10 月 22 日练习 选择填空。 ( )
  1. ?Does Jim have ruler? ?Yes,he has . A.an;some ( B.a;one C.a;/ D.any;one
  2.There is old bike. old bike is Mr Zhao's. A.an ;The B.the;An C.a;The D.the;The
  3. apple a day keeps the doctors away. A.The B.A C.An D.Two
  4.At that time Tom was one-year-old baby. A.a B.an C.the D./
  5.We can't see sun at night. A.the;the B.the;/ C.a;/ D./;/
  6.One afternoon he found handbag.There was “s” on the c handbag. B.a;a;the C.an;an;an D.the;a;a
orner of A.a;an;the (
  7. old lady with white hair spoke English well at m
eeting. A.An;an;a B.The;/;an ( C.The;/;a D.The;/;the
  8. Great Wall is longest wall in the world. A.A;a B.The;the C.A;the D.The;a
  9. new bridge has been built over Huangpu River. A.The;a B.A;/ C.A;the D.An;the
  10. woman over there is popular teacher in our school. A.A;an B.The;a C.The;the D.A;the
  11.He used to be teacher but later he turned writer. A.a;a B.a;the C./;a D.a;/
  12.They made him king. A.a B.the C.an D./
  13.Does Tom often play football after school? A./;/ B./;the C.the;/ D.a;/
  14.Shanghai is in east of China. A./ B.an C.a D.the
  15.I've been a student there for nearly two and half years. A.a B.an C.the D./
  16.The museum is quite far.It will take you half hour to get there b
y bus. A.an;/ ( B.an;a C.a;/ D./;/
  17. As is known to us all, tiger is in danger of disappearing. A. the, a B. the, 不填 C. a, 不填 D. 不填, the
  18. He spent too much time talking on phone while we were all busy a
t work. A. the, 不填 ( B. a, 不填 C. 不填, 不填 D. the, the
  19. The education of young is always hot and serious topic. A. 不填, 不填 B. the, a C. 不填, the D. the, 不填
  20. I often have conversations with John over telephone, while keep in tou
ch with Tom by letter. A. 不填;the ( B. 不填;a C. the;不填 D. the; a
  21. ?John has asked us a most challenging question. ?Yes, it really is. I have never heard harder one. A. 不填 B. the C. an D. a
  22. What about school? It isn’t so good school as No 1 Middle School. B. the; a C. a; a D. the; the A. a; the
  23. Charley Oakley, NBA All-star, hasn’t missed game in the past three years. I can hardly believe it. A. an; the B. a; the C. the; a D. an;
a ( )
  24. The cakes are delicious. I’d like to have third one as se
cond one I ate was too small. A. the, the ( B. a, the C. the, a D. a, a
  25. ? Did you happen to see black and white cat? ? Are they missing? I told you to take care of them. A. a; 不填 B. the; 不填 C. the; the D. a; the
  26. A spaceship flies at about eleven kilometers second. A. / B. the C. a D. an
  27. Jim is student and everyone him A. a nice quite, like C. quite nice a, likes B. quite a nice, like D. quite a nice, likes
  28.(2009 锦州)--Who is boy under the tree? --Oh.he's my cousin. A. a B. an C. the D. /
  29. Take this medicine three time day, and you will get better soon. A. one B. a C. an D. the
  30.(2009 天津)My English teacher has 8-year-old girl called Mary. A. an B. a C. the D.
( )
  1. - How do you like our school uniforms? -Theythe students well. A. suit B. look C. put
D. stand
( )
  2. - How can I be as tall as you? - Keep a healthyand do more exercise! A. thought B. lifestyle C. time D. study ( )
  3. Mum to buy me a new computer if I passed the exam. 一 You did. well in it and you will get one. A. wished B. hoped C. promised D. planned 、 ( )
  4. 一 The chair was broken, so Tom felL 一 This chair is notfor him to A. strong enough; sit B. enough strong; sit C. enough strong; sit on D. strong enough; sit on ( .)
  5. -The ChangjiangRiver is river in China, isn't it? - Yes, you're right. A. longest B. the longest C.longer D.long ( )
  6. How can I have a better shape? You canme. I will help you. A. rely B. hope C. thank to D. depend on ( )
  7. - I've got a bad toothache. -Have youyour dentist? A. made an appointment with B. agreed with C. caught up with D. reminded of ( )
  8. Have youeverything I said? 一 Yes, I'm workingit. A. taken down; in B. noted down; on C. put down; in D. turned down; on ( )
  9. Excuse me.I'm doing a survey about hairdressing for our school magazine. Would you
minda few quystions? Of course not. A. to ask B. answering C. asking D. to answer ( )
  10. 一 I usually wash my hair every other day. 一 It's wiseyou to wash your hair often. A. in B. on C. of D. for ( )
  11. It'sfor you a short hairstyle. 一 But I like a long hairstyle. A. easy; to look at B. easier; look after C. easy; look at D. easier; to look after ( )
  12. Why hasn't Jack come up? Maybe hethe first train. A. caught B. missed C. ignored D. left . ( )
  13. Why is short hair ahairstyle for me? Because your face is round, and this hairstyle makes your facelonger. A. suitable; looking B. suit; look C. suitable; look D. suit; to look ( )
  14. How much should I pay for your? Nothing,free. A. advice; it is B. ideas; it is C. advice; they are D. idea; they are ( )
  15. Do you know? Yes. She lives in the building across the street. A. where Miss Green lives B. where does Miss Green live C. where Miss Green lived D. where did Miss Green live ()
  1.-Why is a first so important? 一 Once someone an idea of you, it's hard for them to change that idea. A. view; getting B. impression; gets C. thought; gets D. impression; got ( )
  2. -Is your mother a good cook? 一 Frankly speaking, her meals taste. I think she really has to her cooking. A. nice; keep B. terribly; improve C. badly; stop D. terrible; improve
( )
  3. - Do you know whyDr Hans is so popular with his patients? - He is very nice. He always encourages them by eye contactthem. A. making; with B. doing; in C. make; with D. do; with ( )
  4.-There is no time to . You must make a decision right now. OK.Let's go to the weddingJane's car. A. wait; by B. hesitate; in C. hesitation; in D. discuss; by ( )
  5. - Were you late for the meeting yesterday moming? - No. Luckily, Jane hadmethe schedule and I was just on time. A. reminded; of B. made; remembering C. helped; learning D. reminded; to ( )
  6. -Did Justin break his left leg in the game yesterday? - Unfortunately, he did. He is now in hospital and has to eat his meals in bed. B. a;the B./; the C. /; / D. the; the ( )
  7. - How do you with your friends? 一 By. A. contact;? e-mails B. communicate; e-mail C. contact; e-mail D. communicate; e-mails ( )
  8. - Do you know about any details of the oil spill(漏油)in the Gulf of Mexico? - No, I don't. I wasSuch a hurry this morning that I hardly had time to at the newspaper headlines today. A. at; look B. in; glance C. in; see D. ab9ut; read ( )
  9, -- What's,Joan? I heard you- I've failed the math exam again. Mum will get mad if she knows that. A.ma; sighea B. wrong;ωsigh C. the trouble;to sigh D. up; sigh ( )
  10.?Look at thatgirl.She is so fashionable and stylish! --. I admire her. A. lovely; So is she B. kind-hearted; So she is C. well-dressed; So she is D. hard-working; So is she ( )
  11. -Are you OK? You don't look-
一 I have a bad stomachache. I came to school this Morningbreakfast. A. good; with B. bad; without C. bad; with D. good; without ( )
  12. -That man really looks ugly.I'm sure he is not a nice guy. 一 You're judging him by hisA. expressions. B. speech C. appearance D.language ( ) 1 J. - I'm writing my reply Sandy and her husband's wedding invitation. 一 Well, I'm looking forward to 一一一一 Sandy in her white wedding dress. A. of; see B. about; watch .c. to; see D.ω; seeing ( )
  14.一 Could you tellyour physics teacher ? - He is tall and wears glasses. He is always smiling. A. how; likes B. what does; like C. what; looks like D. how; is like ( )
  15.Which ofthe following is RIGHT? A. I usually go by the thain from Shenzhen to Hong Kong. B. I expect to meeting you in person. C.It' s important to make a good impression on the customers. D. Linda's mother got angrily when she heard the news.
阅读下面短文,从短文后所给的 A、B、C、D 四个选项中选出能填入相应空白处的 最佳选项。 Why do we play sports? You might say "to get exercise" or "to have fun".__16__,in fact,there are some more reasons. Playing sports can make you do__17__ in school than those who don't. You might think that playing sports will take up much of your study time. But __18__ you play sports more, you will study better. Exercise __19__ learning and memory. Playing sports can make you, learn teamwork and goalsetting skills. Playing sports __20__ you many life skills. When you are working with coaches, trainers, and teammates to __21__games, you're learning __22__ to be successful. Those skills will help you in work and life. Piaying sports is good for your __23__.If you like pIaying sports, you can keep __24__. Also, you are __25__ likely (可能的)toget ill. ( )
  16.A.And B. So C. But D. Or ( )
  17.A. better B. worse C. further D. nearer ( )
  18.A. while B. becauseC. Before D. if ( )
  19.A. improves B. raises C. drops D. falls ( )
  20.A. studies B. teachesC. learns D. wins ( )
  21.A. beat B. win C. lose D. hit ( )
  22.A. why B. when C. what D. how
( )
  23.A. work ( )
  24.A. fit ( )
  25.A. more
B. health C. study D. exam B. clear C. clever D.sleepy B. fewer C.less D. much
  1、Please throw away the white elephants in your room. =
  2、The man and the woman tied the knot last month. =
  3、Remember me to your parents. =
  4、I was not myself. =
  5、I have a green thumb. =
  6、I am jumping of my skin. =
  7、Please give my best wishes to your parents. =
  8、He disappeared in the blink of an eye. =
  9、I was ill. =
  10、We all felt on top of the world when we got the gifts. =
  11、You’ve pissed me off. =
  12、The little girl is from Big Apple. =
  13、Daisy is Mr. Smith’s little daughter, and he takes her as an apple of his eye. =
  14、You need to speak more because practice makes perfect. =
  15、He is a small potato and no one notices him. =
  16、I had my hands full. =
  17、It is a piece of cake for me to solve the problem. =
  18、The necklace is very expensive, I paid an arm and a leg for it. =
  19、The old man is stone deaf. =
  20、He is in hot water. =
  1. This is the factory where we visited last week.
  2. This is the watch which Tom is looking.
  3. The person to who you spoke is a student of Grade Two.
  4. The house in that we live is very small.
  5. The sun gives off light and warmth, that makes it possible for plants to grow.
  6. I’ve read all the books which I borrowed from the library.
  7. This is the best film which I have ever seen.
  8. My father and Mr. Smith talked about things and persons who they remembered in the country.
  9. Everything which we saw was of great interest.
  10. His dog, that was now very old, became ill and died.
  11. The reason which he didn’t go to school is that he was ill.
  12. Those who wants to go with me put up your hands.
  13. The boy, his mother died last year, studies very hard.
  14. I have two sisters, both of them are doctors.
  15. We’re going to visit the school where your brother works there.
  16. He is the only one of the students who have been invited to the English Evening.
  17. That is the way which they work.
  18. Those have questions can ask the teachers for advice.
  19. Who is the man who has white hairs?
  20. I will never forget the days which we had a good time together at the sea.
书面表达 李先生一家驾车在深圳游玩,雨夜汽车出故障他人相助。请根据提示,以李先生的 名义给深圳晚报写封信,通过报纸表达谢意。
  1, 写作要点提示: ①雨夜,;车在城外出故障,我急切地盼望自己能修好车,但查不出毛病; ②一年轻人见我途中受困,停车相助; ③他先送我家人回宾馆,以叫来一名修理工修车; ④我驾车上路,心里非常感激年轻人,却不知其姓名; ⑤深圳之行给我留下美好,深刻的印象。我要以那年轻人为榜样,乐于助人。
  2, 要求: 词数在 90 字左右;信的意思要完整,内容应包含所提示的要点。信的开头与结尾 已给出,但不计入总词数。 Dear Sir. I must write though your newspaper to thank….



   阳光家教网 阳光家教网 www.ygjj.com 西安家教 青岛家教 郑州家教 家教 苏州家教 天津家教 中国最大找家教, 家教平台 中国最大找家教,做家教平台 家教 初中英语语法练习题 1( ) 1 -Have you got some water to drink? -Here you are. There still some in the bottle. A. are B. were C. is D. was ( ) 2 there many American friends in ...


   小学英语语法练习题 姓名 姓名 写出下列单词的复数形式。( 。(5 一、写出下列单词的复数形式。(5%) 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. book mango sheep radio yo-yo knife children man Walkman tooth 班级 班级 二、写出下列数词的基数词或序数词。(5%) 写出下列数词的基数词或序数词。(5 。( 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. one two three five nin ...


   初三年级英语语法练习题 一,根据所给名词的适当形式填空:10% 1. There are a lot of ( leaf ) on the tree. 2. Uncle Li bought two ( watch ) yesterday. 3. There are many ( child) in the classroom. 4. We have a lot of nice ( tomato ) here. 5. There are lots of ( sheep ) in the hil ...


   Revision of Junior English 初三英语复习 Adjectives and Adverbs 形容词,副词 形容词, 区别几组易混淆的副词, 区别几组易混淆的副词,形容词 ★ already 常用于肯定句,个别疑问句 常用于肯定句, yet 常用于否定句,疑问句 常用于否定句, * The train has already gone. * They haven't come back yet. yet. 修饰形容词, ★ such 修饰名词 so 修饰形容词,副词 *I ...


   Revision of Junior English 初三英语复习 Adjectives and Adverbs 形容词,副词 形容词, 区别几组易混淆的副词, 区别几组易混淆的副词,形容词 ★ already 常用于肯定句,个别疑问句 常用于肯定句, yet 常用于否定句,疑问句 常用于否定句, * The train has already gone. * They haven't come back yet. yet. 修饰形容词, ★ such 修饰名词 so 修饰形容词,副词 *I ...


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   目 录 日 常 交 际 用 语 简 表(Daily Expressions in Communication)....... 2 语 音 项 目 表(Phonetic Items).................................... 6 语 法 项 目 表...................................................... 8 一、词 ................................................. ...


   初中英语语法总结(打印版) 1 (see 、hear 、notice 、find 、feel 、listen to 、 look at (感官动词)+do eg:I like watching monkeys jump 2 (比较级 and 比较级) 表示越来越怎么样 3 a piece of cake =easy 小菜一碟(容易) 4 agree with sb 赞成某人 5 all kinds of 各种各样 a kind of 一样 6 all over the world = the ...


   一、名词复数规则 1.一般情况下,直接加-s,如:book-books, bag-bags, cat-cats, bed-beds 2.以 s. x. sh. ch 结尾,加-es,如:bus-buses, box-boxes, brush-brushes, watch-watches 3. “辅音字母+y” 以 结尾, y 为 i, 再加-es, family-families, strawberry-strawberries 变 如: 4.以“f 或 fe”结尾,变 f 或 fe 为 v ...


   初中英语中考总复习材料适用于初三中考学生 适用于初三中考学生 初中英语中考总复习材料 中考总复习材料 适用于初三中考学 初中英语- 语法汇 初中英语--语法汇总及练习 动词的时态: 动词的时态 初中英语的动词时态主要有五种:一般现在时,一般过去时,一般将来时,现在进 行时,现在完成时. 1. 一般现时的用法 一般现时的用法:主要由动词原形表示,但在第三人称单数时要在词尾加 -s 。否定句和疑问句要用助动词 do, does. A. 经常性或习惯性的动作。如 The trees get gre ...



   《英语阅读 1》17 20 单元网上辅导 》 第十七单元 单元提示: 单元提示: 本单元中,你将进一步接触到与日常生活联系紧密的书信和贺卡形式。 在当今网络技术空 前发展之时, 书信和贺卡在联络感情方面依然发挥着重要的作用, 在喜欢传统事物的英国尤 为如此。这样一来,熟悉手写体也是同学们需要掌握的阅读技巧。 P104 练习 1a 课前提示: 课前提示: 1. 迅速浏览第 104 页练习 1a 中的信件,并回答下列问题: A. Who is the writer of the letter? ...


   284167001 大学英语短语 E-I-A Phrase E be about to Translation 即将 Sample Sentence or Explanation I am about to learn Japanese. 不能加表示时间的词或短语.但 be going to 后可加 According to the radio, it will rain tomorrow. He came according to his promise. by chance : I ma ...


   三、四六级备考实用:最容易错的英语单词 四六级备考实用: 1) quite 相当 quiet 安静地 影响, 结果, 2) affect v 影响 假装 effect n 结果 影响 3) adapt 适应 adopt 采用 adept 内行 4) angel 天使 angle 角度 5) dairy 牛奶厂 diary 日记 6) contend 奋斗 斗争 content 内容 满足的 奋斗, 内容, contest 竞争 比赛 竞争, context 上下文 7) principal ...

七年级英语上册 Module 8 Different habits教案 外研版

   Module 8 Different habits I. Teaching objectives 模块教学目标 模块教学目标 听 Listen and find out what people usually do on their birthdays 技 能 目 标 说 读 写 Describing what people do on their birthday Read and match people and presents. Write a description of your ...


   英语教学中的素质教育     随着新世纪的到来,我国“入世”屈指可待,社会主义现代化建设对高素质人才的需求愈来愈强烈,从而使得我国的教育模式应从根本上的“应试教育”转向“素质教育”。而初中教学承担着“把应试教育转到以提高素质教育为核心的国民基础教育的轨道上来”的艰巨任务。因此我们应抛弃过去的呆板的“灌输法”教学模式,培养出高素质的合格人才,而不是高分低能的“书呆子”,在英语教学中突出素质教育。   一、注重德育教育,提高思想素质。   作为一名英语教师,既是教学者,又是教育工作者,我]们既要教 ...