me to finish the work. I need day. A. isn’t ; a third B. aren’t a third C. isn’t; the third D. aren’t; one third
  21. There is in today’s newspaper. A. nothing new B. anything new C. new anything D. new something
  22. ?Would you like to go boating with me?? . A. Yes, I’d love to B. That’s all right C. That’s right D. Quite well
  23. There is a tree in the park. A. four hundred years B. four-hundred-year-old C. four-hundreds years D. four-hundred-year old
  24. He liked to play football when he was young. . A. So I was B. So he was C. So did he D. So he did
  25. ?Please fell us the bread. ?Sorry, I don’t know, either. A. What to do with B. How to do with C. what to do D. how to do
  26. Tony was unhappy be cause they went bike riding taking him. A. except B. be sides C. but D. without
  27. ?I called you yesterday evening, but there was no answer. ?Oh, I am sorry. I dinner at my friend’s home. A. had hd B. had C. was having D. have had.
  28. No children to watch this kind of movie be cause it’s too scary. A. should allow B. shouldn’t be allowed C. should be allowed D. don’t allow.
  29. The weather in Beijing is much colder than in Guangdong. A. it B. that C. those D. this
  30. John is honest boy. You’re supposed to believe him. A. a B. the C. an D. /
  31. computers mobile phones have become important for most modern city people. A. Not only, but also B. Neither, nor C. Either, or D. both , and
  32. I’m very thirsty. Would you like to get to drink? A. something B. anything C. every thing D. nothing
  33. ?Frank, your MP4 looks very nice. ?Thank you. I it for only two days. A. have had B. had C. have bought D. bought
  34. You are a shop assistant. When someone gets into your store. You shouldn’t say“ ” first. A. What do you do? B. What can I do for you? C. Can I help you? D. May I help you?
  35. ?Tommy, did you know who is called in the phone just now? ?No, I was cleaning my bedroom the telephone rang. A. before B. after C. since D. when
  36. Our team is 10 strong boys and 8 tall girls. A. made of B. made up of C. made from D. made up
  37. I would rather the chance than her.
A. not to take; to hurt B. not taking; hurting C. not take; hurt D. don’t take; to hurt.
  38. A lot of people can’t realize the important of time they are too old. A. after B. when C. until D. as
  39. of us has visited China Dinosaur Park. A. Every one B. Everyone C. All D. Every
  40. Three weeks is quite long, but it’s than we need to finish the work. A. far more B. far less C. very much D. very little.
根据对话内容在空白处填入适当的话语,使对话意思完整。 根据对话内容在空白处填入适当的话语,使对话意思完整。 在空白处填入适当的话语
A: Can I help you? B: Yes, please. Today is Mother’s Day. I a present for my mother, but I have no idea what to buy. A: Maybe you can buy her some flowers. B: Great! But shall I buy, roses or carnations? A: I think carnations are better. They happiness , sweetness and love. They are for mothers. B: are they? A: Thirty yuan a bunch(束). B: OK. I’ll take it. . A: Thank you and best wishes to your mother.
根据对话内容和上下文,在每个空白处填上一个适当的词。 首字母已给出) 根据对话内容和上下文,在每个空白处填上一个适当的词。 首字母已给出) 处填上一个适当的词 (首字母已给出 (
A:Weren’t you i last weekend? B: No, why? A: We had a picnic on the island. I called you, but you didn’t a me. B: Sorry, my parents and I have been to the b. A: Yeah? To go s? B: No, I heard of surfing. It’s a p sport. So I hoped to have a try. A: I think it’s a little dangerous. B: Not at all. It’s a a lot of people. Some were good at it, the others were learning it. A: Have you l it ,then? B: Not yet. But I like it now. I’ll do that n weekend. Would you like to go there with me ? A: I’m glad to. But I want you to t me. B: Sure. But I c surf as well as the players. A: You’ll soon do well. I think. B: Thank you.
用括号内所给词的正确形式填空。 用括号内所给词的正确形式填空。

  1.Tom told a joke, and all of us(make) (laugh).
  2.?Where’s your mother? ?She (go) to the supermarket.
  3.I don’t know if he(come) tomorrow. If he(come),please call me.
  4.Mr Liu told us he(teach) us Math the next term.
  5.They(know) each other for ten years by last year.
  6.He wants to improve his English by practicing with native(speak).
  7.John is a strange boy .He often answers the teacher’s questions (different ).

  8.My uncle(change) a lot in the last 10 years.
  9.It’s 7:30,the whole family(have) breakfast.
  10.The boy(tell) to be more careful next time yesterday.
  11.The bridge (build) for sever years.
  12.These books(can take) home.
  13.We have nothing against(run).
  14.The basket is(fill) of apples.
  15.E-mail English is a new kind of(write) English.

  1.She went to school yesterday. She didn’t bring her bag. She went to school her bag yesterday.
  2.It’s very dark here. We have to stop the work. It’s dark here we have to stop the work.
  3.When I came back home. I found the windows were all opened. When I home. I found all the windows.
  4.Her grandmother has been dead for two years. It two years since her grandmother.
  5.Bike is short for bicycle. Bike is another way bicycle.
  6.The match is so important that we must go to watch it. It’s such an important match, we it.
  7.The snow was very heavy last night. It last night.
  8.I haven’t finished my teat paper. My friend hasn’t finished yet. I haven’t finished my test paper. .
  9.I’m not a Japanese . You are not a Japanese, either. of us a Japanese.
  10.We have such fine weather today.(改为感叹句) weather we have today!
  11.They are asked to write a diary in English every other day.(对画线部分提问) are they asked to write a diary in English?
  12.The red sweater belongs to Lily. (对画线部分提问) belongs to Lily.
  13.The pencil case on the desk is very expensive. (对画线部分提问) is very expensive?
  14.“I must go right now.”he said.(改为宾语从句) He said that he go right away.
  15.He has no money to buy the bike.(同义句) He the bike.
  16.We are surprised the little girl could draw so well.(同义句) ,the little girl could draw so well.



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