7A Unit 1 Making friends
? Language
Compare the underlined words
a. The west wall of the palace is a great wall. It is not only high but also very strong. b. The Great Wall is famous not only in China ,but also in the West.
Language study (I): Proper nouns
? Competition : ? --Work in groups of four, write down as many ? proper nouns as you can in three minutes.
Kinds of Proper Nouns
? Person Mr. and Mrs. Green, Doctor Li, ? Place Guangzhou, Paris, France ? Object the Eiffel Tower, Golden Gate Bridge ? Organization No. 1 Middle School , ? the University of Oxford ? Month February, May, July ? Day Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday ? Festival Spring Festival, Dragon Boat Festival
? 1 Choose the right proper nouns in the box to fill in each blank. ? No. 5 Middle School Qing Ming Festival ? the UK Penfriends Mr. Brown Friday ? 1 is our headteacher. ? 2 is on the fifth of April. ? 3 I saw your name and address in __ magazine. ? 4 My father teaches English at . ? 5 Last morning, I went to the park for some exercise. ? 6 Football is a very popular sport in.
2 Read the passages below. Some of the nouns capitalized. in it should be capitalized. (A) Last July, I went to Beijing to visit uncle Zhang. He took me to many interesting places such as the great wall and the summer palace. We also visited the main stadium for the 2008 Olympics. It is a grand building. Uncle Zhang took me to some famous shopping districts such as The Wangfujing street. There we had Beijing roast duck. It was so tasty! I had a wonderful time in Beijing and I plan to visit it again next year during the spring festival.
(B) ? It’s Wednesday, 1 June. It’s children’s day in china. Some middle school students are visiting Liuhua park. The students are form no.5 middle school in Guangzhou. them? There are two teachers with them?Mr. Wu and miss Liu. The children are young girls? pioneers. Some of the girls?Annie, sally and Li Jie are carrying a basket of food. The boys are helping an old woman. Good work , young pioneers!
?3 the following sentences: ? 1 Wang Xiaoling is our friend. ? 2 Cindy went to the united states yesterday. ? 3 You can visit the great wall in china.
Exercises Correct the errors in
Language study (II): Using and, but and so
Jacky Chang is a singer. Jacky Chang is a singer. Jacky Chang is a singer, and he is also a movie star.
Spring Festival is our traditional festival. Spring Festival is a national holiday. Spring Festival is our traditional festival, and it is also a national holiday.
Guangzhou is a flower city.
Guangzhou is also one of the most beautiful cities in our country. Guangzhou is a flower city , it is one of the most beautiful cities in our country.
The use of the he conjunction: and and 表示递进关系。连接的 前后内容有意义上的相似性。
We planned to go This man is old, but swimming, but it began she looks very healthy. to rain.
The use of the conjunction: he but but表示转折关系。but连接 的内容,后句是前句意思的 对照转折。
Try to complete the sentences:
eg: I hadn’t been there before, so I bought a map of the city. He didn't take his wallet with him, …. We enjoyed the play so much, … . They lost my e-mail address, …
The use of the conjunction: he so so表示因果关系。so引导的 句子,是对前面内容的总结, 表示结果。
Using “a, an, the”
Read the sentences and discuss in groups and find out the usage of a, an, the. My parents own a Chinese restaurant in Newcastle. I have a brother. He works as an accountant. I like my school. The teachers are very friendly. I live with my parents in the UK. I am in the middle. My hobby is playing chess. I enjoy playing rugby and badminton in winter.
Conclusion: We often use a or an before countable nouns at the first time we talk about them. We use the when we talk about them again. We use an before words beginning with vowel sounds and a before words beginning with consonant sounds.
Finish exercises on Page 8
  1. I want to see sunshine at midnight.
the Then go to North Pole. You a will need thick sweater there.
  2. I want to go to Sahara Desert a an and live in tent with Arab family.
a No problem. You will need __ water bottle.
  3. I want to go to big city and learn the French language.
Why not go to Paris? That’s the capital of France.
  4. I’d like to take train from Guangzhou to Japan.
the Sorry. You have to cross sea, a so you must take plane or a a ship. the Sorry. You have to go to a underground station to buy ticket. Sorry. Our planet and star trips are full. What about going to the the moon? It’s cheaper.
  5. I wan to go to railway station by underground. Can a you sell me ticket?
  6. I’d like to go to planet a or to star for my holiday next year.
Find the mistakes and correct them.
  1. I‘ve read the book for a hour. ?
  2. This is an useful book. ?
  3. I bought a book. A book is very interesting. ?
  4. Washington is a capital of USA. ?
  5.Can you tell me a way to the hospital?
  1) 国家名以及地区名时不用冠词。但是使用一个国家的全名 时需要加the the。 时需要加the。 这两个词后,接运动时不用冠词,
  2) play ,practise 这两个词后,接运动时不用冠词,接乐 器用the。 器用the。 the
Do you play sports? Yes , I play football. Can you sing ? No ,my voice is terrible. But I play guitar very well. Do you play tennis? No ,but I like sports. I play rugby every week. Do you study musical instruments? Yes , I play saxophone.

  3) 在一些固定的词组中也使用 在一些固定的词组中也使用the. go to the beach/ cinema drive to the country live in the country listen to / hear on the radio swim in the sea
  4) 有些固定词组不用 有些固定词组不用the eat breakfast have lunch go home go by car/ on foot go to school/ work go to sleep watch TV
a. Make a dialogue with your seatmate. Your dialogue should include and , but , so and proper nouns. b. Finish off the exercises on Book B.
Thank you!



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