中考研究动词辨析 中考研究 动词辨析
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  1.-Is this your ruler? -No, I it's his pen. A. think B. see C. look D. watch ( ) 2 Will you go and the match with us? A. see B. watch C. look D. look at ( ) 3 The old worker asked me if I what the speaker said. A. listened B. caught C. saw D. took ( ) 4 After supper, he listens to the radio and a newspaper. A. sees B. reads C. watches D. looks 2 ( )
  1. We don't know the word. Let's in the dictionary. A. look it B. look at C. look up it D. look it up ( ) 2 Please before you cross the road. A. look up B. look yourself C. look around D. look again ( ) 3 Smith took the dictionary, it and then it on to Philip. A. looked at; passed B. put away; tried C. looked up; spent D. paid for; put ( ) 4 -What are you ? -My key. A. look for B. finding C. look after D. looking for ( ) 5 Could you please my cat while I'm out? A. look for B. look out C. look after D. look at 3 ( ) 1 I can't my pen. Can you see it? A. look B. see C. find D. watch ( ) 2 In the old days it was difficult for the poor to a job. A. find B. look for C. find out D. look after ( ) 3 He his watch everywhere, but he didn't it. A. looked for; find B. found; look for C. looked after; find D. looked at; find ( ) 4 Pleasewhen we'll start tomorrow. A. lookout B. find out C. find D. look for 4 ( ) 1 It me about a quarter to go to school on foot every day. A. pays B. spends C. costs D. takes ( ) 2 My parents about 1, 000 yuan for my school education each year. A. spend B. take C. cost / D. pay
( ) 3 How muchthis coat? A. pay; for B. does; cost C. does; spend D. does; take ( ) 4 Quite a lot of people watch TV only totime. A. have B. pass C. take D. pay ( ) 5 He one hour on his homework yesterday. A. spent B. got C. took D. cost 5 ( ) 1 Will you your new book here? I'd like to have a look at it. A. bring B. take C. get D. carry ( ) 2 A strong wind will arrive in Harbin. It will much rain. A. bring B. take C. carry D. get ( ) 3 Don't forget to your school bag with you when you come here this evening. A. take B. bring C. keep D. hold 6 ( )
  1. -Do you know Mr Brown? -No, but I him before. A. often heard of B. have known C. have heard of D. often listen to ( ) 2 Tom is listening to the teacher. But he can't him. A. listen B. listening to - C. hear D. heard ( ) 3 I haven't my good friend, John for years, i A. hear of B. hear C. hear from D. heard from ( ) 4 He and a sound in the next room. A. listened to; heard B. listened; heard C. heard; listened to D. heard; listened 7 ( ) 1 It was eight o'clock when I the station. A. got B. arrived in C. arrived at D. reached to ( ) 2 Did you the station on time? A. get B. arrive C. reach D. arrived at ( ) 3 What time did you to school this morning? A. get B. got C. reach D. reached 8 ( ) 1 -Will you please us a story, Miss Gao? -OK. Shall I it in English or in Chinese? A. tell; speak B. talk; speak C. tell; say D. talk; say ( ) 2 He went on for a long time, but he so fast that few of us could catch what he. A. talking; spoke; said B. speaking; told; said C. talking; spoke; told D. telling; spoke; talked ( ) 3 Could you me how to this word in French? A. tell; speak B. speak; talk C. talk; say D. tell; say ( ) 4 I saw him, but I didn't to him.
A. say B. tell C. speak D. talked ( ) 5 Let's go and hello to him. A. speak B. talk C. tell D. say ( ) 6 Do youEnglish, sir? A. talk B. tell C. say D. speak 9 ( ) 1 Could you me your dictionary? I want to find the meaning of this new word. A. keep B. lent C. borrow D. lend ( ) 2 I can you my dictionary, but you can it for only a week. A. borrow; borrow B.' lend; borrow C. borrow; keep D. lend; keep ( ) 3 -May I your bike? -Certainly, but you mustn't it to others. A. lend; lend B. borrow; lend C. borrow; borrow D. lend; borrow 10 ( ) 1 Why not us in singing some new songs? A. take part in B. join to C. join D. to join ( ) 2 He was ill, so he didn't yesterday's leesons. A. join B. attend C. take part D. join in ( ) 3 Next week we'll have a meeting. A. to take part in B. to join C. to attend D. attending ( ) 4 All of us the spring sports meet last Saturday. A. joined B. took part in C. attend D. joined in
参考答案: 参考答案:
  1. 1-4 A B B B
  2. 1-5 D C A D C
  3. 1-4 C A A B
  4. 1-4 D D B B A
  5. 1-3 A A B
  6. 1-4 C C D B
  7. 1-3 C C A
  8. 1-6 C A D C D D
  9. 1-3 D D B
  10. 1-4 C B C B



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