Unit 5 Topic 1 section B How do you feel and why ?
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Leading in
If you were he or she , How do you feel and why?
After won the first~~
After the earthquake~~
Late for class ~~
After getting gifts
New lesson Look and say
※why only kangkang and his mother here ,where is his friends ? ※what ‘s happened ? ※ how do they feel?
Listen and answer
?Listen to the tape carefully then Read in roles .
Found the answers to the questions
? . Why isn’t Michael able to come to Kangkang's house ? 1 ecause he has a temperature. Because B ? 2 How does Mr. Lee feel?
He is surprised .
Detail learning
New words
☆upset [?p?set] adj. 心烦的, 心烦的,苦恼的
upset. E.g.: He feels upset.
☆ sound
How does he feel?
E.g. She sounds upset
New words
praizd] adj. ☆ surprised [s?? 惊奇的;惊讶的,吃惊的, 惊奇的;惊讶的,吃惊的,表示震惊的 E.g. E.g. He feels surprised surprised at 。。感到诧异 对。。感到诧异
☆ Be
How does Mr zhou feel?
Read 3a again, discuss and complete the table. Name Kangkang Michael’s mother Mr. Lee Feeling sorry upset surprised Reason Michael isn’t able to come. Her son has a temperature. He can go to the movies.
Look and say
E.g.: A: How does kangkang feel? B : He feels sorry! A :Why does he feel sorry ? B : Because Michael isn’t able to come.
Listen and complete the sentences. (very) excited
  1. Mr.Lee felt to have a ticket but sorry for Michael. (really) beautiful
  2. The music in the movie sounded .
  3. The parents felt happy to see the movie together.
  4. The children wereglad to have supper at sorry Kangkang’ house. But they felt for Michael. nice delicious
  5. The food smelt and tasted .
Kangkang’s parents got everything ready for supper at 5:30 on Saturday afternoon. Then they left for the movie theater. They met Maria’s and Jane’s parents and Mr. Lee at the gate of the movie theater. Mr. Lee felt excited to have a ticket but sorry that Michael was ill. The music in the movie sounded really beautiful. They felt happy to see the movie together. The children were glad to have supper at Kangkang’s house. The food smelt nice and tasted delicious. They had a good time together. But they missed Michael and felt sorry for him.
? you know that Michael is ill, kangkang will gave Michael a call . Work in group of two, Suppose you are Kangkang and your partner is Michael. ? Make a conversation with your partner, What would you talk about ?.
Pair work
K: Hi, this is Kangkang. Is that Michael ? M: Hi, this is Michael speaking. K: I feel sorry for the mews that you are ill, does your head still feel painful? do you feel better now ? M: yes, I feel much better now, thank you. K: you are welcome ,we all hope you can recover soon and wish we can have a party next weekend M: ~~ K:~~ M :bye-bye k :bye-bye

  1.Learn new words and phrases: Surprised upset
  2. Learn to ask feelings How do you feel? why? Does she/he sounds/looks~~? 3 learn to express feelings and explain it? I feel ~~,because~~ I feel ~~ for ~~
According to 3a, suppose you were Kangkang, you are talking with Michael on the phone. Please make a dialog about this in 80-100 words.


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