初中英语形容词比较级和最高级 初中英语形容词比较级和最高级
写出下列形容词或副词的比较级和最高级。 old young tall long short strong big small fat thin heavy light nice good beautiful low high slow fast late early far well 根据句意填入单词的正确形式:
  1. My brother is two years (old)than me.
  3. Is your sister (young) than you? Yes,she is.
  5. Whose pencil-box is (big),yours or hers? Hers is.
  2. Tom is as (fat) as Jim.
  4. Who is (thin),you or Helen? Helen is.
  6. Mary’s hair is as (long) as Lucy’s.

  7.Ben (jump) (high) than some of the boys in his class.
  8. Nancy sing (well) than Helen? Yes, she .
  9.Fangfang is not as (tall) as the other girls.
  11.Which is (heavy),the elephant or the pig?
  15.The child doesn’t(write) as (fast) as the students. 翻译句子:
  1、谁比 Jim 年纪大?是你。 is than Jim? are is than David? Gao Shan .
  2、谁比 David 更强壮?是 Gao Shan.
  10.My eyes are (big) than (she)..
  12.Who gets up (early),Tim or Tom?

  13.the girls get up(early) than the boys?No,they.
  14. Jim runs (slow). But Ben runs (slow).

  3、 谁的铅笔更长, 他的还是她的?我想是她的。 pencil is ,or?is,I think.
  4、谁的苹果更重,你的姐姐的还是你的弟弟的? 我的弟弟的。 apples ,your or your ?
  6、他和他的朋友 Jim 一样年轻。 My . as as your uncle?Yes,I am. He as as , Jim.

  7、她和她的双胞胎哥哥一样胖吗?不,她比他瘦。 as as twin ? No, than him.
  8.Yang Ling 每天睡得比 SuYang 晚。 Yang Ling to than Su Yang every day.
  9.我跳得和 Mike 一样远。 I as as Mike.
  10.Tom 比你跑得快吗?不是的,他和我跑得一样快。 Tom than you?No,he . He as as.
  11.多做运动,你会更强壮。 more exercise, you’ll be soon.
  12.我的科学很好,但是语文不好。I at Science.But I don’t well in Chinese.
  13. 你放风筝比王兵放得高吗?不,我比他放得低。 youthe kitethan Wang bing?No,Iit than.
  14.我喜欢游泳。我所有的朋友都游得比我慢。I like.All my than me.
  15.我的姐姐起得比我早。 My up than me. the girls the boys? Yes,they .

  17.她不擅长体育。但我跳得没有她高。 She doesn’t in PE. But I don’t than.
  18.你足球踢得比你的同班同学好吗?不,他们踢得和我一样好。 you football than your classmates?No,theyasas me.
  19.我母亲比我父亲年纪小。 My than my .
  20.她的毛衣和我的一样重。 sweater asas. My dress too. I want to aone.

  22. I'm taller than Mike .(改成用原级的比较) 单选题
Mike is as as I. A. good B.well C.best D.the best
( )
  1.Lily is one of students in our class. ( )
  2.Do you like this coat? A.smaller B. cheaper C. cheap D.better
No,I think it’s too expensive.Do you have a one?
( )
  3.Tom likes English than Chinese. A.well B. better C. best ( )
  4.In our school,Lilei runs . A.fast B.faster C.fastest ( )
  5.John’s home is far, but Bill’s home is much.A. far B.farther C. farthest D. the farthest ( )
  6.Which is ,Lesson One,Lesson Two or Lesson Three? A.most interesting B. more interesting C.the most interesting ( )
  8.I’ve got books than you. D. interesting ( )
  7.Do you like the film? Yes, it’s very. A.boring B.dull C. interesting D. more interesting A. many B. much C.more D.most ( )
  9.Of all the four boys, Sam is the . A.well B. better C. best D.good ( )
  10.Taking a plane is than taking a bus. A.much more comfortable B. much comfortable ( )
  11.My coat is new. Your coat is newer. His coat is . ( )
  12.Beijing is and than Tianjin. ( )
  13.Of all the subjects,they like English . ( )
  14.Do you like running? No, I think it’s too. C.the most comfortable D. comfortable A. the newest B. newer C. newest D. new
A.bigger,busier B.big,busy C.biggest,busiest A.best B.better C.good D.well A.tiring B. more tiring C. interesting D.more interesting
( )
  15.Tom is much than his brother. A.good B.best C. the best D.better ( )
  16.This question is of all.A. difficult B.more difficult C. most difficult D. the most difficult ( )
  17.Is your room than Betty’s? A.clean ( )
  19.I think running is than any other sports. ( )
  21.Which is , this one or that one? B. cleaner C. cleanes A. tiring B. the most tiring C. more tiring D. most tiring ( )
  18. Who’s the , Lily, Lucy or Mary? A.old B. older C. oldest D.the oldest ( )
  20.Playing basketball is than playing tennis.A. much exciting B. exciting C. much more exciting A. long B. longer C. the longest D. longest ( )
  22.Changjiang is than any other river in China.A.long B. longer C. the longest D. longest ( )
  23.I run slowly, but he runs much than I. A.slow B.slowly C. more slowly D. more slow ( )
  24.Is this your bike, Jim? No, my bike is much. A. new B. newer C. newest D. the newest ( )
  25.Of all the rivers, this one is . 用括号内所给词的适当形式填空
  1.The Nile is a river. It is than any other river in the world.
  2.She said that it was (happy) day in her life.
  4.Which is (fast), a bike, a car or a bus?
  6.My brother has a very (good) voice(嗓音).
  7.Wang Fang has Chinese Stamps. But Wang Fang has got American stamps than she. (many)
  8.This film is very (interesting) and it’s (good) one I have ever seen.(我看过) (long).
  9.The (sick) boy looks much (tired).
  10.When summer comes, the days are getting
  12.Oh, I’m still (short) than you.
  11.This shirt is (nice), but my mother is looking for a (nice) one for me.
  13.My bike isn’t as (good) as his.
  14.I have only a few friends in Nanjing, but he has friends than me (many).
  15.Last Sunday there was a (friendly) talk among(在…之中) us. In fact it is river in the world. (long)
  3.Who is (tall), Mary or Joan?
  5.Shanghaiis one of (big) cities in China. A.long B.longer C.longest D. the longest



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初一英语 比较级和最高级练习 含答案

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