Henry was an office worker in a big city. Henry was an office worker in a big city. He worked very hard and enjoyed traveling in his holidays. He usually went to the seaside, but one year he saw an advertisement in a newspaper. “Enjoy country life. Spend a few weeks at West Hill Farm. Good food. Fresh air. Horse riding. Walking. Fishing. Cheap and interesting.” “This sounds a good idea,” he thought. “I’ll spend a month at West Hill Farm. I think I can enjoy horse riding, walking and fishing. They’ll make a change from sitting by the seaside and swimming.” He wrote to the farmer. In the letter he said that he would like to spend all of July there. Then on the first of July, he left for West Hill Farm. But four days later, he returned home. “What was wrong with West Hill Farm?” his best friend, Ed, asked him. “Didn’t you enjoy country life?” “Country life was very good,” Henry said. “But there was another problem.” “Oh. What?” “Well,” he said, “the first day I was there a sheep died, and we had roast mutton for dinner.” “What's wrong with that?” Ed asked. “Fresh meat is the best.” “I know, but on the second day a cow died, and we had roast beef for dinner.” “Lucky you!” “You don't understand,” Henry said. “On the third day a pig died and we had roast pork for dinner.” “A different meat every day,” Ed said loudly, “ and you are complaining!” “Let me finish,” Henry said. “On the fourth day the farmer died, and I didn't dare (敢) stay for dinner!”
  1.How did Henry find out about the farm? A. He saw it in a newspaper advertisement. B. His best friend told him. C. He wrote to the farmer. D. Maybe he learned it from the radio.
  2. Henry came back home several days later because . A. he didn't like the country life at all B. the farmer wasn’t friendly to him C. his holiday was over D. he thought he might have to eat the farmer
  3. “…and you are complaining!”, the word “complain” means . A.夸奖 B.解释 C.抱怨 D.故弄玄虚
  4.Which of the following sentences is true? A. Ed could eat a different kind of meat every day. B. Henry thought he could enjoy a change. C. Henry couldn't think of anything else to do, so he went to the farm. D. The farmer died because of the bad meat he ate.
  5.Which is the best title for the passage? A. What a beautiful farm! B. Have a good time. C.A short holiday D. Henry and the farmer. A farmer had a cow. A farmer had a cow. He took very good care of this cow and one day when it was ill, he was very worried. He telephoned the vet. “What’s the problem?” The vet asked him when he arrived. “My cow’s ill,” the farmer said. “I don’t know what's the matter with her. She’s lying down and won’t eat. She’s making a strange noise.”
The vet looked over the cow. "She’s certainly ill," he said, "and she needs to take some very strong medicine." He took a bottle out of his box, put two pills into his hand and said, "Give her these. The pills should make her better." “How should I give them to her?” the farmer asked. The vet gave him a tube (管子)and said, "Put this tube in her mouth, then put the pills in the tube and blow. That’ll make it." The next day the vet came to the farm again. The farmer was sitting outside his house and looked more worried. “How’s your cow?” the vet asked. “No change,” the farmer said, “and I’m feeling very strange myself.” “Oh?” the vet said, "Why?" “I did what you said,” the farmer answered. “I put the tube in the cow’s mouth and then put two pills down it.” “And?” the vet asked. “The cow blew first,” the farmer said.
  1. In the story, the vet must be . A. the farmer's friend B. a milk factory C. a hospital for cows D. a doctor for animals
  2.The farmer asked the vet for help when his cow A. couldn't lie down B. didn't eat the pills C. couldn't make any noise D. was ill
  3.What medicine did the vet give the farmer? A. Bottle of pills. B. A long tube. C. Two pills. D. A small box.
  4.The vet taught the farmer how . A. to blow the tube B. to make the cow take the pills C. to take the medicine D. to put the tube in his mouth
  5.Which of the following is true? A. The farmer ate the pills himself. B. The cow got better after taking the medicine. C. The vet came to help the farmer change the cow the next day. D. The farmer waited for the vet outside his house the next day. Ellen Parker was worried about her health. Ellen Parker was worried about her health. She could not walk very quickly and it was difficult for her to climb stairs. She was soon out of breath (气喘吁吁). “I suppose I had better go to the doctor,” she thought. She went to the doctor and told him her problem. “I’m not surprised at all,” he said. “It’s obvious what your problem is.” He looked her over then gave her some advice. “If you don’t do what I say, Mrs. Parker,” he said, “you will have a heart attack. It could kill you.” Ellen Parker was very worried as she left the doctor’s. She knew that she had to take his advice but that it would not be easy and it would take time. The next day she went shopping. The first shop she went into was a butcher’s shop (肉铺). “I’d like ten pounds of steak (牛排), please,” she said. “Certainly, madam,” the butcher replied and went into the cold room and found a large piece
of steak. He brought the huge piece of meat back into the shop and put it on the scale (秤). “That’s just under ten pounds,” he said. “That big enough,” Mrs. Parker said. The butcher worked out the price. “At $
  4.99 a pound that will be $
  49.50, please. Would you like me to cut it up into smaller pieces for you?” “Oh, I don’t want to buy the meat,” Mrs. Parker said. “If you don’t want to buy it,” the butcher replied angrily, “why did you ask me to get it for you?” “My doctor told me that I am over-weight and I have to lose ten pounds. I wanted to see what ten pounds of meat looked like.”
  1. Why did Ellen Parker visit the doctor? A. She had had a heart attack. B. She had a problem with her health. C. She was unhappy about her weight. D. She could not sleep well.
  2. What did the doctor advise her to do? A. To lose weight. B. To eat more meat. C. To come and see him again. D. To look after her heart.
  3. Why did Ellen Parker ask for ten pounds of steak? A. She wanted to buy some for dinner. B. She wanted to lose weight. C. Her doctor had told her to eat steak. D. She wanted to see what ten pounds of meat looked like.
  4. What was Ellen Parker's real problem? A. She ate too much steak. B. She weighed too much. C. The doctor did not know. D. She could not walk very quickly.
  5. What did the doctor think might happen to Ellen? A. She might put on more weight. B. She might stop eating too much. C. She might have a heart attack. D. She might go to another doctor. Several years ago, a television reporter was talking to three of the most important people in America. One was a very rich banker, another owned one of the largest companies in the world, and the third owned many buildings in the center of New York. The reporter was talking to them about being important. “How do we know if someone is really important?” the reporter asked the banker. The banker thought for a few moments and then said, “I think anybody who is invited to the White House to meet the President of the United States is really important.” The reporter then turned to the owner of the very large company. “Do you agree with that?” she asked. The man shook his head, “No. I think the President invites a lot of people to the White House. You’d only be important if while you were visiting the President, there was a telephone call from the president of another country, and the President of the US said he was too busy to answer it.” The reporter turned to the third man. “Do you think so?” “No, I don’t.” he said. “I don’t think that makes the visitor important. That makes the President important.” “Then what would make the visitor important?” the reporter and the other two men asked.
“Oh, I think if the visitor to the White House was talking to the President and the phone rang, and the President picked up the receiver, listened and then said, ‘it’s for you.’”
  1.This story happened in . A. England B. America C. Japan D. Australia
  2.There are in this passage. A. two men and two women B. three men and one woman C. three women and one man D. four women
  3.The banker thought . A. he was really important because he was a rich banker B. the visitor to the White House was really important C. the visitor who met the President of the United States in the White House was really important. D. the reporter was really important
  4.The owner of the very large company thought . A. she was really important because she owned one of the largestcompanies B. the banker was really important. C. the owner of many buildings in the center of New York was really important D. the visitor would be really important if while he was visiting the President, the President would not answer any telephone call
  5.The owner of many buildings thought . A. he was really important because he owned many buildings in the center of New York B. the owner of the very large company was really important C. the visitor was really important if he talking to the President and the President received a telephone call for the visitor D. the person who worked in the White House was really important



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