专题一:词汇部分(名词,数词,冠词) 专题一:词汇部分(名词,数词,冠词)
可修饰名词的常用词: 可修饰名词的常用词:
  1) 修饰可数名词与不可数名词:some, any, a lot of, lots of, plenty of
  2) 饰可数名词的有:many, (a)few, a large (great) number of )
  3) 只修饰不可数名词的有:much, (a)little, a great deal of ) 2,难点 ,
  1)名词所有格的归纳 ) 1,a student's room, students' rooms, father's shoes. 2,Children's Day 3,a friend of my father's 4,a twenty minutes' walk,ten miles' journey,a boat's length,two pounds' weight, ten dollars' worth. (说明:表示时间,距离,长度,重量,价格,世界,国家等名词的所有格要用 's) 5,a map of China,the end of this term,the capital of our country, the color of the flowers. (说明:无生命名词的所有格则必须用 of 结构) 6,Li Lei and Wang Fei's bedroom, an hour and a half's talk (说明:表示两个名词共有一样东西时,在第二个名词后面加's) 7,Jim's and Peter's desks; Joe's and David's books (说明:表示两个名词各有的东西时,在各个名词后都加's. )
  2)名词词语辨析 ) 区别部分名词词语辨析: 区别部分名词词语辨析: I. II. III. IV. voice, noise, sound, music home, house, family, country place , floor, room , ground work, job
3,易错点 ,
  1)Help yourself to . A. some chickens B. a chicken C. some chicken D. any chicken
答案: C (选择 A 的同学要注意 chicken 当鸡肉讲时不可数)
  2) it is today! A. What fine weather B. What a fine weather
C. How a fine weather D. How fine a weather
答案: A. (选择 B 的同学要注意 weather 不可数. 选择 C 和 D 的同学要注意 weather 是名词, 要 用 what 来感叹.)
  3) Which is the way to the ? A. shoe factory B. shoes factory C. shoe's factory D. shoes' factory 答案: A. (选择 D 的同学注意这里不是指名词所有格, 而是名词作形容词的用法.类似的用法 如: pencil box; school bag 等.)

  4) This class now. Miss Gao teaches them. A. are studying B. is studying C. be studying D. studying 答案: A. (选择 B 的同学要注意, 当这种概念名词当 "人"讲的时候要做复数处理. 类似的还有: the police are running after the thief 等) 第二部分: 第二部分:强化练习
一,单项选择 1,基础题 ,
  1. What would you like to drink, or orange? Orange, please. A. hamburger B. chip C. coke D. icecream

  2. They are thirsty. Will you please give them ? Certainly. A. some bottles of waters B. some bottles of water C. some bottle of water D. some bottle of waters

  3.The are going to fly to Beijing. A. Germen B. Germany C. Germanys D. Germans

  4.What's your for being late again? A. idea B. key C. excuse D. news
  5. It's dangerous here. We'd better go out quickly. But I think we should let go out first. A. woman and children B. women and child C. woman and child D. women and children

  6. You can see Mr. Smith if there is a sign " "on the door of his shop. Thanks. A.ENTRANCE C.THIS SIDE UP B.BUSINESS HOURS D.NO SMOKING

  7.Are they going to have a picnic on ? A. Children's Day C. Childrens Day
  8. B. Childrens's Day D. Children Day
are cleaned every day.
A. Our classroom of windowsB. Our classroom windows C. Our classroom of windowsD. The windows of our classroom
  9.There is still orange here, but people want to drink it.
A. little, little B. a little, fewC. a little, a few D. a few, little
  10.I have never read any books of .
A. Luxun's B. Mark Twain C. Charles Dickens D. Bill Gates 1, 提高题 ,
  1.Twelve were hurt, but no were lost in that accident.
A. person, life B. people, livesC. peoples, lives D. persons, life
  2. One of the family on the bed.
A. photos is B. photoes areC. photos are D. photoes is
  3.There are some foreigners talking in the room. They are two two . A. Japanese; Englishmen; GermansB. Japanese; Englishman, German C. Japaneses; Englishmen, GermansD. Japanese, Englishmen, Germen
  4.The sign "BUSINESS HOURS" can be seen in a A. shop B. schoolC. park D. museum
  5. mother made them have piano lessons. A. Peter and Anne B. Peter's and Anne'sC. Peter's and Anne D. Peter and Anne's
  6.-Please help me move the table in. -But there is not enough for it. . ,three and
A. place B. floorC. room D. ground

  7.These have saved many children's lives. A. woman doctors C. women doctors B. women doctor D. woman doctor .It is made of .

  8.Yesterday Xiao Min bought a new pair of
A. glass; glass B. glasses; glass C. glasses; glasses D. glass; glasses
  9.-How does Mr Smith go to his office? -Every morning he takes a A.20 minutes walk
  10. I went to the to his office. D.20 minutes' walk
B.20 minute's walkC.20 minute walk shop to buy a dictionary.
A. book B. books C. book's D. books'
  11.-Do you think selling vegetables ?
-Yes, but my mother likes it very much. A. is a hard work B. are hard workC. is hard work D. is hard job
  12.You should take more . Don't always sit at the desk busy doing your.
A. exercise, exercise C. exercises, exercise B. exercises, exercises D. exercise, exercises

  13.She was born in Wuhan,but Beijing has become her second . A. home B. family C. house D. country

  14. day we're having today! A. What a fine B. How fine C. What fine a
  15.What did the headmaster say about Jim's ? A. two-months holiday C. two-month holiday
  16.一 Where is David? 一 Oh, he is reading under the tall tree in the garden. A.several papers B.several paper C.a piece of paper D.a paper B. two months' holidays D. two month's holiday D. What fine

  17.一 The Internet is so convenient that we can get all we wanted. ?That's right. It is very helpful in our lives now. A.the information C.the informations B.an information D.information

  18. What about Mr.Black's speech? Wonderful! There were people there. A. a large number of B.much 二,综合填空 Yesterday my mother went into a shop to buy some fruit and v 1 .She put her basket and C.a great deal of D. lots
her handbag down on a table and went to buy some apples. She was going to pay them when she found the handbag was gone! The basket was on the table, but the handbag was not. My mother was very surprised. Suddenly there was a lot of n 2 at the door of the shop, and two p 4 3 came
in. They were holding a man and my m 5 money she had.
bag. One of them asked my mother how m
第一部分: 第一部分:知识点分析
  1)基数词读法: 年,月,日,时刻的读法, 2007 年六月十三日读作:June (the) thirteenth, 时刻的读法,如 two thousand and seven (主要体现在口语考试和听力题目中) 主要体现在口语考试和听力题目中)
  2)表示一个具体数字时,hundred, thousand, million, billion 一律不用复数 一律不用复数;在表示一个不 确定数字时则用复数.例如:
There are three thousand students in our school. After the war, thousands of people became homeless.
  3)在一些表示"一排"或"一组"的词组里; 如:They arrived in twos and threes. 他们三三两两的到达了.
  4)表示"几十岁", 例如:He died still in his forties.
  5)表示"年代",用 in +the +数词复数; 二,序数词
  1)序数词主要用作定语,前面要加定冠词,例如: The first truck is carrying a foot baskets.
  2)序数词有时前面可加不定冠词来表示"再一","又一"这样的意思,例如: We'll have to do it a second time.
  3) 注意较为容易拼写错误的序数词及其缩写形式:onefirst, twosecond, threethird, fivefifth, eighteighth, nineninth, twelvetwelfth. 缩 写 形 式 : first→1st twenty-second→22nd
  4) 表示分数时,分子用基数词表示,分母用序数词表示.分子大于 1 时,分母加-s.例如: three fourths, one second, two fifths 2,难点 ,难点 倍数表示法 主语+谓语+倍数(或分数)+ as + adj. + as I have three times as many as you. 3,易错点 ,
  1. We will have a holiday after the exam. A. two month B. two-month C. two month's D. two-months 答案: B (选择 C 的同学要注意应用 two months'; 选择 D 的同学要注意名词之间有 "? " 后 的组合词当作形容词来用, 因此就不用所有格形式了.)
  2. . trees are cut down in the forests every year. A. Thousand B. Thousands C. Thousand of D. Thousands of 我有你三倍那么多. second→2nd third→3rd fourth→4th
答案: D. (选择 C 的同学注意词组记忆的准确性)
  3. Our sports meeting will be held . A. on 24, Tuesday, April B. in April 24, Tuesday C. on Tuesday, April 24 D. in April Tuesday 24
答案: C. (选 B 的同学是受到中文的影响,要特别注意中英文的差异) May 20th,2002,the twentieth of May,2002 注意:带有数词的名词作定语时,一般用单数形式 a seven-year-old boy

  4. Our school will hold a sports meeting next week. Tom and I will be in boys' A.800-metres-race B.800-metres race C.800-metre race D.800 metre race 答案: C. 800 来修饰 race,有两种表达法,800-metre race 或 800 metres' race.
  5. I'm very hungry, I have eaten two cakes, would you please give me A. move B. three C. a third D. the third .
答案: C. 序数词前加不定冠词,表示"又一,再一",表示 another.
  6. of the land in the world is covered by water. A. Four three B. Three four C. Three fourth D. Three fourths 答案: D. 此题考查分数的写法,如果分子大于 1,分母用复数. 例 6 We will have holiday in the winter.
A. four weeks B. a four-week C. four week D. a four weeks 答案: B. 此题为一个四星期的假期,数词+名词用作定语.
第二部分: 第二部分:强化练习
一,单项选择 1, 基础题
  1. How many workers are there in your factory? There are two . A. hundreds B. hundred C. hundred of D. hundreds of
  2. About students in our class can describe that place in English. A. three-fifths B. three-fifth C. third-five D. third-fifths

  3. Can you write the number eighty-five thousand, six hundred and twenty-six? Yes, it is . A. 856620 B. 85626 C. 58662 D. 58626
  4.. When was the PRC founded? It was founded on . A. July 1, 1921 C. August 1, 1927 B. October 1, 1949 D. May 1, 1922

  5.. Chinese are looking for ways to learn English well before Beijing 2008 Olympics. A. Thousand B. Thousands C. Thousand of D. Thousands of
  6.Mr Zhang teaches at Middle School.
A. a No.5 B.No.5 C. the No.5th D.5th No
  7.John lives on floor. C. the twentieth D. the twentyth
A. twenty B. twentieth

  8.He has worked on the farm for A. two and half B. two and a half
C. a half and two D. two halves and a

  9.Xiao Mao and Da Mao are in A. team Fourth
  10.Sorry, .
B. the team Four C. Team Four D. Four team
had been sold out. C.the 42 size D. the size 42
A.42 size B. Size 42 2, 提高题 ,

  1.It is said that SARS has killed more than people worldwide. A. three hundreds C. three hundred's B. three hundreds' D. three hundred

  2.-What do you think of a war, Li Ming? -I've no idea. But it's a fact that people had to leave their hometown during the War on Iraq. A. three millions B. million of C. millions of D. several millions

  3. We all think that the century will bring us more hopes. A. twenty-first B. twentieth-first C. twenty-one D. twentieth-one

  4. Both of the two rulers are broken. I want to buy a one. A. three B. third C. forth D. /

  5. I heard the sports meeting has been put off until , hasn't it? A. the 3 and 4 B. the 3th and 4 th C. the 3 rd and 4 th D. four and five

  6. of the earth made up of oceans. A. Two-third; is B. Two-thirds; is C. Two-third; are D. Two-thirds; are

  7. Since 1964, satellites have been sent into space. A. dozens of B. four dozens C. dozen of D. several dozens

  8. Jack Booth is a man. A. 21-years-old B. 21 years old C. 21-year-old D. 21 year old

  9. I've lived here for about . A. two and a half year C. two year and a half
  10.Dad, what's the sea like? Well, it's large and full of water. It covers about of the earth. A. one third B. three quarter C. three-fourth D. three quarters B. two and a half years D. two years and half
第一部分: 第一部分:知识点分析
归纳 1:不定冠词 :
  1) a 和 an 均用在单数名词之前,表示某一类人或事物 )
  2) 指某一类人或事物中的任何一个 )
  3) 指某人或某物,但不具体说明何人或和物 )

  4) 表示"每一"的意思,相当于 every ) 归纳 2: 定冠词 :
  1) 特指某(些)人或某(些)事物
  2) 指说话人和听话人都熟悉的人或事物
  3) 上文提到过的人或事物
  4) 表示世界上独一无二的事物
  5) 用在序数词和形容词最高级之前
  6) 用在某些形容词之前,表示某一类人或事物
  7) 用在某些专有名词之前和某些习惯用语中
  8) 用在姓氏复数之前,表示"某某一家人","某某夫妇"
  9) 用于江湖,海洋,山脉,群岛的名称前面.
  10) 用于演奏的乐器之前,活动场所或方向,方位之前. 归纳 3: 不用冠词的情况 :



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