初中英语说课稿 一、说教材(教材分析) Analyzing teaching material
  1. 说课型 lesson type (Dialogue/ reading/ listening/ revision)
  2. 本课在教材中的地位 status and function Lesson 33 Saving the Earth is a dialogue. The lesson is focused on the topic of the problems of the earth and the functional items of Supposition/ Intentions/ conjecture/ Prohibition. Since it is a dialogue / reading. It’s helpful to improve the Ss communicative/ reading ability.
  3. 说教学指导思想 teaching guideline (Teaching syllabus: Language is for communication, develop their four skills, lay special emphasis on reading; Grellet put it well in his book developing reading skills: develop reading skill/ discourse analysis; get them to understand the western culture better; improve the ability to discover, analyze & solve the problems; Reading is for information, for fun; Use Top- down model or Bottom- up model to activate Ss schemata; Interactive model)
  4. 说教学目标和要求 Teaching aims and demands (…be intended for Ss in key schools)
  1)认知目标 knowledge objects a. Enable the Ss to remember the following new words & phrases: Damage, lecture, pollute, pollution, room, standing room, be fit for, hear about, turn into b. Get the Ss to be familiar with this sentence pattern: If the population keeps growing so quickly, there will only be standing room left… Give the Ss a reinforced practice on the functional item Supposition. c. Activate Ss schemata regarding the topic of pollution and help Ss to know more about the problem of pollution.
  2)智能目标 ability objects a. Ask the Ss to make up a similar dialogue. b. Help them to understand the dialogue better and improve the four skills. c. Develop their ability of thinking independently. d. Cultivate their ability to discover, analyze and solve problems.
e. Train them to collect information from the Internet. f. Train them with some effective learning methods to optimize Ss’ learning results.
  3)德育目标 moral objects a. Arouse their interest in learning English; b. Help them to understand the background of pollution. c. Enable the students to love our earth and the nature. d. Be aware of the importance of stopping pollution & protecting out environment. e. Encourage the Ss to do something to save the earth.
  5. 说教学重点 teaching important points (生词、句型;培养阅读技能) a. New words and phrases b. Sentence pattern: If- clause c. improve their reading skills. d. Talking about problems of the Earth.
  6. 说教学难点 teaching difficult points (语法;发展交际能力) a. functional item: Supposition. b. Develop their communicative ability. Act out their own dialogue.
  7. 说教具 teaching aids (multi-media computer, software, OHP) The teaching syllabus says that it’s necessary for teachers to use modern teaching facilities. It’s of great help to increase the class density and improve our teaching result. It can also make the Ss reach a better understanding of the text by making the classes lively and interesting. At the same time, it arouses the Ss’ interest in learning English. 二、说教法 Teaching methods Five step method; audio-video; communicative approach; Task-based learning: New Syllabus Design encourages teachers to use this teaching method. TBLT can stimulate Ss’ initiative in learning and develop their ability in language application. Make the Ss the real masters in class while the teacher himself acts as the director and bring their ability into full play. 三、说学法 Study methods
  1. Teach Ss how to be successful language learners.
  2. Teach Ss how to develop the reading skill ? skim & scan; how to communicate with others; how to learn new words; how to learn independently;

  3. Get the Ss to form good learning habits.
四、说教学过程 Teaching procedures I. 复习 (Revision) 5min (Daily report; 词汇 diagram; brainstorming; activate schemata) Activity 1: Imagination
  1). Suppose a bottle of ink is turned over and dirties your white shirt, what is to be done? (Wash it? Or throw it away?)
  2). Suppose you catch a bad cold, what’s to be done?
  3). Suppose your bike is broken, what’s to be done?
  4). And suppose the earth, on which we all live, is damaged, what’s to be done? * What can you think of when you see “pollution” this word?(waste, environment, air, water, factory, desert, climate... Try to activate the Ss schemata regarding the topic of pollution.) II. 呈现 (Presentation) 5min Activity 2: Presentation Play the song “Earth Song” sung by Michael Jackson. (Create an atmosphere) A lot of pictures and video clips about the causes and results of the three problems mentioned in this lesson will be shown on the screen with the help of the computer. Ss’ presentation on pollution. Attract their attention, arouse their interest, and create a good atmosphere for communication. * Activate their schemata and cultivate their ability in collecting information from the Internet and develop their ability in thinking independently. III. 对话 / 阅读 (Dialogue)18m
  1. Pre- reading Activity 3: Prediction 1st listening/ fast reading, one guided Q to help Ss to get the main idea: What do you think is discussed at the conference?
  2. While- reading Activity 4: Read and answer 2nd listening/ careful reading, more Qs to get the detailed information. Develop their reading skills: skim & scan. Pay attention to the pronunciation, stress & intonation.
* 阅读: Pre-reading; while-reading; post-reading (fast reading/ careful reading; skim/ scan; 识别 关键词 key words;确定主题句;创设信息差 information gap;T or F; 填表格 chart/diagram; Predicting; Make a timeline; Make a story map。 达到对课文的整体理解和掌握。 that they can So have a good understanding of the whole text.)
  3. Post- reading Activity 5: Language focus While Ss are answering the Qs, the teacher deals with some key language points. a. is being caused d. be fit for b. and so on c. go on doing f. if- clause
e. standing room
IV. 操练 (Practice) 10m Activity 6: Retell Use your own words to retell the dialogue in the 3rd person. Activity 7: Acting out Activity 8: Drill ? Supposition Purpose: Practise the functional item of Supposition. (P. 33 Part 2; P.113, wb Ex.
  3) (Retell; act out; role play) V. 巩固 (Consolidation) 6m (Discussion; interview; press conference; debate; quiz) Activity 9: role play Suppose you were head of a village, scientist, journalist and villager, make up a conversation and ask several groups to demonstrate in front of the class. * The Ss are encouraged to use the words and expression_rs like pollution, damage, be fit for, turn into, the if- clause, etc. Activity 10: Discussion Think of the question: Are we causing damage to the world? What should we do to save the earth and protect our environment especially in our daily life? Collect their answers and form a report. VI. 作业 (Homework) 1m (Writing; continue the story; recite; retell) Write a letter to the mayor, telling him sth. about the pollution around your school. 五、说板书 Blackboard design



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