Unit 6
Topic 1 section B
What’s in/on/under...?There is/are… Is/Are there…? Yes , there is/are. No, there isn’t/aren’t.
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dining room
living room
Good morning, boys and girls!
猜猜我在哪? Where am I? 猜猜我在哪?
What’s on/in/ under the box? There is/are…
in on
Where is the chair? It’s near the desk.
Where is the desk? It’s near the chair.
Next to
Listen to me!
(听录音,完成任务) 听录音,完成任务)
1a Fill in the blanks after listening to the dialogue.
  1.There is a the study. sofa in near the desk.
  2. There is a , a computer and , lamp books on some the desk.
  3. There is a clock the wall. on to next my family photo.

  2. Look, listen and complete. Mom: What’s complete.
  2. Look, listen and the table? Mom: What’s the some keys. I think Bob: table? on Bob: There’re some keys. I think they’re Judy’s. they’re Judy’s. Judy: Oh, yes, are myare my . they keys Judy: Oh, yes, they . Mom: Don’t put here. Put them Mom: Don’t put them them here. Put them away, please. away,please. Judy: OK, Mom. Judy: OK, Mom.
Dad: What’s behind the door? Jeff:There’s a soccer ball behind it. I think it’s Alan’s. Alan: Oh, yes, it’s mine. My dog is playing with it. Dad: Put it away, please. You must look after your things. Alan: OK, Dad.
Welcome to my room ! (欢迎)
It’s my room !
It’s my room !
keys dresser chair baseball bed table sofa plant computer game drawer books
dresser chair drawer books table sofa
baseball bed
computer game
dresser chair bed sofa plant drawer
Clean(干净 干净) 干净
Untidy (不干 不干 净) Hello!
We should keep our things clean and tidy. 我们应该保持一切干净和整洁.
Translate the Chinese into English.
  1.在桌子下有一本书。 在桌子下有一本书。 在桌子下有一本书
  2. 在书橱里有一些书。 在书橱里有一些书。

  3. 在地上有一个篮球。 在地上有一个篮球。
  4. 在椅子旁边有一些篮球。 在椅子旁边有一些篮球。
  5. 在门的后边有一个书包。 在门的后边有一个书包。
  6. 在小汽车的前边有一些小孩
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