1. This box is__ that one. A. heavy than B. so heavy than C. heavier as D. as heavy as 2 When we speak to people, we should be ' . A. as polite as possible B. as polite as possibly C. as politely as possible D. as politely as possibly 3 This book is that one, but than that one. A. as difficult as; expensive B. as more difficult as; more expensive C. as difficult as; more expensive D. more difficult as; as expensive 4 I think the story is not so as that one. A. interesting B. interested C. more interesting D. most interesting 5 His father began to work he was seven years old. A. as old as B. as early as C. since D. while
  6. I think science is _ than Japanese. A. much important B. important C. much more important D. more much important
  7. This pencil is than that one. A. longest B. long C. longer D. as long 8 .My mother is no young. A. shorter B. longer C. little D. few 9 .These children are this year than they were last year. A. more tall B. more taller C. very taller D. much taller
  10.It was very hot yesterday, but it is today. A. even hotter B. more hotter C. much more hot D. much hot
  11. Mrs Black has got instead of getting any better. A. more bad B. a little worse C. much badly D. a lot of worse
  12. When we arrived, we found the meeting room crowded with students. A. quite a few B. only a few C. few D. a few quite
  13.The house is small for a family of six. A. much too B. too much C. very much D.so 14 .Through the window we can see nothing but buildings. A. tall very many B. very many tall C. very tall many D. many very tall
  15.-What's your brother like? -He is. A. a driver B. very tall C. my friend D. at school
  16.The jacket was so that he decided to buy it. , A. much B. little C. expensive D. cheapl
  17. Our classroom is larger than theirs. A. more B. quite C. very D. much 18 .The earth is about as the moon. A. as fifty time big B. fifty times as big C. as big fifty times D. fifty as times big
  19.Your room is mine. A. twice as large than B. twice the size of C. bigger twice than D. as twice large as 20 .Your room is than mine. A. three time big B. three times big C. three times bigger D. bigger three times 21 .His father isthan his mother. ; A. older four years B. as four years older C. four years older D. bigger four years
22 .Maths is more popular than. A. any other subject B. all the subjects C. any subject D. other subject 23 .China is larger than in Africa (^W). A. any other country B. other countries C. the other country J 1%D. any country 24 .Tom is stronger than in his class. A. any other boy B. any boys C. any boy D. other boy
  25. When spring comes, it gets. A. warm and warm B. colder and colder C. warmer and warmer D. shorter and shorter 26 .By and by, students in our class came to like English. A. more and more B. much and much C. many and many D. less and least 27 .At last he began to cry . A. hard and hard B. more hard and more hard C. harder and harder D. less hard and less harder
  28. When spring comes the days get and nights . A. short; long B. long; short C. longer; shorter D. shorter; longer
  29. I look at the picture, I like it. A. The best; the more B. The more; the less C. The more; less D. More; the more
  30. he read the book, he got in it. A. The more; the more interesting B. The less; the more interesting C. The more; the more interested D. More; more interested 31 . you come back, it will be. A, The quicker; the best B. The sooner; the better C. Faster; the better D. The sooner; better
  32. I like one of the two books. A. the older B. oldest C. the oldest D. older
  33. Which iscountry, China or Japan? A. the large B. the larger C. larger D. largest
  34. Of the two cups, he bought . A. the smaller B. the smallest C. small D: smaller 35 .Which do you like , tea or coffee? A. well B. better C. best D. most
  36. This work is for me than for you. A. difficult B. most difficult C. much difficult D. more difficult
  37. Which do you think tastes , the chicken or the fish? A. good B. better C. best D. well 38 .The Great Pyramid is about 137 metres high today, but it was once A. higher B. highest C. high too D. more high
  39. Don't you think it not to write the letter? A. well , B. better C. best D. good
  40. Who jumpedof all? A. far B. farther C. farthest D. the most far
  41. Li Lei is student in our class. A. tall B. taller C. tallest D. the tallest
  42. The fifth orange is of all. Give it to that small child. A. big B. bigger C. the bigger D. the biggest
  43. Who isof you three?
A. the oldest B. much older C. oldest D. older
  44. Tom is one of boys in our class. A. tallest B. taller C. the tallest B. the tall
  45. English is one of spoken in the world. A. the important languages B.the most important languages C.most important language D.the most important language
  46. Beijing is one of in China. A. the largest city r '; B. the large cities C. the larger cities D. the largest cities
  47. Most of the woods been taken good care of. A. are B. is C. has D. have
  48. like playing football and watching TV. A. Most boys B. Most of they C. Most boy D. More of they
  49. are here watering the flowers here. A. Some B. Some of the boys C. Some boy D. Some of boys
  50. haven't been to American. A. Most them B. Most they C. More of them D. Most of them
  51. is more beautiful than roses. A. No other flower B. No another flower C. Not other flower D. Not all flowers
  52. The tree is in the garden. A. the taller B. the tallest C. taller than of-all D. tall.
  53. Mary studies harder in her class. A. as any one B. than any other girl C. than the other D. than anyone
  54. Which is, Li Lei or Wu Tong? A. strong B. strongest C. stronger D. the strongest
  55. Which language is, English, French or Japanese? A. easy B. the most easy C. the easiest o D. much more easy
  56. Which isinteresting, science, maths or English? A. more B. the most C. very D. too
  57. Which city is, Beijing, Shanghai or Fuzhou? A. beautiful B. more beautiful C. much more beautiful D. the most beautiful
  58. Which month is, June, July or August? A. hot B. hotter C. hottest D. the hottest
  59. Do you have to tell us? A. something new B. new something C. anything new D. new anything
  60. Mike, I haveto tell you. A. important something B. important anything C. something important , D. anything important
  61. There is in today's newspaper. A. interesting something B. nothing interesting C. interesting anything D. anything interesting
  62. -Is Mrs Brown badly ill? -No, . Only a little cold. A. quite well B. nothing serious C. not worry D. anything serious
  63. Come here, I have to tell you. A. interesting something B. anything interesting C. nothing interesting D. something interesting
  64. I'm not to lift the heavy box. A. short enough B. enough tall C. health enough D. strong enough

  65. The girl works hard to pass the exam. A. enough B. too C. still D. yet
  66. He has to think it over. . A. many time B. times C. time enough D, enough time
  67. "Do you want A else anything B. anything else C. other anything D. else something
  68. Have you seen in the room? A. anyone else B. else anyone C. anyone other D. everyone else
  69. would like to go to the park with me? A. Whom else B. What else C. Who else D. Else who
  70. Wei Fang is only six, but she speaks English her mother. A. as good as B. as better as C. as well as D. as best as
  71. She was sick yesterday, but she is to go to school today. A. enough good B. good enough C. enough well D. well enough
  72. This kind of book is- for the children to read. A. enough well ' B. enough good C. well enough D. good enough
  73.-Are you feeling ? -Yes, I'm fine now. A. quite good B. quite better C. any well D. any better
  74.This shirt is no good. That one is even A. better B. worse C. well D. worst
  75. We have never seen interesting films. A. such B. such an C. so D. such a
  76. Don't read :' books you can't understand. A. as; such B. such; as C. same; as D. as; as
  77. This is book I'd like to read once more. A. such an interesting; that B. so interesting; that C. such an interesting; as D. a so interesting; as
  78. We haven't seen play. A. so wonderful B. a so wonderful C. such wonderful D. such a wonderful
  79. I am twelve; Mike is fourteen; Mary is thirteen. So Mike is the of the three. A. old B. older C. oldest D. the oldest
  80. My brother is three years than I. A. elder; elder B. older; oldest C. elder; older D. older; elder
  81. His son often go to see him on Sunday. A. eldest B. older C. the eldest D. the older
  82. He is two years than I. A. elder B. smaller C. younger D. less
  83. I think the book is very. A. interesting B. interested C. interest D. interests
  84. They were very to see each other again. A. pleased B. surprising C. happily -D. angrily
  85. She is very the news. A. surprise in B. surprise with C. surprised at D. surprised for ( ) 4 The boys are computers.
A. interesting in B. interested C. interesting about D. interested about
  86. -How does Kate like her new work? -She with the hours. A. can't satisfy B. isn't satisfied C. doesn't satisfy D- hasn't satisfied
  87. The man was not when he heard the words. A. frightening; frightening B. frightened; frightened C. frightening; frightened D. frightened; frightening
  88. Helen isn't a friend of mine. I feel sorry for her. A. true; true B. truly; true C. true; truly D. truly" truly
  89. I'm sorry. I'm late. My watch is a few minutes. A. slower B. slowly C. more slowly D. slow
  90. The song sounds. A. sweet B. nicely C. well D. moved
  91. The ship sank under the sea. A. deeply B. depth C. deep D. more deep
  92. helped a lot in our country. A. The blind is B. The blind areC. The blinds is D. Blind are
  93. should study hard for their work. A. Young B. The young man C. The young D. The young girl
  94. a happy life in China. A. The old man live B. The old live C. The old is living D. Old live
  95. I don't feel very. A. terribly B. well C. good D. badly
  95. Looking at his mother, the little boy looked. A. happy; good B. happy; well C. sadly; sad D. sad; sadly
  96. Mother doesn't feel today. A. good B. well C. nice D. health
  97. In summer eggs will go easily. A. terribly B. terrible C. badly D. bad
  98. Jim does morning exercises every day, so he looks very . A. tired B. good C. well D. happy
  99. The boy was taken to the nearest hospital. A. ill B. sick C. good D. clever 1
  00. We are of the work. A. ill B. sick C. full D. filled



   1. This box is__ that one. A. heavy than B. so heavy than C. heavier as D. as heavy as 2 When we speak to people, we should be ' . A. as polite as possible B. as polite as possibly C. as politely as possible D. as politely as possibly 3 This book i ...


   初中英语形容词比较级和最高级讲解与练习 形容词比较级和最高级 绝大多数形容词有三种形式,原级,比较级和最高级, 绝大多数形容词有三种形式,原级,比较级和最高级, 以表示形容词说明的 性质在程度上的不同。 性质在程度上的不同。 形容词的原级: 形容词的原级形式就是词典中出现的形容词的原形。 形容词的原级 : 形容词的原级形式就是词典中出现的形容词的原形 。 例 如: poor tall great glad bad 形容词的比较级和最高级: 形容词的比较级和最高级: 形容词的比较级和最高级形式 ...


   初中英语形容词比较级和最高级讲解与练习 形容词比较级和最高级 绝大多数形容词有三种形式,原级,比较级和最高级, 以表示形容词说明的性质在程度上的 不同。 形容词的原级: 形容词的原级形式就是词典中出现的形容词的原形。 例如: great glad bad 形容词的比较级和最高级: 形容词的比较级和最高级形式是在形容词的原级形式的基础上 变化的。 分为规则变化和不规则变化。 规则变化如下: 1) 单音节形容词的比较级和最高级形式是在词尾加 -er 和 -est 构成。 great (原级) w ...


   形容词比较级和最高级 绝大多数形容词有三种形式,原级,比较级和最高级, 以表示 形容词说明的性质在程度上的不同。 形容词的原级: 形容词的原级形式就是词典中出现的形容词 的原形。 例如: poor tall great glad bad 形容词的比较级和最高级: 形容词的比较级和最高级形式是 在形容词的原级形式的基础上变化的。 分为规则变化和不规则 变化。 规则变化如下: 1) 单音节形容词的比较级和最高级形式是在词尾加 -er 和 -est 构成。 great (原级) (比较级) (最高 ...


   初中英语形容词比较级和最高级讲解与练习 形容词比较级和最高级 绝大多数形容词有三种形式,原级,比较级和最高级, 以表示形容词说明的性质在程度上的 不同. 形容词的原级: 形容词的原级形式就是词典中出现的形容词的原形. 例如: great glad bad 形容词的比较级和最高级: 形容词的比较级和最高级形式是在形容词的原级形式的基础上 变化的. 分为规则变化和不规则变化. 规则变化如下: 1) 单音节形容词的比较级和最高级形式是在词尾加 -er 和 -est 构成. great (原级) w ...


   形容词的比较级 一: 用法 ⑴用于两者(人或物)之间,表示“其中一个 比另一更……”或“较……”,后面通常用 连词than连结另一个比较的对象,其基本句 型是: 主语+谓语(系动词)+形容词比较级+than +对比对象。 eg: Jim is taller than Mike. Mike is shorter than Jim. The bike goes fast. Which goes faster, the bike or the car? The car goes faster th ...

初一英语 比较级和最高级练习 含答案

   1.I am asas you. A. tall B. taller C. the tallest D. not tall 2. Tom works as as Mary. A. harder B. hard C. hardest 3. John is not Jack. A. as clever as C. so clever as D. hardly B. as cleverer as D. so clever so 4. He doesn't read she. ' A. as cle ...

英语比较级和最高级 练习

   练习( 英语比较级和最高级 练习(一) (一)1.A pig is __ than a dog. A. much heavy C much heavier B. more heavier D. more heavy 2.--Which is __ season in Beijing? --I think it’s spring. A. good B. well C. best D. the best 3. The city is becoming . A. more beautiful an ...


   形容词的比较级的规则变化 构成方法: 构成方法: 1、一般单音节和部分 双音节在词尾加 、 双音节在词尾加?er(比较级)和-est (最高级)。 最高级)。 (比较级) 2、以不发音的e结尾的单音节词和少数以 结尾加 (比较级)和-st (最 、以不发音的 结尾的单音节词和少数以 结尾加-r 比较级) 结尾的单音节词和少数以le结尾加 高级) 高级) 3、“辅音字母+y”结尾的双音节词,将词尾的 改为 ,再加 和-est。 、 辅音字母 结尾的双音节词, 改为i, 结尾的双音节词 将词尾的 ...


   形容词和副词 一、形容词 形容词:用来说明或修饰名词、代词的词称为形容词。 形容词:用来说明或修饰名词、代词的词称为形容词。 1、形容词的句法作用:作句子中名词的定语、句子的表语以及宾语补足语。 形容词的句法作用:作句子中名词的定语、句子的表语以及宾语补足语。 2、形容词在句子中的位置: 形容词在句子中的位置: 1)、 ⑴作定语 定语时放在名词的前面,且音节少的词放在音节多的词之前。 a big yellow wooden 如: 定语 wheel(一个黄色的大木轮) ⑵作表语 表语时放在连系 ...



   八 年 级 英 语 下 学 案 执教 : 荆彩玲 新目标八年级英语下册教材分析及教学总体设想 新目标八年级英语下册教材分析及教学总体设想 年级英语 教材分析: 教材分析: 《Go for it》八年级下册共 12 个单元,其中包括 2 个复习单元。本书采用任 务型语言教学(Task-Based Language Teaching)模式,融汇话题、交际功能和语言 结构,形成了一套循序渐进的生活化的学习程序。该书增加了复习单元、文化背景 知识和学习策略等部分补充材料,并增加了任务型学习成分和语篇 ...


   九年级英语月考试题( 九年级英语月考试题(1) A、听力部分(共 25 分) 听力部分( 小题, 。根据句子的内容和所提 一、听句子(本大题共 5 小题,每小题 1 分,共 5 分) 根据句子的内容和所提 听句子( 。 的问题,选择符合题意的图画回答问题, 的问题,选择符合题意的图画回答问题,并把最佳选项的字母编号写在题号前 的括号内。每小题听一遍。 (5 的括号内。每小题听一遍。 分) ( ( )1.What’s Tom’s favourite sport? ( )2.How is the ...


   2011 年考研英语大纲词汇(44 页完美打印版) a abandon abdomen abide ability able abnormal aboard abolish abound about above abroad abrupt absence absent absolute absorb abstract absurd abundance abundant abuse academic academy accelerate accent accept acceptance acc ...


   2009年成人本科学士学位英语考试试题及答案 年成人本科学士学位英语考试试题及答案 http://www.kui.cc 加入收藏 频道:英语考试 魁网-成人英语三级在线培训课程 魁网 成人英语三级在线培训课程 在线课堂 培训机构 外语教育网 学易外语网 成人英语三级考试网络班>> 环球外语网 新东方外语网 2009年成人本科学士学位英语考试试题及答案 Part I Reading Comprehension (30 %) Directions: There are three p ...


   牛津英语 6A 教案 Unit 1 Public signs 第一课时 教学目标: 1. 能听懂、会说、会读和会拼写单词:mean, danger, should, shouldn’t, litter, park, cycle. 2. 能听懂、会说和会读单词和词组:public, a sign, grass, quiet, touch, keep off. 3. 能听懂、会说、会读和会写句型:What does it meam? It means you shouldn’t … 教学重点: ...