㈠、基本型 写出下列名词的复数形式:
  1. pencil-box
  2. wife
  3. Sunday
  4. city
  5. dress
  6. Englishman
  7. match
  8. Chinese
  9. zoo
  10. exam
  11. German
  12. I have a lot of (作业) to do every day.
  13. His (裤子) are new, but mine are old.
  14. It is the best one of the (照片) in my family.
  15. Are they building any (图书馆) in the city?
  16. Can you cut this big pear into two (半)?
  17. At the end of (八月), you must get ready for the new school year.
  18. Trees are planted in most of the mountain v.
  19. I like a. It’s neither hot nor cold.
  20. T comes after Monday. ㈡、提高型来源: June 1st is Day all over the world.
A. Child’s B. Childs’ C. Children’sD. Childrens’ September 10th is Day in China, isn’t it? A. Teacher’sB. Teachers’C. TeacherD. Teacher of is made of . A. Glass; glassB. A glass; glassC. Glasses; glasses D. A glass; glasses This is news. A. such a good B. a very good C. so good a D. such good What it is! Let’s go swimming. A. a fine weatherB. fine dayC. a fine dayD. bad weather They like Chinese . A. food and peoples B. foods and people C. foods and people D. food and people Lucy and I go to school every day. A. on feetB. on footC. by footsD. by buses
  8. ?Are those ? -No, they aren’t. They’re . A. sheep; cowsB. sheep; cowC. sheeps; cow D. sheeps; cows
  9. What are you listening to, Jane? or ? A. a music; a newsB. music; newsC. music; newsD. music; a news How many and are there in your class? A. boy student; girl onesB. girls students; boys ones
C. boys student; girl oneD. girl students; boy ones
  11.A group of are talking with two over there. A. Frenchmen; GermansB. Frenchmen; Germen C. German; FrenchmenD. Germans; Frenchmans
  12. That bus driver drank two . A. glass of waterB. glasses of watersC. cups of teaD. cup of tea
  13. Mrs. Smith is an old friend of . A. Bob’s motherB. Bob’s mother’sC. mother of BobD. Bob mother’s
  14. The tall man with a big nose is teacher. A. Tom and CarlB. Tom’s and Carl’sC. Tom and Carl’s
  15. There is tree in our school. A. a 8-metres-tallB. an-8-metre-tallC. an 8 metres tall
㈢、综合型 In time, those mountains will be covered with trees. A.fewyear B. a few years’ C. few years D. a few year’s
  2. Did you hear the report? A. policeB. policemen’s C. policemans’D. policemens’

  3. We bought for my mother’s birthday. A. some meatsB. some pieces meatC. a piece of meatD. pieces of meats
  4. ?Whose is this new desk?-It’s . A. Sue and Jim’sB. Sue and JimC. Sue’s and Jim’s
  5. ?Would you like coffee?-No, thanks. I’ve drunk two __. A.any; bottles of orangeB. little; bottle of oranges C. some; bottles of orangeD. a few; bottle of orange
  6. ?How many do you want?-Two, please. A. kilos of eggB. kilo of eggsC. kilos of eggsD. kilo of bread
  7. The railway station is two from our house. A. hour’s drive B. hours’ driveC. hour-drive D. hours drive
  8. ?Where are you going, Lucy?-. A. To my uncleB. To my uncle’sC. At my uncleD. At my uncle’s
  9. Have you read ?A. a newspaper of today’s B. today newspaper C. today's newspaper
  10. There’re a lot of down there, but hardly any . A. horse; peopleB. horses; peoplesC. cow; peopleD. sheep; people
  11. Lucy put a lot of in of tea. (2000 西安) A. sugar; the two cupB. sugars; the two cups
C. sugar; the two cupsD. sugars; two cups
  12. Mr. Lin often gives us by e-mail. (2000 上海) A. some good informationB. some good informations C. good informationsD. a good information
  13. ?Is this your room?-No, it’s room.(2000 广州) A. box of appleB. boxes of applesC. box of apples D. boxes of apple
  17. ?Help yourself to some . -Thank you. I really like them.(2001 汕头) A. fishB. orangeC. breadD. cakes
  18. This is an old photo of mine when I . (2001 吉林) A. have short hairs B. had short hairs C. have short hair D. had short hair
  19. Where is sweater? I can’t see it.(2001 四川) A. LucyB. LucysC. Lucy’s
  20. The little baby has two already.(2001 天津) A. toothB. toothsC. teethD. teeths
  21. We all had last month. Did you travel to anywhere? A. seven days’ holidayB. seven day’s holiday C. seven-days holidayD. a seven-days holiday

  22. Yesterday a few came to visit some in Shantou. A. German; places of interestB. Germans; places of interests C. Germans; places of interestD. Germen; places of interest
  23. When autumn comes, of most trees turn yellow and then fall down. A. leafB. leafsC. leave D. leaves
冠词练习 1
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  1. There is “M” and “Y” in the word “my”. A. an, a B. a, an C. an, an
  2. English is difficult subject for most of students. A. /, a, the B. The, a, the C. The, the, the
  3. I’m going to learn second language in second grade. A. a, a B. the, / C. a, the
  4. My sister was ill in bed, and my mother was sitting on bed
by her.
A. /, the (
B. /, /
C. the, the
  5. We have lunch at school on weekdays and we enjoy lunch very
much. A. /, the ( B. /, / C. a, /
  6. We can’t see sun at night. But we can see the moon and
the stars. A. the, the ( B. the, / C. a, /
  7. My brother likes playing football very much, but he doesn’t like football I bought him for his birthday. A. the, the B. /, the C. the, /
  8. teacher and writer is still in our school. A. The, the B. A, a C. The, /
  9. Jim was made of Class Three. A. monitor B. a monitor C. the monitor
  10. From then on began looking for ways to go into . A. man, space B. the man, space C. man, the space
  11. More college raduates would like to work in west part of our
country next year. A. the, the B. /, / C. the, /
  12. There is old man standing there. old man looks worried. A. an, An B. an, The C. the, The
  13. The football players from USA live in Room Nine. A. the, / B. /, the C. an, /
  14. We’re invited to have supper with Whites tomorrow. A. the, the B. /, the C. the, /
  15. Last year my cousin Mary was university student of
physics. A. a, the ( help poor. A. the, the, the ( B. the, a, a C. /, the, the B.an, the C. a, /
  16. There’re many poor people in world. I think rich must
  17. Tom, do you know girl in blue? A. the, the B. the, / C. a, /
  18. Lesson One is very difficult lesson, but it is not most difficult one in Book One. A. a, the B. the, the C. a, a
  19. Is Canada English-speaking country?
Yes. And Canadians speak French, too. A. a, / ( B. an, / C. a, the
  20. Yellow River is second longest river in China. A. The, / B. /, the C. The, the
Key: 1-5: AACAA 6-10: BBCAA 11-15: CBABC
16-20: ABABC



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