Xu Aihua from Sanxing Middle School

  1.The old man lives alone, but he doesn’t feel ___(孤独的)because he has many ___ 孤独的 lonely 孤独的) friends. taller
  2.Peter is much ___ (tall) than Kitty.
  3.Sandy was unhappy (happy) because she ___ ____ failed in the maths exam yesterday .

  4.Susan is always the best in different exams in our class because she is a__ __ D girl. A. helpful B. polite C. proud D. hardworking
  5.We’ll try our best to do the work with__ __ C money and __ people. A. few, little B. a few, a little C. less, fewer D. fewer, less
Mr Zhang 30 years old
Mr Liu 34 years old
Mr Zhang is younger than Mr Liu.
An elephant is heavier than a horse. A horse is lighter than an elephant.


more This red pencil is than this green one.
?Mr King ?70 岁
Mr Green 30岁 岁
Mr White 50岁 岁
energetic more energetic most energetic
?Congratuations! ? Level one
? 练习 : 请说出下列句子中形容词的用法
  1.All the students must keep their eyes closed.
宾语 表语 宾补 定语 定语

  2.This red desk is very heavy.
  3.It’s a
hot day today.

  4.I find it difficult to get along with such a strange man.

  5. Her singing sounds beautiful.
  1.形容词修饰名词要前置 修饰不定代词时要后 置. 形容词修饰名词要前置,修饰不定代词时要后 形容词修饰名词要前置 如: an important meeting something important
  2.表示人的性质、特征的形容词前加定冠词the 表示人的性质、特征的形容词前加定冠词 表示人的性质 可表示一类人. 可表示一类人 如:The rich should help the poor. The young should be polite to the old.
3 只能作表语,不能作定语的形容词 只能作表语, 你能说出几个? 你能说出几个? alone afraid awake asleep alive able
4 请记住这些连系动词 请记住这些连系动词: be,keep,seem,look,smell,feel, taste,sound,turn,become,get

  1.No matter where we are, we should do something useful (use) (07Yangzhou) .

  2.He was still awake (wake) when I got back home.(08Changzhou)
?Congratuations! ? Level two
? 汉译英 ? 北京和上海一样美. 北京和上海一样美 Beijing is as beautiful as Shanghai. ? 北京没有上海大 北京没有上海大. Beijing is not so big as Shanghai. ? 吉姆和汤姆一样高. 吉姆和汤姆一样高 Jim is as tall as Tom. ? 他没有汤姆聪明 他没有汤姆聪明. He is not as clever as Tom.

  1.as+形容词原形 形容词原形+as …和…一 形容词原形 和 一 样

  2. 否定 not as/so+形容词原形 形容词原形+as 形容词原形 不及/不如… 不及/不如

  3.形容词原形 enough +to do… 形容词原形+
Jim is old enough to go to school. She is patient enough to wait for two hours. 你能把它们改成另外两种句型吗? 你能把它们改成另外两种句型吗?
4 too +形容词原形+to do ? Tom is too young to go to school. ? 太…以至于不能… 5 so +形容词原形+that ? English is so important that we should learn it well.

  1. ??Is physics more difficult than maths? B ??No, physics is not so as maths. A. easy B. difficult C. easier D. more difficult

  2.Daniel is to help his friends at all C times. A. kindly enough B. enough kindly C. Kind enough D. enough kind

  1. 比较级 than 比较级of
  2.the 比较级of the two
Liu Lin is more careful than Li Lei.
He is the taller of the two boys.
My desk is cleaner than yours.
练习 汉译英

  1. 他越忙越快乐。 他越忙越快乐。 The busier he is, the happier is.
  2. 越便宜越好。 越便宜越好。 The cheaper the better ,.
  3. 天气越来越冷了。 天气越来越冷了。 The weather is getting colder and colder . he
足球越来越受欢迎了. 足球越来越受欢迎了 Football is more and more popular .
  5. 李梅是两个当中更高的女孩 李梅是两个当中更高的女孩. the taller Li Mei is of the two girls.
  6. 黄河是中国第二长河 黄河是中国第二长河. the second longest The Yellow River is in China.
注意: 注意: 修饰形容词比较级的副词和短语有哪些? 修饰形容词比较级的副词和短语有哪些 形容词比较级的副词和短语有哪些
He is much taller than me.
a lot far a little even still

  1.比较时 为避免重复 可用哪些词代替 有 比较时,为避免重复 可用哪些词代替? 比较时 为避免重复,可用哪些词代替 什么规律? 什么规律 one 代替可数名词单数 those 代替可数名词复数 that 代替不可数名词
  2.比较范围中的“包括”与“不包括”指的 比较范围中的“包括” 比较范围中的 不包括” 是什么? 是什么is cleverer than any student Li Lei in America Li Lei is cleverer than any other student in his class.

  1.比较级 比较级+than… 比较级

  2. Who / Which + be +比较级 , A or B ? 比较级
  3. .… the+比较级 + of the two. 两个之 比较级 中比较…的那一个 中比较 的那一个
  4.much / even / far + 比较级
  5.“The+比较级 ,the+比较级 比较级…, 比较级…” 比较级 比较级 表示“ 表示“越…,越….” , .
  6.“…比较级 比较级+and+比较级 比较级…” 表示“越 表示“ 比较级 比较级 来越…” 来越
练习 汉译英

  1. 他越忙越快乐。 他越忙越快乐。 The busier the happier he is, is.
  2. 越便宜越好。 越便宜越好。 The cheaper the better ,.
  3. 天气越来越冷了。 天气越来越冷了。 The weather is getting colder and colder . he

  1.Winter is colder ( cold) than autumn.(06Harbin)
  2.It is said that this river is much deeper (deep) than that one.(06Wuxi)
  3.Our country is becoming more and more beautiful 越来越漂亮). (越来越漂亮 越来越漂亮
  4.吃的越多 你就越胖 吃的越多, 吃的越多 你就越胖. you eat, the you will be. __ fatter The more
上海是中国第一大城市。 上海是中国第一大城市。 Shanghai is the first biggest city in China. ? 中国是世界上最大的国家。 中国是世界上最大的国家。 China is the biggest country in the world. ? ? ? 他是三者当中最矮的。 他是三者当中最矮的。 He is the shortest of the three. 英语是最重要的学科之一。 英语是最重要的学科之一。 English is one of the most important subjects. 高老师是最受欢迎的教师之一。 高老师是最受欢迎的教师之一 Miss Gao is one of the most popular teachers.
  1.Who / Which + be +the+ 最高级, A, B, or C ? the+最高级 最高级+
  2.…one of the+最高级+名词复数
  3.…the+最高级+of .…the+最高级+of 最高级 +序数词 最高级… 序数词+
  4.…the +序数词+最高级…

  1.Of all the subjects, which do you think the most difficult is (difficult) to learn?
  2.This is one of the worst (bad) games I’ve ever watched.
  3.??Which is , the sun ,the moon or D the earth? ??Of course the sun is. A. smaller B. the smallest C. bigger D. the biggest
  1. The bread is than these cakes. A. very delicious B. much delicious C. more delicious D. as delicious .
  2.Your classroom is so dirty .Everyone C should keep it ??. A. dry B. open C. clean D. quiet
  3. In our city it’s in July ,but it is even in August. A. hotter hottest B. hot hot C. hotter hot D. hot hotter

  4. Hainan is a very large Island .It is the second island in china. C A. large B. larger C. largest D. most largest

  5. A horse is than a dog . C A. much heavy B. more heavier C. much heavier D. more heavy
  6. Emma always makes a lot of mistakes . She is . D A. care B. careful C. carefully D. careless C
  7. Which subject is , physics or chemistry ? A. interesting B. most interesting C. more interesting D. the most interesting

  8. He is enough to carry the heavy box . A A. strong B. stronger C. much stronger D. the strongest A
  9. Beijing, the capital of China, is one of ??
cities in the world. A. the biggest B. bigger C. much bigger D. big
  10. ? Is your stomach ache getting__? A --No, it's worse. A. better B. bad C. less D. well



   Xu Aihua from Sanxing Middle School 1.The old man lives alone, but he doesn’t feel ___(孤独的)because he has many ___ 孤独的 lonely 孤独的) friends. taller 2.Peter is much ___ (tall) than Kitty. 3.Sandy was unhappy (happy) because she ___ ____ failed in the ...


   临邑实验中学 听力 Listen to the tape and answer the question. 1. What does Father want to do? He wants to go shopping. 2. Does Father want Bill to help him? Yes, he does. 3. How many eggs do they want to buy? 12 eggs. 4. Do they want to buy fish and milk? ...


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   初三英语作文范文 07 年英语中考 Write at least 60 words about the topic "Things I Hate to Do".( 以“我不喜欢……”为题写 我不喜欢……” ……”为题写 个词的短文,标点符号不占格。 一篇不少于 60 个词的短文,标点符号不占格。) 注意: (注意 短文中不得出现考生的姓名、校名及其它相关信息,否则不予评分。短文开头 注意 短文中不得出现考生的姓名、校名及其它相关信息,否则不予评分。 己给,所给部分不计入字 ...


   英语作文多功能句型 NMET 书面表达评分标准"最高档"要求:"应用了较多的语法结构或词汇;语法结构或词汇方面有少许错误,但为尽力使用较复杂结构 或较高级词汇所致;有效地使用了语句间的连接成分,使全文结构紧凑."从历年书面表达高分文章来看,每篇文章都有"亮"点,即在用词, 造句或段落安排上都有独到之处. 要想获得高分就应在"正确"表达的基础上写出自己的特色,写出自己的"亮"点. 一,词汇选择? ...


   范文:一次体育课 A PE Lesson 下面是某节体育课的有关情况,请你据此写一篇日记。 1.时间:5 月 28 日,星期一,下午。 2.天气:阴。 3.项目:跳远(jump) 。 4.过程: (1)打上课铃时就在操场集合; (2)做准备活动(warming?upexercises) ; (3)听老师讲解并示范; (4)我因心情紧张而失败; (5)不灰心,反复练习; (6)终于跳过了 3 米。 5.体会:只要有恒心(perseverance)就一定能成功。 注意: 1.内容必须包括所有要点 ...


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[考试宝典]2011职称英语保过班基础班 第16讲 分词

   "南无般若龙树" 复习前请先诚恳地念三遍:"南无般若龙树",然后粉用功地复习据说可以借来龙树的智慧,也就是说学习效果会得到大大 提高。 请大家务必认真复习有好资料再加上一定的努力,必定一次通过考试!! ! 分词有两种,一种是现在分词,一种是过去分词。 分词有两种,一种是现在分词,一种是过去分词。现在分词一般有主动、进行的意思,过去分词一般 有被动、完成的意思。分词(短语)在剧中可以起四大成分作用:表语,定语,状语和宾语补足 四大成分作用:表语,定语, ...


   英语四级短对话听力猜答案技巧 锦囊妙计 1:听到什么就不选什么 “听到什么就不选什么”是一个非常有风险的“技巧”,可是,正如风险投资一样, 风险越高, 其回报率也就越高。 如果听到的内容实在太难, 你根本就没有听到具体在说什么, 而只是听到了片言只语,那么,对于短对话题来说,你还有什么办法能起死回生?这时能够 救命的只有这条计策了。 本妙计何以能够成立?其依据是什么? 由于短对话太“短”了,由一来一回两三句话构成,考点挖掘的余地就是对话里那几 个词, 因此, 命题者就必然要在选项上做文章, ...