51.We were watching TV suddenly the light went out. A while b as c after d when
  52. The teacher in Guangzhou is warmer than . A Beijing b Beijing's c in the Beijing d that in Beijing 53 .The class before Tenny A bagan b had begun into the classroom walked c begins d was beginning walked

  54. John was doing his homework there was a knock on the door. who could it be ? A when B while C before D after
  55.You aren't a stranger ,are you ? ,don't you remember me at the school ago. A yes ; too see B no ;seeing C no ;saw D yes ;seeing
  56.Nowadays meteologists can makes good forecast for 3or 5days .perhaps soon the may be able to do that for a week or . A more ahead B more behind C less ahead D less behind
  57.It's an import decision for you, so your time and think it over. A take B waste C will D save
  58.Do you think it will do us good or harm ? . Let's beg for God's help. A It's hard to say B I'm sure C It's impossible D You are right
  59.Have you heard of the story of Holi? It like this; there was a king who. A tells B comes C goes D says
  60.Do you think we'll need a coffee pot? I don't drink coffee, and .It's not necessary . Why not a tea service? A so do you B neither you do C do you do D neither do you
  61.Why did Miss Wang look so worried when we saw her? because she wondered . A where did the other students go B when would the policeman come C what her students have done during the trip D if her students had studied the earth quake.
  62.Julia will you please go and empty that drawer?
? A How is it B how much C what for
what is it

  63.Will you please it to me on Friday ? What about Saturday? My computer doesn't work well these days. A post B give C email D bring
  64.Jeff Green didn't draw before. A enough good B well enough C enough
well D good enough

  65. today tomorrow is Ok.. I'm free these days . A either or B neither nor C both and D so that
  66.His name is James but he call Tim. A his B himself C him D /
  67. dangerous it si to ride fast on a busy road! A what B what a C how D how a
  68.What are we going to have a meeting ? In . A 102 Room B Room 102 C the room 102 D the Room 102
  69.About of the students in the class are boys . A two third B two three C two thirds D second three
  70.September is month in a year. A nine B nineth C the nineth D the ninth
  71.It is half a year we met last time . A as B that C so D since
  72.NewYork is in the United States. A longer than any city B larger than any other city C bigger than any cities D biggest of all the cities
  73. Bowns are going to the park this Sunday. A A B An C / D The

  74..There is no in the bus so we have to wait for another bus. A room B a room C rooms D seats
  75. there any important news in today's newspaper?
A Are B
C Were
D Was

  76.Who's Sally ? A wait for B waits C waiting
  77.What you ? A annoy B annoys C
D waiting for
is annoyed
D annoies

  78.How was your weekend? . A It's great B Very well C Not badly D It was ok
  79. the money Edison built a science lab for himself. A with B from C By D In
  80.He drives much than he did before. A careful B more careful C carefully D more carefully



   51.We were watching TV suddenly the light went out. A while b as c after d when 52. The teacher in Guangzhou is warmer than . A Beijing b Beijing's c in the Beijing d that in Beijing 53 .The class before Tenny A bagan b had begun into the classroom ...


   精华珍藏版) 中学英语易错集锦大全 211 道题 (精华珍藏版) 1.Because he was ill yesterday, so he didn’t go to work. (×) Because he was ill yesterday, he didn’t go to work. (√) He was ill yesterday, so he didn’t go to work. (√) [析] 用 though, but 表示 “虽然……, 但是…… ” 或用 because, ...


   1. Sally come to see us tonight, but she isn’t very sure yet. A. must B. may C. has to D. can 2. Don’t worry. Somebody will do it for us. A. only B. too C. else D. either 3. We are ready the game the weekend. A. for, at B. of, in C. at, for D. in, ...


   1In order not to be disturbed, I spent three hours in my study. A. locking B. locked C. to lock D. to be locked 【答案】B.考查非谓语动词用法. 【注意】本题易误选 A,以为是考查 spend...(in)doing 结构.其实,不是"锁门"花去了 三小时,而是"将自己锁在书房里度过了三小时" ,用过去分词短语作伴随状语. 2. it is ...


   中考典型易错题举例分析 1. It is outside. Let's put on our raincoats and go out, Tom. A. cold B. hot C. sunny D. rainy 【解析】此题易误为 A.因为这里有个 put on 短语,如果不注意 raincoats 这个词那就很可 能草率地选择 A. raincoats 是 "雨衣" 的意思, 而不是一般的衣服, 那么不是因为外面 "冷" , 而是因为"下 ...


   中考典型易错题举 析 中考典型易错题举例分析 最牛英语口语培训模式:躺在家里练口语,全程外教一对一,三个月畅谈无阻! 最牛英语口语培训模式:躺在家里练口语,全程外教一对一,三个月畅谈无阻! 太平洋英语,免费体验全部外教一对一课程 体验全部外教一对一课程: 太平洋英语,免费体验全部外教一对一课程:http://www.pacificenglish.cn 1. It is outside. Let’s put on our raincoats and go out, Tom. A. cold B ...


   易错选择 100 题 1.It’s very _nice you to get the tickets the World Cup. A. for, of B. of, for C. of, to D. to, for 2.How many teachers are there in your school? , I think. But I don’t know the exact number. A. hundred B. Hundreds C. Hundreds of D. Hundr ...


   中考英语冲刺复习:易错题汇编 一、名词、冠词 名词、 1.--What can I do for you? --I’d like two . A. box of apple B. boxes of apples C. box of apples D. boxes of apple 2.Help yourself to . A. some chickens B. a chicken C. some chicken D. any chicken 3. it is today! A. What f ...


   英语易错题综合 英语易错题 1 1. Do you want to know what he wrote this his diary? A. about B. on C. of D.for 2. A new book recently. A. comes out B. has come out C. came out 3. Which hobby is he interested in ? A. best B. most C. worst 4. We can learn many new ...


   世纪金榜 圆您梦想 www.jb1000.com 高中英语易错习题集 高中英语易错习题集 习题 1. 1) We can't have you that about our dear teacher. A. say B. said C. saying D. to say 2) The two cheats had the light all night long. A. to burn B. burn C. burnt D. burning 3) Whom would you rather ...



   新课标高中英语词汇精练 简 介 要想在高考中英语取得好成绩, 词汇是基础.如何在极其有限的时间里全面有效地复 习高考词汇一直是师生的热门话题.我今年重新整理编写的《新课标高中英语词汇精练》 能很好地从根本上解决这一难题.学生每天在词汇上用一个小时的时间做一个部分的练 习,十天可复习全部高考词汇.通过体会具有良好语境的精美的句子,学生的单选能力, 完形能力,阅读能力,词汇运用能力,尤其是完形能力会有很大提高,词汇复习不再是枯 燥乏味,老师的压力可以大大减轻,学生不需要参加任何家教或专门辅导班, ...


   1986年全国硕士研究生入学统一考试英语试题 Section I: Structure and Vocabulary In each question, decide which of the four choices given will most suitably complete the sentence if inserted at the place marked. Put your choice in the brackets on the left. (15 points) E ...


   adj.好的;令人满意的 n.早晨;上午 早上好! int.(表示问候)嗨 int.(表示问候)喂 n.下午 下午好! n.晚上;黄昏 晚上好! adv.怎样;怎么;如何 v.是 pron.你;你们 你(身体)好吗? pron.我 v.是 adj.好的 n.谢谢 adv.好;不错 pron. (疑问代词)什 么;什么样的人(或事 物) v.是 pron.这;这个 prep.(表示表达方式、 手段等)用;以 n.英语 art.一个(只,把…) art. (元音前) (只, 一个 把…) pro ...


   30 天学不会英语 无效退款 宫方网站 www.28k.cn 一般说来,定语从句被分割开来大致有以下三种: ①在先行词与定语从句之间插入一个状语. 如:There are many thousands of stars in the sky that are like the sun. 在太空中有成千上万的象太阳般的星星. 乍一看,that 引导的定语从句在名词 sky 的后面,似乎应该是修饰 sky 的.但仔细一想, " 不对啊,天空怎么能象太阳呢?",原来 that ...


   如何提高英语写作能力 作者:施玉凤 Ⅰ、多积累一些常用的、精彩的词、短语、句子。 1.积累一个词,应该要同时掌握这个词的用法。记单词不能光记它的表面意思,而应深入了解它的适用语境、常用搭配、习惯用法等,这样才算真正掌握了一个词。例如“Actually,no rules of the game states you must do anything”这个句子中,查字典了解到“state”一词意思是“表明、说明”,在这里作及物动词,用法之一是“…state…”。以后在写作中要表达“考试中取得高 ...