初中英语语法梳理和提高??冠词综合讲解练习和答案 初中英语语法梳理和提高??冠词综合讲解练习和答案 ??
冠 词 冠词分为不定冠词(a, )和定 和定冠词 (the) 冠词分为不定冠词(a, an )和定 知识梳理:提纲挈领,抓住重点和难点! 一、 不定冠词的用法
  1)用与可数名词的单数形式前,指人或事物的某一种类:例如: She is a girl. Pass me an apple , please.
  2)、指某人或某物,但不具体说明何人或何物。例如: A boy is waiting for you We work six days a week.
  3). 表示 "一"这个数量,但数的概念没有 one 强烈.例如: We are going to have an English lesson tomorrow. I have a mouth , a nose, two eyes and two ears.
  4). 用于某些固定的词组中.例如: a few, a little, a lot of 注: 用 a 还是 an, 要看后面的词读音以辅音开头还是以元音开头. 二、定冠词的用法
  1) 特指某(些)人或某(些)物.例如: the photo of the boy
  2) 指双方都知道的人或物.例如: -Where are the new books, Jim? - They are on the small table.
  3) 指上文提过的人或物.例如: Today he is making a machine.
He wants to ride the machine like a bike and fly it like a plane.
  4). 用在世界上独一无二的事物前.例如: The sun is bigger than the moon.
  5). 用在序数词或形容词最高级前.例如: The first truck is carrying a few baskets. The third one is carrying the fewest of all.
  6). 用在由普通名词构成的专有名词前.例如: the Great Wall the North Street Hospital
  7). 用在一些习惯用语中.例如: in the morning (afternoon, evening), on the left(right) at the end of 三、不用冠词的情况
  1)在专有名词前和不可数名词前。例如: China, Grade Two, Bill Smith, milk
  2)名词前已有作定语用的 this, that, my, your, some, any 等代词。例如: The letter is in her pocket. I think the shop is closed at this time of day.
  3)复数名词表示一类人或事物时。例如: My father and mother are teachers. I like cakes.
  4)在星期、月份、季节、节日前。例如: It is Sunday (Monday, Tuesday, etc.)
Today is Mid-Autumn Day. It is cold in winter.
  5)在称呼语或表示头衔的名词前。例如: Uncle Wang likes making things. What colour are Mrs Green's shoes?
  6)在三餐饭和球类运动的名称前。例如: He went to school after breakfast. Can you play basketball? 注: 在某些固定词组中,如:at home, by bus, go to school 等的名词前不用冠词。 例题解析:举一反三,学的更轻松!
  1. milk is food. milk in this cup has gone bad.
  2. Do you like playing football? Yes. But I have only basketball.
  3. Do you know girl on another side of lake?
  4. There's "u" and "s" in work "use".
  5. She says animals cant's live without air, either.
  6. His father, who is honest man, is teaching in university.
  7. Which is heavier, elephant or horse?
  8. cold wind was blowing from the north.
  9. He is always ready to help old and young.
  10. Greens are traveling in South China.
  11. Although most of us like to drink beer, those who drink most are least healthy.

  12.Xiaomei saw interesting film last night. film was about kind doctor.

  13. You can have second try if you fail first time.
  14. Tom went to school as usual, but he didn't know his father went to school for a parent meeting.
  15. knowledge begins with practice. 解析:1./, the (milk 是物质名词,一般不用冠词, 但后面加上一个定语 in the cup 后,使其成为
特指,所以需要用定冠词 the.)
  2. / , the (球类运动前不用 the ; 指一个物体要用不定冠词 a )
  3. the,/, the ( 特指这个女孩用 the;名词前已有定语 another;)
  4. a, an, the ("u" 发音以辅音开头所以用 a;"s" 发音以元音开头所以用 an; 特指这个单词用 the)
  5. /,/ (泛指动物所以不用任何冠词; air 不可数名词,其前一般不用冠词)
  6. an, the ( honest 发音以元音开头,故用 an, 在大学里为 in the university)
  7. an, a 或 the ,the ( 不定冠词 a , an 和 定冠词 the 与名词单数连用表示种类)
  8. a (物质名词 coffee, food, tea, fog, rain, snow, wind 等,在表示 前面要加不定冠词。
  9. the, the ( 形容词前加定冠词,表示一类人)
  10. The ,/ ( 姓氏的复数前加定冠词 the 表示一家人;在华南是 in South China)
  11. /, the, the ( most 当大多数讲时前面不用 the;后两空均为形容词的最高级,前面要加 the)
  12. a, the, a ( 第一空和第三空都指一个事物,第二空是特指前面提到的电影)
  13. a, the (a second try 指的是第二次)
  14./, the (go to school 去上学, go to the school 去那所学校)
  15./,/ (具有单纯意义的物质名词或抽象名词前,一般不用冠词) 练习与巩固:熟能生巧,取得好成绩! the。 一、在空白处填入 a / an 或 the。
  1. Mum, what shall we have for dinner? Dumplings. "一种"或 "一场"的意义时,
Oh, what wonderful dinner! I enjoy it very much.
  2. PLA was founded on August 1st,1927
  3. Kings came to us at noon.
  4. The scientists from United States live in Ninth Street.
  5. The doctor to him, "Take medicine twice day. Stay in bed and you'll be better soon."
  6. September 10th is Teachers' Day.
  7. Mr Black arrived here on Tuesday morning.
  8. There are four seasons in year. first season is spring. It is best one of four.
  9. Some people have been to moon, in spaceship.
  10. China is old country with long history 答案
  1. /, a /
  2. the, /
  3.the , /
  4. the, the
  5. the, a, /
  6. /
  7. /
  8. a, the ,the , the

  10../,an,/ a 二、选择填空: A. / 选择填空: B. a C. an D. the

  1. They are living happy life now.
  2. bag on desk is mine.
  3. There is empty box on the table.
  4. Do you like music of the film "Titanic"?
  5. On Saturday, I stay in bed till 12:
  6. Browns have been to China twice.
  7. Don't make any noise in class.
  8. This is such interesting story that you must listen to it.
  9. Next week they will go to Australia by air.

  10. Which is bigger, sun or moon? Key: 15 BDCDA 610 DACAD
the。 三、在空白处填入 a / an 或 the。
  1. This morning I bought newspaper and magazine. newspaper is in my bag but I don't know where I put magazine.
  2. I saw accident this morning. car crashed into tree. driver of car wasn't hurt but car was badly damaged.
  3. There are two cars parked outside: blue one and grey one. blue one is my neighbour's; I don't know who owner of grey one is.
  4. My friends live in old house in small village. There is beautiful garden behind house. I would like to have garden like that.
  1.a ,a, The the a
  2.an, a, a, The ,the, the
  3. A, a, the the, the
  4. an, a, a, the,



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