初中英语同步导学初中一年级下Unit3 Reading ? 在各组单词中找出重读位置不同的一个; ( )
  1. A. reception B. question C. minute D. athlete ( )
  2. A. fireman B.explain C. listen D. engine ( )
  3. A.manager B.against C. bottom D. suddenly ( )
  4. A.perfume B. different C. asleep D.restaurant ( )
  5. A. useful B. deli。cious C. allow D.hotel ? 词汇练习。 A. 用所给词的正确形式填空。
  1. The baby is (sleep). Please be quiet.
  2. The phone is (die). It doesn’t work.
  3. For your (safe), please don’t push.
  4. Listen! I can hear a dog (bark).
  5. We use our brain for (think). B.根据所给的首字母,完成下列句子。
  1. John is the m of the hotel.
  2. When there is a fire, try to find the fire e.
  3. A good sense of smell is u for a perfume maker.
  4. A group of f came after the fire alarm went off.
  5. Our team will play a Class 2 on Friday. ? 根据中文提示完成下列句子(每条横线只填一个单词) ? 音乐家通常有好的听觉。 Musicians usually have . ? 几分钟之后,消防员出现了。 A few minutes later, fireman . ? 如果我们不能保持平衡,就会摔倒。 If we can’t ,we’ll . ? 安全第一,请不要在马路上玩耍。 . Please don’t play in the street. ? 这所房子属于谁的? Who does the house ? ? 课文理解。 John F. Dancer was b , so his dog, Charlie, was his e . One day, he stayed in a hotel with Charlie. When he was a , he heard his dog b loudly and he s smoke. S later, the fire alarm went off. He wanted to call the police, but the phone was d . He had to lie on the floor and wait. Minutes later, he heard the sound of a fire e . A fireman s up, so John and Charlie were s . Listening ? 在各组单词中找出划线部分读音不同的词。 ( )
  1. A.programme B. welcome C. mostly D. nose ( )
  2. A.hear B.dear C.bear D. near ( )
  3. A.deaf B.bread C. lead D. dead ( )
  4. A.towel B. know C. borrow D.blow ( )
  5. A. listen B. left C. minute D. taste ? 用适当的介词填空。 ? What going fishing on Sunday? That’s a good Idea.
Good listening is useful blind people. Thank you listening to me. It was my pleasure. ? Where does Meihua sit? She sits my right. ? Where is the fire exit? It’s the end of the corridor. ? Deaf people can do most things any help. ? Mr. Baker lives the 15th floor. ? When the alarm went , I left the building quickly. ? Don’t cross the road when the traffic light turns red. It’s the traffic rules. ? We often use our ears listening. Language & Speaking ? 用适当的代词填空。 ? What is father, Lucy? is a doctor. ? Did have a good time at the party? Yes, we enjoyed . ? What did you give grandma on birthday, Mike? gave a hat. ? What do parents do at the weekend, Jack? often go shopping. ? Help to the delicious food, boys. Thank very much. ? 根据所给单词的正确形式填空。 ? Today I made my lunch (I). ? Many (listen) like this programme very much. ? We use our mouths for (speak). ? Most of us think deaf people hear (well) than other people. ? The child cried (loud) because he couldn’t see his mother. ? 句型转换 ? Mary sits beside me. (就划线部分提问) Mary ? ? They had a good time. (同义句转换) They . ? Deaf people usually can’t speak. (同义句转换) Deaf people usually speak. ? I can do this job without any help. (同义句转换) I can do this job . ? I woke up at 6:30 this morning. (就划线部分提问) you up? ? 根据中文提示完成下列句子(每条横线只填一个单词) ? 在门的左边有一张床。 There is a bed of the door. ? 在左手边的角落里有一台冰箱。 There is a fridge corner. ? 妈妈以我为骄傲。 My mother me.
? ?
我们在暑假里玩得很开心。 We on summer holidays. ? 那位老妇人摔倒了伤着自己。 The old woman and . Test for Unit 3 ? 词组翻译 ? ? 属于 ? 安全第一 ? 警报响起 ? 出现 ? 保持平衡 ? 摔倒 ? 听说 ? 着火 ? 灭火 ? 爬上 ? ? 单项选择 ? Have you the story of Leifeng? Yes, I have. ? hear of B. heard about C. heard from D. heard ? Help to some fish, everyone. ? yourself B. youself C. yourselves D.your ? Just now I saw some students football in the playground. ? were playing B. played C. to play D. playing ? An old man down and himself in the street. ? Where is the picture? It’s above the window. ? Last night, a tall building near my house was fire. ? On B. in C. under D.out of ? A good perfume maker must have a good sense of . A.taste B.smell C. hearing D.sight ? They asked to help to some fish. ? melf B. youself C. yourselves D.your ? Don’t help . He can do it . ? Him… himself B. he… himself C. he… him D. him…he ? Last night when I was , a loud noise woke me up. ? Sleep B. asleep C.slept D. to sleep 选择方框里的单词或词组,并用其正确的形式填空 Go off, show up, seconds later, keep one’s balance, fall down, hear about, put out, book, enjoy oneself, safety first, be proud of ? If you want to listen to the concert, you must a ticket first. ? We at the party last night. ? The firemen tried to the fire with water. ? Every morning I don’t wake up until my clock . ? It’s hard to if we don’t have hands. ? We should our country.
? ,you know, so don’t go swimming alone. ? When the policeman ,the thief left. ? The old woman and hurt herself badly. ? ,the building was on fire after the explosion(爆炸) 补全句子 ? A guide dog is important to a b person.
  2. I always listen to the radio p when I drive to work.
  3. Life is difficult if a person has a d .
  4. A cook often has good s of smell.
  5. I want to know something about the accident. Can you d it to me?
  6. A building was on fire last night and some people were (serious) hurt.
  7. I saw some students (play)football in the rain.
  8. Many person like to(listen) to music on the radio.
  9. I can’t finish the work(with)your help.
  10. Children always enjoy (they) on Children’s Day. 句型转换 ? He came here by bus this morning.(就划线部分提问) here this morning? ? I heard somebody. She was singing in the room.(合并成一句) I in the room. ? Kate is watching TV now. (就划线部分提问) Kate now? ? We had a good time in the park.(同义句转换) We in the park. ? Kate is
  1.5 metres. Lucy is
  1.6 metres. (同义句转换) Lucy is Kate. 课文改写 Last night, when Sun Fei was a , a loud noise whim up. He looked out of the window and saw thick smoke c out of a building. It was on f. People ran out of the building. A group of f came and tried to pout the fire with water. There were some people still inside the building. They cfor help. The firemen ran into the building and cthem out. Some dand nurses came to help the injured. Twenty minutes l, the firemen put out the fire. No one seriously hurt. 根据中文提示完成下列句子 ? 请随便吃些水果和蔬菜,孩子们; to some fruit and vegetables, children. ? 消防员需要有好的嗅觉; Firemen need to have a . ? 带宠物坐公共汽车是违反规定的; It’s to take a bus with your . ? 聋人没有机会听,所以他们不会讲; Deaf people cannot to hear, so they are not able to speak. ? 在十字路口转左,在你的右边可以看到人民医院。 at the crossing, you can see Renmin Hospital on your right.



   初中英语同步导学初中一年级下Unit3 Reading " 在各组单词中找出重读位置不同的一个; ( )1. A. reception B. question C. minute D. athlete ( )2. A. fireman B.explain C. listen D. engine ( )3. A.manager B.against C. bottom D. suddenly ( )4. A.perfume B. different C. asleep D.restaurant ...

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仁爱英语 八年级下册 八下Unit 6 Topic2+Topic3 复习+练习题 PPT

   Everyday Proverb A clear conscience is a soft pillow. 问心无愧,高枕无忧. 问心无愧,高枕无忧 Give ear to the video P33-1a.swf P35-1a.swf P37-1a.swf 短语回顾 收到一张明信片 receive a postcard prepare for an exam be on a vacation You bet! ! make a plan 为考试做准备 在度假 当然 制定计划 短语回顾 在… ...


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   中考英语短语语句 英语短语语句 a bit of 有一点儿 2. a big dinner 一顿丰盛的正餐 3. a bottle of 一瓶 4. a can of 一听,一罐 5. a cup of 一茶杯 6. a few 一些;少数几个 7. a few days ago 几天前 8. a glass of 一玻璃杯 9. a drop of water 一滴水 10. a family of three people 一个三口之家 11. a great many 非常多的 12. ...


   2008 学年度第二学期初一英语备课组工作计划 辛 萍 学生状况分析 初一年级现有学生 88 名,英语水平两级分化严重。上学期末优秀率 46.2%, 及格率 86.8%。一班优秀率 68.8%,合格率 100%。二班优秀率 24.1%,合格率 75.9%。三班优秀率 43.3%,合格率 83.3%。面对学生掌握英语的程度不一,将 继续采用分层教学与整体教学相结合的方式完成教学任务, 进一步提高他们的英 语水平。 从语言技能角度分析, 一班学生的听说读写能力发展不平衡, 听说能力较强, 但缺乏 ...


   年大学英语六级考试笔试大纲。 2010 年大学英语六级考试笔试大纲 国家教委在印发理工科本科和文理科本 科用的两种《大学英语教学大纲》的通知中指出,大纲执行两年后,开始对结束 四、六级学习的学生进行统一的标准化测试。大学英语四级考试 (CET-4)就是根 据这一规定而设计的。 考试的目的在于全面考核已修完大学英语四级的学生是否 达到教学大纲所确定的各项目标。这种考试属于尺度相关常模参照性考试 (criterion-related norm-referenced test)。 教学大纲指出:大 ...


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