英语学习第三课时: 英语学习第三课时:代词
  1.A 我们)are
  1.All of __ (我们)are from Beijing. 我们)will help__ __(
  2. Don‘t worry. __ (我们)will come and help__(他) )A __will 3( )A friend of __will come to our school today. A. my B. his C. her D. your )T __. 4( )This book is mine and that one is __. she’ her A. her B. she’s C .hers D. her’s )Help__ 5( )Help__ to some fish, everyone. A. yourself B. you C. yours D. yourselves )I __. 6( )I do it __. B. D. A. myself B. me C.I D. mine )S help__ __. 7( )Students should know how to help__. A. another B. other C. others D. the others your__ __hand? 8( )Is there anything in your__hand? C. A. other B. the other C. another D. each __of 9( )he has two sons, __of them is a teacher. A both B. neither C. all D. none __of
  10. ( )I had a talk with __of the girls. C. D. A every B. other C. each D. another 二、重点讲解
.人称代词: (一) 人称代词: .人称代词 单数 主格 第一人称 第二人称 第三人称 I you it/she/he 宾格 me you it/her/him 主格 we you they 复数 宾格 us you them

  1.主格作主语,宾格作动词或介词的宾语. He teaches (we) Chinese .
  2.三种人称代词并列时,顺序为: 单数:二,三,一 (You, she and I ) 复数:一,二,三 (we , you and they ) and in the same class.她和我在同一个班级。 注::若把责任担,第一人称最当先,(即若做错事时,把第一人称放在最前面.) Who broke the window ? and .谁打破的窗户?我和迈克。 物主代词. (二).物主代词. 第一人称 单数 形容词性 名词性 my mine 复数 our ours 第二人称 单数 your yours 复数 your yours 第三人称 单数 its/his/her its/his/hers 复数 their theirs

  1. 形容词性的物主代词作定语放在名词前,不能单独使用。
  2. 名词性的物主代词,后面不能加名词。名词性的物主代词常与 of 连用。 Our classroom is as big as (they). This is a friend of (my).
  1) (名词性的物主代词=形容词性的物主代词+ 名词) This isn’t bag , is here.这不是我的包,我的在这。
  2)形容词性的物主代词与 own 连用时,后面可跟名词也可不跟名词. My own house = a house of my own (三).反身代词 单数 第一人称 第二人称 第三人称 myself yourself himself/herself/itself 复数 ourselves yourselves themselves
记忆小窍门: 反身代词有规律,第三人称宾格加 self.其余都要物主加 self,复数 ves 来把 f 替. 反身代词的常用搭配: Enjoy oneself look after oneself Say to oneself dress oneself (四).指示代词 近指 远指 单数 this that 复数 these those

  1)that those 常用来代替前面出现的人或物,以避免重复. That 代替可数名词的单数或 不可数名词. Those 代替复数名词. The weather in Guangdong is hotter than in Qinghai. The books in that shop are cheaper than in this shop. A. this B. that C. one D. those
  2)this ,that 可代替句子或句子的一个部分,that 代替前面提到的句子而 this 代替下面提 到的句子. He had a bad cold, is why he didn’t come.
  3)在电话用语中,this 代替自己,而 that 代替对方. is Tom speaking. Who is? 我是 Tom,你是哪位? (五).不定代词
  1.one 与 it 的区别 One 是指同名异物,即同类中的一个,为泛指(=a/an+名词) ;中的一种. It 是指同名同 物,为特指(=the+名词) This book is a good one . May I borrow it ?
  2.some 与 any 的区别 some 一般用于肯定句,any 用于否定,疑问句中.但在表建议的疑问句中,仍用 some 代 any. 常用于 could / would / May 开头或 what about /how about …. 的句中。 May I have some water? He asked me for some paper, but I didn’t have any. Any 可以表示‘任何一个’ ,可以用在肯定句中。Come any day you like!
  3.many,much, .a (few),a (little)的区别 含义 用语 修饰可数名词 修饰不可数名词 肯定含义 many ,a few much ,a little 否定含义 few little
注:a lot of 不能用于否定句中. 否定句中用 many /much . The story is easy to read. There are new words in it. Hurry up! There is time left.
  4.each / every 的区别 Each, every 都可以作不定形容词,但 each 侧重单体,用于两者或两者以上;every 侧重 全体,用于三者或三者以上。 注:each 可以与 of 连用, each of 作主语时,谓语动词用单数.而 every 只能作形容词,后 面必须跟有名词。 There are trees and flowers on side of the street. student has read a story.
  5.all,both,either,neither,none 的区别 肯定 两者之间 三者或三者以上 both all 否定 neither none 任何一个 either any
  1)both of 作主语时,谓语动词用复数. neither of 作主语时, 谓语动词用单数. Neither of the answers (be) right. Both of my parents (be) workers.
  2).词组 A) both …and …连接两个主语时, 谓语动词用复数. 同义词组:not only …but also … 反义词组: neither … nor …Not only you but also she likes watching TV. = you she like watching TV B) either …or … 或者……或者……, neither…nor… 既不……也不…… 连接两个 主语时, 谓语动词实行就近原则. Neither you nor he (be) right. One of Lily and Lucy is going to the park. = Lily Lucy going to the park. C) either 也可用于否定句中的 “也” D) neither 也可表示 “ 也不” 句型: neither … sb。 某人也不怎么样. If you don’t go there, I.
  3) how many /how much 的回答:用 none 回答. Who 的回答:用 no one 回答. What 的回答:用 nothing 回答. How many students are there in the classroom? . Who can answer the question? . A. None B. No one C. Nothing
  6.another /the other /others /the others 的区别 种类 数 有数量限制(特指) 单数 Another the other 复数 others the others
  1) one …the other … 表示一个……另一个……,范围为两个。当出现物主代词时, 两个中另一个的表达法为【 物主代词+ other】 ,不可以再加 the I have two brothers, one is a teacher, is a worker.
Peter, show me your one hand, then your hand.
  2) the others 表示“剩余的” ,范围为两个以上。 There are 40 students in our class,15 are girls, are boys.
  3) another 表示“另一个,又一个” 泛指众多中的一个,后面一般接单数名词. Would you like apple?
  4)others 表示别人,没有范围限制,可以和 some 组成词组,some…others… (一些…一 些…) Some are cleaning the classroom, are sweeping the window
  7..复合不定代词. some something someone somebody any anything anyone anybody no nothing no one nobody every everything everyone everybody
  1)somebody(=someone) 用于肯定句中,在否定句及疑问句中用 anybody(= anyone) ; wants to see you.有人想见你。 Is there here? 这里有人吗? 同样,something(某物)用于肯定句中,在否定句及疑问句中用 anything。 I want to eat. I can’t do anything now.
  2)everybody(=everyone)和 everything 是单数代词 works hard in class. 班里的每个人都很努力 Isgoing well with you? 你一切顺利吗?
  3)Nobody(= no one)用作单数代词 wants to go home.没有人想回家。 (六).疑问代词 Who 谁(主格) whom 谁(宾格) whose 谁的 which 哪个,哪些 what 什么
疑问代词用于构成特殊疑问句,它们在句中充当主语,表语,宾语,定语 当疑问代词作介词宾语时,可以将介词提前到句首。 注:
  1)Who 和 what Who 问姓名或与回答人的关系, 前面可以用物主代词。 “是做什么的” What 问职业, 前面用”a/ an” is the girl? She is my sister. is the girl? She is a singer.
  2) which 和 what Which 指“哪个,哪些”有选择的范围。what 没有范围供选择。 newspaper do you want? 你要什么报纸? do you like best of the three? 三个当中你最喜欢哪一个?
  1. Pass some tea, please. A. I and he B. he and I C. me and him D. him and me

  2. One should keep own promise. A. one’s B. oneself C. its D. one self’s Nobody. I learnt it by . D. my

  3. Who taught you to play basketball? A. myself B. me
C. mine

  4. Which do you prefer, coffee or milk? A, Either B. Both
of them. I’d like some cola. D. None
C. Neither

  5. Yesterday, I saw enjoy in the park. A. her; hers B. they; them C. she; herself D. them; themselves

  6. This is not my pencil-box. is in the bag. A. My B. Mine C. Me D. I

  7. There is with my computer. It doesn’t work. A, nothing wrong wrong
  8. This is classroom. Where is ? A, our; them
  9. Is here? A, anything B. us; they C. our; theirs D. ours; theirs B. anything wrong C. wrong something D. something
No, Bob is ill at home. B. something C.anybody D. nothing

  10. Could you tell me she is looking for? A, that B. whom
Her cousin, Susan. D. which
C. who

  11. To someone life is pleasure, but to it is suffering. A. the others B. others C. other ones D. those

  12. I want to know : Has Mr. Jones been here the whole morning? A. it B. one C. that D. this

  13. He cares so little about his meals that will do so long as it fills his stomach. A. anything B. everything C. nothing D. something

  14. Excuse me; I want to buy some milk. Where can I find a supermarket? Oh, I
know not far from my home. A. it B. that C. one D.this
  15. Which of the two T-shirts will you take? I’ll take , one of my brother’s, the other for myself. A. either B. neither C. all D. both
  16. Are the keys over there ? No, Go and ask Anna. They may belong to her. A. you B. your C. yours D. yourself
  17. Never laugh at the failure of , because enjoys being laughed at. A. others; nobody C. the other; anyone ?Yes. But A. some B. other; everyone D. others; someone of the students in our class was late for school. B. none C. all?

  18. ?How heavily it rained this early morning.?

  19. ? He was nearly killed by a car once. ? When was? ? was in 2000 he was in a middle school. A. that; It; when C. this; That;that B. that; It; that D. this; It; when

  20. The thieves ran away separately, carrying a bag. A. all B. each C. every D. either
  1. This is not my book. (I) is in the bag.
  2. Is that bike Miss Gao’s? Yes, it is (she). Beautiful, isn’t it?

  3. Help (you) to some milk,Jack.
  4. Sam is my brother. Do you like to play with (he)?
  5. Did you enjoy (you), Mary and Kate?



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