2010-2011 学年度 09 级英语期末考试复习题(091/092/0
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A in volts; in; in parallel B in volts; with; in series C with volts; in; in parallel D in volts; with; in parallel ( ) 5 These presents the red papers. A is packed with B is packed in C are packed with D are pack with ( ) 6 Tom is always others. A protected against B protecting against C protects from D protecting from ( ) 7 The power used main electrical circuits is much larger, so this power may be measured KW. A in; in B in; with C for; in D for; with ( ) 8 I told the children to the fire. A keep from B keep away from C keep off D keep out ) 9 She reminds me I should do my homework. A that B about C of D/ ) 10 This machine used wet cutting. A is widely; to B is mainly; in C is mainly; for D is commonly; to ) 11 I have two apples, one is for you, is for Lily. A anther B others (找出划线部分读音与所给音 ⅠWords (5 points) ) 标相同的单词) ( ) 1 【?u】 position B shock C gross A D import ( )
  2【ei】 trade A B hazard C storage D charge ( ) 3 【i:】 ship A B freeze C site D reliable ( ) 4 【?】 plus B distribute C fuse D harmful ? A ( ) 5 【e】 related B equal C net A D performance ( ) 6 【ju】 insulate B plug C curve D instrument A ( ) 7 【i】 highlight A B life C pipe D circuit
Ⅱ Choose (10 points)
( ) 1 I just want to that everything is OK. A be sure B make sure C sure D makes sure
( ) 2 With the switch open, the circuit is , so electricity cannot flow and the lamp is . A broken; on B broken; off C closed; off D closed; on ( ) 3 Is here? No, Li Ming has asked for leave. A anybody B everybody C nobody D somebody
( ) 4 Voltage is measured , V. And it is measured a voltmeter, connected .
2010-2011 学年度 09 级英语期末考试复习题(091/092/0
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In parallel, each component has the same voltage. 3 Safety is the first important thing at any worksite. For workers at worksite, safety signs are not just signs; they are the first line of defense against dangerous conditions. 4 他除了会说英语外还会说日语。 5 我们要保护野生动物免遭杀害。 the fire. (远 6 这是一组有趣的数字。 a high fever. (从……开始) heating. (主 C the other D the others ( ) 12 Safety signs are the first line of dangerous conditions. A defensing against B defense from C defense off D defense against
Ⅲ Completion (20 points)
1 This cake 2 Packages should transportation. (适合于) 3 I told the children 离) 4 Her illness 5 This machine three parts. (被分成) long distance
Ⅴ Reading (30 points)
Passage 1 Films in West-city Cinema this week WORLD WITHOUT KUNGFU HUSTLE THIEVES ? Chinese Hong Kong film ? Chinese film (20
  04) (20
  04) ? Dircected ( 导 演 ) by ? Directed by Zhou Xingchi Feng Xiaogang ? Mainly acted by Zhou ? Mainly acted by Dehua, Liu Ruoying, Liu Xingchi, Yuan Hua, Liang Xiaolong
要用于) 6 put the shipping mark on each package fr transportation. (有必要)
Ⅳ Translation (10 points)
1 In order to keep problems from getting worse, it is necessary to use proper safety signs and reminds people to take the proper precautions. 2 There are two ways of connecting components: In series, each component has the same current.
2010-2011 学年度 09 级英语期末考试复习题(091/092/0
Ge You, Li Bingbing ? From Monday Wednesday, at 8:00 p.m. ? Ticket Price: RMB ?35

  3. Children can pay only when they want to see a film on Sunday. A. ?5 B. ?10 C. ?15 D. ?20
  4. You can see the film on Saturday. A Troy B Harry potter C A World without Thieves D Kung Fu Hustle
  5. Which of the following is TRUE? A Liu Dehua acted in the film Kung Fu Hustle. B The ticket price of the four films is the same. C All the films start 8 o’clock in the evening. D The four films were released(发行) in the same year. Passage 2 Birthday tradition Birthday traditions are different around the world. In the United States children often celebrate a birthday with a party. They give presents and serve cake and ice cream. Children in Korea celebrate in a different way. The eat seaweed soup and ice cakes. Koreans serve seaweed soup because it is healthful. Guests to the birthday party may wear traditional clothes called hanbok. At a birthday in Canada, children look for a coin in the cake. When the children play party games, the child who
? From Wednesday to Friday, at 8:00 p.m. ? Ticket price: RMB ?40
HARRY POTTER (III) TROY ? American film (20
  04) ? American film (20
  04) ? Directed by Alfonso Cuaron ? Directed by Wolfgang ? Mainly acted by Daniel Petersen Radcliffe, Rupert Grint. ? Mainly acted by Julian Emma Waston Glover, Brian Cox, Nathan ? From Friday to Sunday, at Jones, Adoni Maropis 7:30 p. m. ? From Tuesday to ? Ticket Price: RMB ?30 Thursday, at 8:00 p. m. (Half on Sunday for children) ? Ticket Price: RMB ?45
  1. You can see foreign films in West-city Cinema this week. A. one B. two C. three D. four
  2. If you want to see the film which was directed by Feng Xiaogang, go to the cinema on . A. Monday C. Friday B. Thursday D. Saturday
2010-2011 学年度 09 级英语期末考试复习题(091/092/0
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Many people have a problem of bad table manners(餐 桌 礼 仪 ). Here are some important rules you should follow. ?Turn off your mobile phone during a meal. Don’t answer the call. If you have to, let your friends know. Then you can leave the table and talk outside. ?Wait until everyone gets his or her food before eating. If you are a visitor, wait for the host(主人) to begin eating. ?Eat with your mouth closed. If there is food in your mouth when someone speaks to you, wait until you finish eating it. Then speak to him or her. ?Always say “Thank you” to the waiters or waitresses. Being impolite to them is bad. If you do not like your food, let the waiters or waitresses know politely and they will change it for you. True of False (write down F or T) ( ) 1 If you have a very important phone call during a meal, you can tell your friends and talk outside. ( ) 2 You can eat first at the dinner table as a visitor. ( ) 3 You’d better not speak to others when there is food in your mouth. ( ) 4 You can be impolite to the waiter if your food is bad. finds the coin goes first. It’s said that Germans were the first people to have birthday parties for children. Parents place a wooden wreath with candles on the table. They light a tall candle in the middle, the “life” candle, every year until their child becomes 12 years old. 1 How many countries are mentioned in this text? ( ) A5 B4 C3 D2 2 In , they eat seaweed soup and ice cakes. ( ) A America B Canada C China D Korea 3 In Canada, children look for a in the cake and play .( ) A coin; piano B coin; party games C flowers; cards D wreath; party games 4 were the first people to have birthday parties for children. ( ) A Germany B Canadians C Germans D Chinese 5 In Germany, people place a birthday on the table and light the .( ) A cake; candles B ice cream cake; life candles C wreath; life candle D wreath; candle Passage 3
2010-2011 学年度 09 级英语期末考试复习题(091/092/0
corrugated carton, wood, plastics such as PVC, expanding 5 plastics such as EPE, EPS, etc.
) 5 This passage mainly talks about table etiquette.
Ⅵ Cloze (15 points)
There are two ways of connecting components: In series, each component has t s c . In parallel, each c has the same voltage. If several lamps a c in series, they will all be switched o and o together by a s connected anywhere in the c . If one lamp b , all the lamps will go o because the circuit is b . The lamps on a Christmas tree are connected in s . If several lamps are connected in p , each one has the full supply v . The lamps in buildings or m in w are c in this way.
Ⅶ Correct (10 points)
The product will be pack with strong materials 1 and the package should be suitable of long distance 2 transportation and well protecting the produce 3 from moisture, shock, rust, temperature variation and rough handle. The common package materials can be



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