英语学习第五课时 形容词 英语学习第五课时-形容词
  1.You can have second try if you fail first time. A. the; / B. / ; a C. the; a D. a; the

  2.This is a building, which is about high. A. six-storey; 38 metre C. six-storeyed; 38 metres B. six-storeys; 38-metre D. six-storey; 38-metres

  3.John spent too much time talking on phone while we were all busy at work. A. the; / B. a; / C. / ; / D. the; the

  4. Are the products of Taiwan? A. somewhat like Japan B. something like Japan
C. somewhat like that of Japan D. somewhat like those of Japan
  5. ? What about the price of these washing machines? ? They are equal in price to, if not cheaper than, at the other shops in the street. A. others B. it C. that D. the ones

  6. people have come to realize the importance of learning English. Now they go to various sorts of schools to take up English courses of one kind or another. A. Hundred and thousand B. One hundred and thousand of C. A large amount of D. Hundreds of thousands of

  7.Linda looks in that skirt. I wonder where he bought the skirt. A. beauty B. beautiful C. beautifully D.beautylly
  8. She said she would live in London for four or five years. A. other B. another C. the other D. the others

  9. Johnson is a New Yorker; is, he lives in New York. A. this B. that C. he D. it

  10. Li Ping was born .

A. in the year 1984, at 10 a.m. on June 18th B. on June 18th at 10 a.m. in the year 1984 C. at 10 a.m. in the year 1984 on June 18th D. at 10 a.m. on June 18th in the year 1984 二、知识讲解 (一) 形容词的定义和用法: 、形容词的定义和用法 一 、形容词的定义和用法:
  1、定义:形容词用来修饰名词或代词, 表示人或事物的性质、状态和特征。
  2、形容词在句中的位置:形容词作定语一般放在被修饰的名词之前。如果有两个 或两个以上的形容词修饰一个名词时, 则由它们和被修饰的名词之间的密切程 度而定, 越密切的形容词越靠近名词。如果几个形容词的密切程度差不多则按音 节少的形容词放在前面, 音节多的形容词放在后面。 注:英语单词中,something, anything, nothing 等不定代词被形容词修饰时,形容词 放在名词后面。 I have to tell you. 我有重要的事要告诉你。 Is there in the film. 电影里有什么有趣的内容吗? 由两个或两个以上的词组成的形容词词组修饰名词时须放在名词之后 This is a book . 这是一本容易读的书。 用 and 或 or 连接起来的两个形容词作定语时一般把它们放在被修饰的名词后 面。起进一步解释的作用。 Everybody, man and woman, , should attend the meeting. 每一个人,男女老少,都应该参加会议。 You can take any box away, . 这些箱子,不管大小,你都可以拿走。 (二) 形容词的比较级和最高级 、形容词的比较级和最高级 二 、 绝大多数形容词有三种形式,原级,比较级和最高级, 以表示形容词说明的性质在 程度上的不同。
  1、形容词的原级: 形容词的原级形式就是词典中出现的形容词的原形。 例如: poor tall great glad bad
  2、形容词的比较级和最高级: 形容词的比较级和最高级形式是在形容词的原级 形式的基础上变化的。 分为规则变化和不规则变化。 规则变化如下:
  1) 单音节形容词的比较级和最高级形式是在词尾加 -er 和 -est 构成。 great (原级) (比较级) (最高级)
  2) 以 -e 结尾的单音节形容词的比较级和最高级是在词尾加 -r 和 -st 构成。 wide (原级) (比较级) (最高级)

  3) 以 -y 结尾,但 -y 前是辅音字母的形容词的比较级和最高级是把 -y 去掉, 加上 -ier 和-est 构成. happy (原形) (比较级) (最高级)
  4) 以一个辅音字母结尾其前面的元音字母发短元音的形容词的比较级和最高 级是双写该辅音字母然后再加 -er 和-est。 big (原级) (比较级) (最高级)
  5) 双音节和多音节形容词的比较级和最高级需用 more 和 most 加在形容词前 面来构成。 beautiful (原级) difficult (原级) (比较级) (最高级) (最高级) (最高级)
  6)常用的不规则变化的形容词的比较级和最高级: 原级 比较级 最高级 good Many/much bad little ill far 注:形容词前如加 less 和 least 则表示"较不"和"最不" important 重要 less important least important
  3、形容词比较级的用法 形容词的比较级用于两个人或事物的比较,其结构形式如下:主语+谓语(系动词)+ 形容词比较级+than+ 对比成分。 也就是, 含有形容词比较级的主句+than+从句。 注意从句常常省去意义上和主句相同的部分, 而只剩下对比的成分。 Our teacher is than we are. 我们老师的个子比我们的高。 It is today than it was yesterday. 今天的天气比昨天暖和。
  4、形容词最高级的用法:形容词最高级用于两个以上的人和物进行比较, 其结构 形式为: 主语+谓语(系动词)+the+形容词最高级+名词+表示范围的短语或从句。 She is the student in her class. 她是班上最好的学生。 Shanghai is one of the cities in China. 上海是中国最大城市之一。

  1)most 同形容词连用而不用 the,表示 "极,很,非常, 十分"。 It's most dangerous to be here.在这儿太危险。
  2)"The+形容词比较级..., the+形容词比较级..."表示 " 越... 就越..."。 The more you study, the more you know. 你学的越多, 就知道的越多。 The more I have, the more I want. 我越有就越想要有。
  3) " 形容词比较级 + and + 形容词比较级 ", 表示 " 越来越... " It's getting and 。 天气越来越热了.
  4)主语+谓语(系动词)+as+形容词原形+as+从句。表示两者对比相同。 This box is as as mine. 这个盒子和我的一样大。 (三) 、原级与比较级的转换
  1). 倍数+ as …as → (倍数-
  1)+比较级+than This room is five times as big as that one =This room is bigger than that one .
  2).not as…as 与比较级的转换 A +not as …as + B → A+比较级(反义词的比较级) +than +B →B+比较级 +than+A Mary is not as old as Tom .= Mary is Tom. = Tom is Mary . This book is not as expensive as that one = This book is that one = That book is than this one . (四) 、比较级与最高级的转换
  1). the +最高级+ of / in ……
  2). 比较级+than any other +单数名词 +the other +复数名词 +anyone else +any of the other+复名
  3). Nobody else + 比较级 + than …… Tom is the tallest boy in our class. Tom is taller than boy in our class. Tom is taller than in our class. is taller than Tom in our class. (五) 、形容词的排列顺序 当两个以上形容词修饰一个名词,形容词该如何排列? 为什么不能说 a black new pen,而要说成 a new black pen? 这里面有无规则可循? 如果你记住 Opshacom 这个为帮助记忆而杜撰的词,就能掌握英语中形容词排列

的顺序。 Opshacom 中 op 代表 opinion,指表示人们观点的形容词,如 beautiful,horrible, lovely,nice 等; sh 代表 shape,指表示形状的形容词,如 long,short,round, narrow 等; a 代表 age,指表示年龄、时代的形容词,如 old,new, young 等; c 代表 colour,指表示颜色的形容词,如 red,black, orange 等; o 代表 origin,指表示国籍、地区的形容词,如 British,Canadian,German 等; m 代表 material,指表示材料的形容词,如 plastic,metal 等。 英语中这六类形容词连用时就按上述先后顺序排列。 三、课后练习 课后练习
  1. Jane didn’t do in the exam, but her exam results are than last year’s. A. bad; worse B. good; better C. well; better D. well; worse
  2. Which animal do you like , cat or dog? A. very much B. best C. better D. well
  3. We can jump on the moon than on the earth. A. more high B. much C. high D. much higher
  4. When he heard the good news, he felt . A. happier B. happiest C. happy D. happily
  5. The he is, the he feels. A. busy; happy B. busiest; hppiest C. busier; happier D. busy; happily
  6. I don’t feel very today. A. good B. well C. nice D. fine
  7. I think English is as as maths. A. important B. more important C. most important D. importanter
  8. That building is about 100 meters . A. tall B. high C. taller D. higher
  9. Jone Smith is of the two young men. A. strong B. stronger C. the stronger D. the strongest
  10. Our classroom is in the whole school. A. cleanest B. the cleanest C. cleaner D. the cleaner


  1)这张照片比那张照片漂亮。 This picture is than that one.
  2)这次会议不如那次会议重要。 This meeting is than that one.
  3)汤姆是他们篮球队中个子最高的孩子。 Tom is boy in his basketball team.
  4)越多越好。 , 。
  5)真可怜他越来越穷了。 It's pity he is getting .
  6)这件衣服同那件衣服一样便宜。 This coat is that one.
  7)我同我兄弟一样学习努力。 I study English my brother.
  8)这儿一点都不危险。 There is here
  3、根据 A 句完成 B 句,使两句句意一致。
  1. A: Their football team is much stronger than the other two. B: Their football team is of the .
  2. A: I prefer science to any other subject. B: I like science any other subject.
  3. A: Jane went shopping yesterday, and I went shopping, too. B: Jane went shopping yesterday and I.
  4. A: That machine doesn't work. B: There is with that machine.
  5. A: This is the most important thing at this moment. B: This thing is important than anything at this moment.



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   嘉兴英语教学网 www.jxenglish.com 收集整理 欢迎使用 第 10 章 形容词和副词 一. 概念 形容词是用来修饰,描述名词或代词的词,主要用作定语,表语和补足语等. 副词是用来修饰动词,形容词,其化副词,介词短语或全句的词. 二.相关知识点精讲 1.形容词及其用法 1.形容词及其用法 1)直接说明事物的性质或特征的形容词是性质形容词,它有级的变化,可以用程度副词修 饰,在句中可作定语、表语和补语。例如:hot。 2)叙述形容词只能作表语,所以又称为表语形容词。这类形容词没有级 ...


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