Xu Aihua from Sanxing Middle School

  1.The old man lives alone, but he doesn’t feel ___(孤独的)because he has many ___ 孤独的 lonely 孤独的) friends. taller
  2.Peter is much ___ (tall) than Kitty.
  3.Sandy was unhappy (happy) because she ___ ____ failed in the maths exam yesterday .

  4.Susan is always the best in different exams in our class because she is a__ __ D girl. A. helpful B. polite C. proud D. hardworking
  5.We’ll try our best to do the work with__ __ C money and __ people. A. few, little B. a few, a little C. less, fewer D. fewer, less
Mr Zhang 30 years old
Mr Liu 34 years old
Mr Zhang is younger than Mr Liu.
An elephant is heavier than a horse. A horse is lighter than an elephant.


more This red pencil is than this green one.
?Mr King ?70 岁
Mr Green 30岁 岁
Mr White 50岁 岁
energetic more energetic most energetic
?Congratuations! ? Level one
? 练习 : 请说出下列句子中形容词的用法
  1.All the students must keep their eyes closed.
宾语 表语 宾补 定语 定语

  2.This red desk is very heavy.
  3.It’s a
hot day today.

  4.I find it difficult to get along with such a strange man.

  5. Her singing sounds beautiful.
  1.形容词修饰名词要前置 修饰不定代词时要后 置. 形容词修饰名词要前置,修饰不定代词时要后 形容词修饰名词要前置 如: an important meeting something important
  2.表示人的性质、特征的形容词前加定冠词the 表示人的性质、特征的形容词前加定冠词 表示人的性质 可表示一类人. 可表示一类人 如:The rich should help the poor. The young should be polite to the old.
3 只能作表语,不能作定语的形容词 只能作表语, 你能说出几个? 你能说出几个? alone afraid awake asleep alive able
4 请记住这些连系动词 请记住这些连系动词: be,keep,seem,look,smell,feel, taste,sound,turn,become,get

  1.No matter where we are, we should do something useful (use) (07Yangzhou) .

  2.He was still awake (wake) when I got back home.(08Changzhou)
?Congratuations! ? Level two
? 汉译英 ? 北京和上海一样美. 北京和上海一样美 Beijing is as beautiful as Shanghai. ? 北京没有上海大 北京没有上海大. Beijing is not so big as Shanghai. ? 吉姆和汤姆一样高. 吉姆和汤姆一样高 Jim is as tall as Tom. ? 他没有汤姆聪明 他没有汤姆聪明. He is not as clever as Tom.

  1.as+形容词原形 形容词原形+as …和…一 形容词原形 和 一 样

  2. 否定 not as/so+形容词原形 形容词原形+as 形容词原形 不及/不如… 不及/不如

  3.形容词原形 enough +to do… 形容词原形+
Jim is old enough to go to school. She is patient enough to wait for two hours. 你能把它们改成另外两种句型吗? 你能把它们改成另外两种句型吗?
4 too +形容词原形+to do ? Tom is too young to go to school. ? 太…以至于不能… 5 so +形容词原形+that ? English is so important that we should learn it well.

  1. ??Is physics more difficult than maths? B ??No, physics is not so as maths. A. easy B. difficult C. easier D. more difficult

  2.Daniel is to help his friends at all C times. A. kindly enough B. enough kindly C. Kind enough D. enough kind

  1. 比较级 than 比较级of
  2.the 比较级of the two
Liu Lin is more careful than Li Lei.
He is the taller of the two boys.
My desk is cleaner than yours.
练习 汉译英

  1. 他越忙越快乐。 他越忙越快乐。 The busier he is, the happier is.
  2. 越便宜越好。 越便宜越好。 The cheaper the better ,.
  3. 天气越来越冷了。 天气越来越冷了。 The weather is getting colder and colder . he
足球越来越受欢迎了. 足球越来越受欢迎了 Football is more and more popular .
  5. 李梅是两个当中更高的女孩 李梅是两个当中更高的女孩. the taller Li Mei is of the two girls.
  6. 黄河是中国第二长河 黄河是中国第二长河. the second longest The Yellow River is in China.
注意: 注意: 修饰形容词比较级的副词和短语有哪些? 修饰形容词比较级的副词和短语有哪些 形容词比较级的副词和短语有哪些
He is much taller than me.
a lot far a little even still

  1.比较时 为避免重复 可用哪些词代替 有 比较时,为避免重复 可用哪些词代替? 比较时 为避免重复,可用哪些词代替 什么规律? 什么规律 one 代替可数名词单数 those 代替可数名词复数 that 代替不可数名词
  2.比较范围中的“包括”与“不包括”指的 比较范围中的“包括” 比较范围中的 不包括” 是什么? 是什么is cleverer than any student Li Lei in America Li Lei is cleverer than any other student in his class.

  1.比较级 比较级+than… 比较级

  2. Who / Which + be +比较级 , A or B ? 比较级
  3. .… the+比较级 + of the two. 两个之 比较级 中比较…的那一个 中比较 的那一个
  4.much / even / far + 比较级
  5.“The+比较级 ,the+比较级 比较级…, 比较级…” 比较级 比较级 表示“ 表示“越…,越….” , .
  6.“…比较级 比较级+and+比较级 比较级…” 表示“越 表示“ 比较级 比较级 来越…” 来越
练习 汉译英

  1. 他越忙越快乐。 他越忙越快乐。 The busier the happier he is, is.
  2. 越便宜越好。 越便宜越好。 The cheaper the better ,.
  3. 天气越来越冷了。 天气越来越冷了。 The weather is getting colder and colder . he

  1.Winter is colder ( cold) than autumn.(06Harbin)
  2.It is said that this river is much deeper (deep) than that one.(06Wuxi)
  3.Our country is becoming more and more beautiful 越来越漂亮). (越来越漂亮 越来越漂亮
  4.吃的越多 你就越胖 吃的越多, 吃的越多 你就越胖. you eat, the you will be. __ fatter The more
上海是中国第一大城市。 上海是中国第一大城市。 Shanghai is the first biggest city in China. ? 中国是世界上最大的国家。 中国是世界上最大的国家。 China is the biggest country in the world. ? ? ? 他是三者当中最矮的。 他是三者当中最矮的。 He is the shortest of the three. 英语是最重要的学科之一。 英语是最重要的学科之一。 English is one of the most important subjects. 高老师是最受欢迎的教师之一。 高老师是最受欢迎的教师之一 Miss Gao is one of the most popular teachers.
  1.Who / Which + be +the+ 最高级, A, B, or C ? the+最高级 最高级+
  2.…one of the+最高级+名词复数
  3.…the+最高级+of .…the+最高级+of 最高级 +序数词 最高级… 序数词+
  4.…the +序数词+最高级…

  1.Of all the subjects, which do you think the most difficult is (difficult) to learn?
  2.This is one of the worst (bad) games I’ve ever watched.
  3.??Which is , the sun ,the moon or D the earth? ??Of course the sun is. A. smaller B. the smallest C. bigger D. the biggest
  1. The bread is than these cakes. A. very delicious B. much delicious C. more delicious D. as delicious .
  2.Your classroom is so dirty .Everyone C should keep it ??. A. dry B. open C. clean D. quiet
  3. In our city it’s in July ,but it is even in August. A. hotter hottest B. hot hot C. hotter hot D. hot hotter

  4. Hainan is a very large Island .It is the second island in china. C A. large B. larger C. largest D. most largest

  5. A horse is than a dog . C A. much heavy B. more heavier C. much heavier D. more heavy
  6. Emma always makes a lot of mistakes . She is . D A. care B. careful C. carefully D. careless C
  7. Which subject is , physics or chemistry ? A. interesting B. most interesting C. more interesting D. the most interesting

  8. He is enough to carry the heavy box . A A. strong B. stronger C. much stronger D. the strongest A
  9. Beijing, the capital of China, is one of ??
cities in the world. A. the biggest B. bigger C. much bigger D. big
  10. ? Is your stomach ache getting__? A --No, it's worse. A. better B. bad C. less D. well



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   名词性从句 名词性从句包括主语从句、宾语从句、表语从句和同位语从句 名 名词性从句包括主语从句、宾语从句、表语从句和同位语从句.名 词性从句一向是NMET中的重要考点 通过对近几年高考试题的分 中的重要考点.通过对近几年高考试题的分 词性从句一向是 中的重要考点 我们可以看出NMET名词性从句考点主要有以下六个方面 名词性从句考点主要有以下六个方面: 析,我们可以看出 我们可以看出 名词性从句考点主要有以下六个方面 考点之一:考查名词性从句中 考查名词性从句中that与what的区别 考点之 ...

2007年浙江省高一英语语法汇总动名词课件 人教版 必修3-4

   Grammar 的一种,常用doing doing来表示 动名词是非谓语动词的一种,常用doing来表示 兼有动词和名词的特性 兼有动词和名词的特性 动词 当名词主语,宾语,表语和定语 当名词主语,宾语, 主语 当动词 它可以有时态, 当动词 它可以有时态,语态的变化 一. 动名词做主语的用法 动名词做主语往往表示经常性、习惯性的动作 动名词做主语往往表示经常性、习惯性的动作 经常性 Seeing is believing. 眼见为实 眼见为实. Helping her is my duty ...

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   Grammar 名词性从句 1. 为什么叫名词性从句? 整个从句相当于一个名词 名词能做的成分,名词性从句 名词能做的成分 名词性从句 都能做 2. 为什么要有名词性从句? 从句表达的意思比名词复杂得多 比较: The man looked around. 那人看了看四周. (名词作主语 那人看了看四周 名词作主语) That the boy failed again in the exam disappointed his mother. 那孩子考试又不及格令他母亲很失望 那孩子考试又不及 ...


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   英语名词可分为两类: (1)专有名词(Proper noun):它是特定的某个人、地方或机构的名称。专有名词的第一个字母 必须大写。如:Newton 牛顿,San Francisco 旧金山,Russia 俄罗斯,United Nations 联合 国。 (2)普通名( common noun):它是某一类人、事物或某种物质或抽象概念的名称。如: lawyer 律师,market 市场,computer 计算机,rice 大米,magazine 杂志,freedom 自由。 英语名词又可分为 ...


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   被动语态专项复习 被动语态基本用法 当句子的主语是动作的执行者时, 当句子的主语是动作的执行者时, 谓语的形式是主动语态。 谓语的形式是主动语态。当句子的 主语是动作的承受者时, 主语是动作的承受者时,谓语要用 被动语态。被动语态由助动词be+ 被动语态。被动语态由助动词 过去分词构成,时态通过be表现出 过去分词构成,时态通过 表现出 来。 改为被动语态 His brother washes bowls every day 主 谓 受动者) 宾(受动者 受动者 Bowls are wash ...


   New words sunshine ['s?n?ain] n. 阳光;愉快; 晴天;快活 grey [?rei] adj. 灰色的;灰白的 vt. 使变成灰色;使变老 vi. 变成灰色;老化 n. 灰色 [ 比较级greyer 最高级greyest ] lay [lei] v. 躺;位于(lie的过去式) vt. 躺下;产卵;搁放 adj. 世俗的;外行的 n. 位置;短诗;花纹方向 vi. 下蛋;打赌 [ 过去式laid 过去分词laid 现在分词laying ] dreamt [dre ...


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