2011 级英语总复习
构词法-2 构词法
初中英语形容词否定前后缀语法归纳 否定形式 disim规律 例词 dishonest impolite 在字母 p, m, b 前,初中 impossible 英语主要在字母 p 前 impatient incorrect inactive 在字母 r 前 irregular useless careless homeless hopeless endless unimportant unpopular uncomfortable unnecessary unhappy unwelcome (大多数形容词否定前 uncommon unable 缀都是以 un-开头) unfriendly unhealthy unsafe unfair unusual … 中文释义 不诚实的 不礼貌的 不可能的 不耐烦的 不正确的 不活跃的 不规则的 无用的 粗心的 无家可归的 没有希望的 无尽的 不重要的 不流行的 不舒适的 不必要的 不开心的 不受欢迎的,讨厌的 不普通的 不能的 不友好的 不健康的 不安全的 不公平的 不同寻常的
☆特别提醒: ◇初中阶段,形容词否定前缀大多以 un-构成,除去少数几个以-less 否定后缀结尾外,不是 以 un-否定前缀构成的形容词基本上只有 7 个。 即上表中以 dis-, im-, in-, ir-开头的七个例词。换言之,如果把这七个词烂熟于心,那么记 忆形容词否定前缀就将事半功倍。 ◇以 un-开头的形容词其前面的冠词用的是 an。例如:an unusual boy。 ◇dis-否定前缀除了形容词 dishonest 外, 还常常用在动词前构成否定形式, dislike, disagree, 如 disappear 等。 用所给单词的适当形式填空:

  1. You will be (able) to pass the exam if you don’t study hard.
  2. There are lots of (common) kinds of birds in Zhalong. Many people like to go birdwatching there.
  3. It is (necessary) for you to walk the little dog once a week to the park.
  4. It is (important) to keep quiet when you watch the birds and insects.
  5. He feels (happy) because he lost his wallet.
  6. There is a (regular) rain in Sahara desert every year.
  7. Is it (possible) to get to the city by train?
  8. Some people are ( friendly) to birds. They throw stones to them.
  9. Some people feel (happy) that government give poor people such small and (comfortable) flats.
  10. It is (safe) to walk on the street at night.
  11. We should keep students staying away from the (healthy) books.
  12. These trainers are too small. They are (comfortable) to wear.
  13. If someone does not show good manners to others, he is (polite).
  14. Jim never tells lies and he is an (honest) boy.
  15. This girl is so (care) that she often makes mistakes in her homework.
◇江苏 13 城市中考试题汇编◇
  1. It's (friendly) of him to say such bad words to his classmates. (08 常州)
  2. Don't get (patient) about your personal trouble. (08 无锡)
  3. He seemed (friend) at first, but now I've got to know him and I realize he's warm and kind. (08 徐州)
  4. If someone doesn't show good manners to others, he or she is (polite). (08 宿 迁)
  5. It’s so (不公平的)! Mary gets more money for less work. (09 镇江)
  6. The basketball team was (luck) to lose in the final minute of the game. (09 徐 州)
  7. In some ways, the space shuttles travel fast, but the journey to Mars may be very(comfortable). (09 泰州)
  8. it’s (possible) for us to finish so much work within so little time. We need help. (2010 南通)
  9. Simon is such a (honest) person that no one believes him. (2010 扬州)
  10. Don’t be (patient)! You should listen to what he is saying first. (2010 常州)
  11. It is (possible) for me to design the poster without your help. (2010 泰州)
  12. it’s not easy for those superstars to face (无穷无尽的)interviews and doubts. (2010 镇江)
  1. unable
  2. uncommon
  3. necessary
  4. important
  5. unhappy
  6. irregular
  7. possible
  8. unfriendly
  9. unhappy, uncomfortable
  10. unsafe 11, unhealthy
  12. uncomfortable
  13. impolite
  14. honest
  15. careless 江苏 13 城市中考试题汇编
  1. unfriendly
  2. impatient
  3. unfriendly
  4. impolite uncomfortable
  8. impossible
  9. dishonest
  10. impatient
  11. impossible
  12. endless

  5. unfair

  6. unlucky




   26 种英语形容词后缀讲解 1.-able 以“-able”结尾的形容词一般有两种情况: (1)v.+able→adj. 以这种方式构成的形容词其意义为“能……的”、“可以(被)…… 的”、“适 合于……的”、“值得……的”等,即有被动含义。例如:reliable(可以依靠的) , drinkable(可以饮用的 ) ,eatable(可食用的) 。 (2)n.+able→adj. 这种形容词意为“具有……特点的”,如 valuable(有价值的) , reasonable( 有道理的) , ...


   1.Young people like Jay Chou because his music is very. A. useful B. ordinary C. real D. special 2.What do you think of the five Friendlies(福娃 for the 2008 福娃) 福娃 Olympic Games? I love them. They are . A. generous B. creative C. exotic D. personal ...

英语- 形容词

   形容?^ 4 形容?^ 1.<形容?^>是修?蛳薅?lt;名?^>或<代名?^>的字。 2.<形容?^>包括<代名形容?^>,<性r佬稳?^>和{ex量形容 ?^}(<ex量?^>)。 3.<形容?^>的用法有<形容?^的限定用法>,<形容?^的eX述 用法>和<形容?^的其他用法>。 O?),alike(相似的),alone(孤sh的),alive(活著的)等。 【 ...


   形容词 一.定义:形容词(adj.) 主要是用来描述和修饰名词、代词,说明其性质、状态和特征。 形容词主要用来描述事物的大小、形状、颜色等具体特征,也可用来陈述事物的状态等。 二.形容词的特征 1.作定语,常置于被修饰词的前面 He is a good actor. 他是一名好演员。 2.作表语,置于连系动词后面 The baby is still asleep. Will you please make less noise? 宝宝还在睡觉, 你小声点好吗? 3.多数形容词具有比较等级 O ...


   口语形容词: 飘动的 wavy 反光的 gleaming/reflecting 内向的/外向的 introvert/extrovert 抖动的 shaky twitchy 出汗的 sweaty 肿的 swollen 萎靡的 limp depressed 抽象的 symbolic/abstract 刺眼的 gleaming 整洁的 tidy/neat 勇敢的 brave 光辉的 glamorous 透明的 transparent 古怪的 odd/weird 聪明、寡言而衣着不入时、举止不合群的 ...


   Revision of Junior English 初三英语复习 Adjectives and Adverbs 形容词、副词 形容词、 区别几组易混淆的副词、 区别几组易混淆的副词、形容词 ★ already 常用于肯定句、个别疑问句 常用于肯定句、 yet 常用于否定句、疑问句 常用于否定句、 * The train has already gone. * They haven’t come back yet. yet. 修饰形容词、 ★ such 修饰名词 so 修饰形容词、副词 *I ...


   Revision of Junior English 初三英语复习 Adjectives and Adverbs 形容词,副词 形容词, 区别几组易混淆的副词, 区别几组易混淆的副词,形容词 ★ already 常用于肯定句,个别疑问句 常用于肯定句, yet 常用于否定句,疑问句 常用于否定句, * The train has already gone. * They haven't come back yet. yet. 修饰形容词, ★ such 修饰名词 so 修饰形容词,副词 *I ...


   从句按其在复合句中的作用,分为主语从句、表语从句、宾语从句、定语从句和状语从句等。 (参见以 下各条) 3、各从句在句子中的位置以及用法: (1) 表语从句:在句子中作连系动词的表语的从句,它位于主句中的系动词之后。 例如:That is why he did not come to school yesterday. / It is because you are so clever. (2) 宾语从句:在句子中作及物动词或介词的宾语。 ①基本形式: (主句+)连词+从句主语+从句谓语+. ...


   %m=================================%n * 单词速记: * * www.easy-english.org/?id=330 * *                * * 掌握速读记忆 考试轻松如意 * * 30小时提高阅读速度5-10倍 * * 训练教程免费下载qf.jint.cn * * * * 更多资料qq351605872.ys168.com * %p========= ...


   初中英语语法总结(打印版) 1 (see 、hear 、notice 、find 、feel 、listen to 、 look at (感官动词)+do eg:I like watching monkeys jump 2 (比较级 and 比较级) 表示越来越怎么样 3 a piece of cake =easy 小菜一碟(容易) 4 agree with sb 赞成某人 5 all kinds of 各种各样 a kind of 一样 6 all over the world = the ...



   字母 语音 语法 动词与时态 英语字母 Aa Bb Cc Dd Ee Ff Gg Hh Ii Jj Kk Ll Mm Nn Oo Pp Qq Rr Ss Tt Uu Vv Ww Xx Yy Zz 26 英语字母 Aa Bb Cc Dd Ee Ff Gg Hh Ii Jj Kk Ll Mm Nn Oo Pp Qq Rr Ss Tt Uu Vv Ww Xx Yy Zz 26个英语字母各自对应的发音 个英语字母各自对应的发音 A[ei] B[bi:] C[si:] D[di:] E[i:] F[e ...


   Section III 科学小品篇 1 Passage 23 Researchers (研究者) have announced (宣布) the result of two studies on the health effects of the drug aspirin (阿斯匹林). One study shows aspirin can sharply reduce the chance that a healthy, older man will suffer from a hear ...


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