25. -Let’s fruit salad for lunch. -OK, good idea. A. go B. make C. do D. get ( ( )
  26. Class 9 had a great time on the school trip. They were very . A. sad B. clever C. sorry D. happy )
  27. -What did you do last Sunday? -We many photos at the park. A. take B. takes C. took D. taking ( )
  28. -What do you want to do for vacation? -I my grandmother. A. visit B. am going to visit C. visited D. visiting ( ( ( )
  29. Eliza won the first prize. She played beautiful piano piece. A. a B. an C. the D. 不填 )
  30. All the movie theaters are good, but the Screen City is in our town. A. good B. better C. a best D. the best )
  31. Uncle Martin held a yard sale. But one came because the weather was so bad. A. some B. every C. any D. no ( )
  32. -I have a toothache. -Maybe you should see a . A. dentist B. friend C. driver D. pilot ( ( )
  33. It is much today than yesterday. I need to put on my coat. A. cold B. warm C. colder D. warmer )
  34. -How can you do your homework the music is so loud? -Well, I’ll turn it off. A. because B. when C. for D. where ( )
  35. -There aren’t enough snacks for the party. Did you buy ? -No, I didn’t. I bought everything they had in the shop. A. little B. less C. more D. most 六. 完形填空(共 15 分,每小题 1 分) 阅读下面两篇短文,根据短文内容,从
  36-50 小题所给的 A、B、C、D 四个选项中, 选择最佳选项。 (A) New Year’s Resolution Survey Results We got over 1,000 letters, faxes and e-mails from our readers about their New Year’s Resolutions. Many readers are going to work lots of readers are going to play more vegetables. Some girls said parents are going to communicate better language 42 40 41 37 38 36 in school this year. To be healthy, 39 . Some and some readers said they are going to eat are going to exercise more to
the subjects their children learn at school. They want to their kids. An old lady said she found a job as a foreign
. She is going to teach in China next year.
( ( ( ( ( ( (

  36. A. higher )
  37. A. music )
  38. A. she )
  39. A. go out )
  40. A. study )
  41. A. with )
  42. A. cook
B. harder B. they
C. faster D. you
D. earlier D. the games
B. the guitar C. sports C. he
B. have fun C. keep fit D. get up B. watch B. of C. in B. doctor C. think D. at C. worker D. teacher D. pass
(B) Maria was a 42-year-old lady. She always said she had one of the world’s best 43 . She worked for National Park Service at the Statue of Liberty (自由女神雕像)in New York City. “ 44 come here from all over the world, ”Maria said. “Helping them 45 .” 46 47 . Then she helped visitors see the exhibits in the famous statue. In the museum, Maria often 50 me my exercise. There are 154 steps learn about‘Lady Liberty’is really to Liberty Island, where the statue the museum. The museum is talked with visitors 49 48
Maria began her day just like one of the visitors. She took a fifteen-minute boat
they climbed to the statue’s crown. (皇冠). “It’s fun to talk
with all these people, ”she said. “Besides, it on the way to the crown. ” ( )
  43. A. jobs B. places ( ( ( ( ( ( ( )
  45. A. boring )
  46. A. run )
  47. A. rested )
  48. A. on )
  49. A. as )
  50. A. plans
C. parks D. museums

  44. A. Readers B. Learners C. Reporters D. Visitors B. interesting C. special D. terrible B. hike B. over B. until B. gives C. ride D. travel C. made D. stood C. inside D. behind C. for D. though C. helps D. does B. stayed
阅读部分(共 26 分) 七. 阅读理解(共 22 分,每小题 2 分) 阅读下面三篇短文, 根据短文内容, 从第
  51-61 小题所给的 A、 C、 四个选项中, B、 D 选择最佳选项。 A Mother’s Day is an important day. It’s a day children can show their mothers how much they love them. On Mother’s Day, many children give flowers to their mothers. This makes them very happy. Mrs. Green lived in a small street. She had a flower shop. People who lived near her store were poor. The children didn’t have money to buy flowers. Mrs. Green helped them. The children worked one hour for Mrs. Green. They cleaned the windows in the store.
Then Mrs. Green gave them some flowers to take home for their mothers. The mothers had a nice Mother’s Day. Both the mothers and children were happy. ( )
  51. On Mother’s Day, children give to their mothers. A. flowers B. cards C. foods D. clothes ( )
  52. Mrs. Green lived in a street. A. big B. small C. clean D. dark ( )
  53. The children worked one for Mrs. Green. A. hour B. week C. month D. year ( )
  54. The children in the store. A. made tea B. washed the car C. watered flowers D. cleaned the windows B Simon plays the part in “The Little Angel”(天使)at the Landers Theater. Want to go? What: “The Little Angel” 7:30 p.m. today, Thursday When: 2:30 and 7:30 p.m. Saturday 2:30 p.m. Sunday Where: The Landers Theater, 311 E. Walnut St. Tickets: $ 8 for people over 18; $ 6 for kids 14, younger and students, are sold 30 minutes before each show Call: 869-1334 Also: Art teacher Jan Myers’ first and second grade students at Shady Dell and Watkins elementary schools created more than 100 angels, which are exhibited in the Landers Theater.
  55. When can you see the play? A. At 2:30 p.m. on Thursday. B. At 2:30 p.m. on Saturday. C. At 7:30 p.m. on Friday. D. At 7:30 p.m. on Sunday.
  56. If your parents take you to see the play, you should pay for the tickets. A. $14 B. $20 C. $22 D. $24
  57. Which of the following statements is true? A. Simon will sing a song in the play. B. You can call 869-1334 to talk to the actors. C. Students will play 100 angels at the theater. D. Students’ works will be shown in the theater. C
A Japanese toy maker speaks out that they made a gadget (小配件)that translates (翻译)dog bark(狗叫)into people’s language and plans to sell the gadget in U.S. pet stores and gift shops this summer. Tokyo-based Takara Co. Ltd(有限公司)says about 300,000 of the dog translating gadgets have been sold since it was on sale in Japan late last year. They think far bigger sales come to America in August. The United States is home to about 67 million dogs, more than six times the number in Japan. Regarded as one of the coolest inventions (发明)of 2002 by Time magazine, the gadget translates each bark into six feelings. It can tell whether the dog is happy, sad, disappointed or angry etc. “We know that the Americans love their dogs so much, so we don’t think they will mind spending $ 120 on this gadget, ”the marketing manager said during an interview in America. One thing that seems certain is that the market for animal translation gadgets will likely keep on a dog’s world since Takara has no plans to make a gadget for cats. “They are too changeable, ”the marketing manager said.
  58. This text mainly tells us that . A. the gadget is very expensive B. Japanese made a new gadget C. American dogs can tell their feelings D. Japanese will sell the gadget in America
  59. “They are too changeable. ”means “are too changeable. ” A. Cats B. Dogs C. Stores D. People
  60. We can learn from the text that . A. people need to talk to dogs B. there are more dogs in America than in Japan C. Japanese people don’t like dogs D. they will make a gadget for kids in the future
  61. Takara Co. Ltd. is the sale of its new gadget. A. proud of B. satisfied with C. sure of D. worried about 八. 任务型阅读(共 4 分,每小题 1 分) 阅读下面短文,根据你读到的信息完成表格。 Learning a new language isn’t easy. For many of us, speaking it is the hardest part! Here are some tips (advice)to help you become more comfortable speaking English. Tip 1 When you study, make your mouth do what your mind is learning. If you read aloud, you make your mouth and your mind work. This will help you with both speech and pronunciation(发音) Tip 2 Talk to yourself as much as possible. You need to be comfortable making sounds in English. All over the day, talk to yourself in English! This will help you feel comfortable thinking in English. Then write down what you are saying and read it aloud again.
Tip 3 Have a “study buddy(partner)”. Get together with him or her at least once a week and study together. Speak as much English as you can whenever you meet. Then you can help each other. Helping yourself talk in English Tips What to do Why 1 If you
  62. , you make your mouth do what your mind is learning. Help you with speech and pronunciation. 2 Talk to yourself
  63. possible. And then write down what you are saying and read it aloud again. Help you
  64. thinking in English. 3 Have a “study buddy”. Get together with him or her at least once a week and study together.
  65. 综合语言运用(共 24 分) 九. 词汇(共 6 分,每空 1 分) 请选择方框中的词语填空。只填写字母。 A. had pizza B. watched C. basketball player D. park E. excited F. visited G. day off Yesterday Nick and I had a very nice (
  1) . We (
  2) for lunch. Then we went to a park. At the (
  3), we met a famous (
  4), Yao Ming. After that, we (
  5) a movie about living in the future. We were very (
  6). 十. 根据表格内所提供的信息,完成下面介绍比尔盖茨的短文。(共 8 分,每空 1 分) Name Bill Gates Born in 1955 Place of birth the U.S.A. At the age of 13 start programming When he was 17 years old work out a program and sell it for 4,200 dollars In 1973 go to Harvard University Two years later begin his own company (公司) In 1999 write a book Hobbies enjoy reading and playing golf Bill Gates was born in (
  1) in the U.S.A.. At the (
  2) of 13, he started programming. When he (
  3) 17 years old, he worked out a program and sold (
  4) for 4,200 dollars. In 1973, he (
  5) to Harvard University. Two (
  6) later, he began his own company. In 1999, he wrote a (
  7) on computer. He enjoyed reading (
  8) playing golf.



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